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Scene 1

One Week Earlier

Kendall glanced down at the positive pregnancy test in her hands. She couldn't believe her eyes. She continued to stare at the white stick in her hands. Before Kendall could say another word,she heard her mother knock on her door loudly.

"Kendall, honey," her mother said,outside her door,"It's time for breakfast.You got to eat so your sister and you can go back to school shopping.."

"I'm coming." Kendall replied

Kendall dropped the pregnancy test back in the bag and shoved it under her bed.She had a situation on her hands but she couldn't deal with it at the moment.She had to go to school.

Kendall walked in the kitchen and sat at the table.Her little sister,Lila was already at the table eating her cereal.Kendall reached over for the orange juice carton and poured herself a glass.She looked at the box of Frosted Flakes next to her and lost her appetite.She was so uncoiled about her revelation that she couldn't bare to eat. Instead,she grabbed an orange and began to peel it off.

"Not in the eating mood?" Kendall's mom asked walking back in the kitchen

"No,not really." Kendall replied eyeing one of the empty bowls.She wasn't in the mood for anything.Unless,someone had a way to go back in time.Maybe she would be okay with that. Scratch that......she'd love that. She'd love to go back in time and let the past few months never happen. But deep down she knew,that wasn't going to be happening anytime soon.

Scene 2

One Week Later

Nala ran a hand through her silky,black hair and looked at herself in the mirror.She didn't feel like the same person.She was carrying a huge secret that she didn't know have to deal with. It wasn't like a play ground secret either. It was a secret that would eventually be leaked out whether she was ready for it or not.

Nala sighed and put on her headband to keep her hair out of her face. She felt like no matter what she did people would able to see what was going on with her. Even though no one knew,she knew.She knew what the deal was. And it was a deal.A really big deal.

"Nala,Mom has to go to work early. So she's gonna buy us breakfast at McDonald's and drop us at school." Alexis said walking in her room.

Nala turned to face her sister and nodded. Her sister without thinking a second thought left her sister's room nonchalantly. Nala exhaled deeply when her sister exited.She knew that Alexis wasn't even suspicious of her,but still it put her on edge.Nala picked up her backpack off of her bed and walked out of her bedroom. She was met by her father fastening his tie.

"Morning,Nala." he said before she could open her mouth.

"Good morning,daddy." Nala smiled and kissed his cheek. She might as well continue to play in his good graces.Sooner or later,he might not see her as his adorable little girl anymore. Nala's mother came and wrapped her arms around her husband's shoulders. Guiltiness pinged inside of her to see how happy her family was at the moment. How could she tear their happiness apart?They didn't deserve that.They didn't deserve to know how much she let them down.

"Alright girls," Alexis and Nala's mom said to them cheerfully,"Let's get going."

Nala and Alexis both gathered their things and went to their mom's car."Ready for another day at school?" their mom asked.

"Of course." Alexis said first,"It's a new day,new week.School is full of surprises,you never know what could happen."

Nala gulped.Her big sister was right.Nala was finding out that in her life.You really could never what was gonna happen.

Scene 3

Taylor made himself comfortable in Ms. Marc's office. He was used to being in there,except this time he had no idea what the reason for. Finally, Ms. Marc walked back into her office. Taylor couldn't help but eye her skirt that showed off her stunning legs. Too bad she was his counselor.

"Alright, Taylor." the young woman said sitting in her seat

"Ms. Marc. You look," Taylor paused to eye her up and down again," stunning as always."

Ms. Marc smiled knowing what he was up to. She leaned forward in her chair.

"Save the charm.You're not in trouble."

"Hey,it's not my fault.You come to a place where I am supposed to learn looking like a hotter version of Jennifer Aniston." Taylor commented throwing his hands up

Ms. Marc didn't even flush at his compliment. She instead folded her arms. She was used to Taylor's antics by now. She knew them too well.

"I called you in here because I wanted to talk to you."

"Obviously." Taylor flashed her a smile,"But about what?"

"I just wanted to see how you are doing." she told him,"Doing good with the grades so far?"

"As always.I might be a bad boy.But I'm a smart one."

"You're definitely smart academically,but when it comes to being smart with decisions,you're failing." she noted

"Ouch." Taylor acted offended,"Trying to bring me up or tear me down?"

Ms. Marc simply gave grinned,she wasn't gonna play into his humor and sarcasm. She was aware of the crush Taylor had on her. And she carefully made sure not to turn play into his flirtation. She cared for Taylor,but the same way she cared for the rest of her students.

"All I'm saying is I think that you should focus more on................ I don't than you know other activities."

"Meaning what?" Taylor seemed to be interested

"Taylor,"Ms. Marc sat back in her chair," You know what I'm saying. I really want you to pass your sophomore year.Finals are coming and I think you should get a head start."

"Hey,I always pass my exams.Maybe by a 70,but I pass." Taylor shrugged and got out of his seat preparing to leave

"I mean it Taylor," Ms. Marc got up and walked over to him,"You're a talented kid.Don't get messed up with the wrong people or do the wrong things."

"Isn't a little too late in the year to be giving me this pep talk?"

"Taylor,I'm telling you this because a lot can change in the next two months." she informed him

"You say that like you care."

"You know I care." 

"Oh really?" Taylor said sarcastic

"Not in that way." she corrected him,"You're my student.And out of my league."

"Out of your league," Taylor laughed,"Didn't you had one."

"Get to class." Ms. Marc ordered

Scene 4

"Anyway,I think I want to have some fun.Do something wrong." Millie told her best friend with a grin on her face. Camille wasn't really paying attention though,she was looking across the hallway at Taylor Brooks who was talking to his best friend Freddie. Camille was eagerly waiting for him to turn back around. Sooner or later,he was going to.She already knew it. Taylor couldn't say no to her. That wasn't the way they worked.

"That's why last night I spend the night at Freddie's." Millie lied "Awesome."

Camille said not paying attention.Millie raised her eyebrows. She nudged her best friend,that had a habit of fake listening to her. Camille's gaze landed back on her.

"Huh?" Camille asked

"You know when you forced me to listen to your almost 3 hour conversation about how you're really done with Taylor,I thought it was the real deal.But you haven't stopped looking at him,yet." Millie put her hands on her hips. Camille rolled her eyes and shrugged.

"I don't want him," she retorted,"He wants me,he just doesn't know it."

"I thought loving committed relationships weren't your thing." Millie told her.

"They aren't." Camille clarified,"But why can't I have some fun?"

"Why does Taylor have to be the one you have fun with?" Millie asked her.

"He's not,but I don't want him to be mad when someone else starts knocking on my bedroom door."

"Camille,you had guys knocking on your bedroom door,when you two were together." Millie reminded her. Camille groaned and gave her friend a deathly glare.Sometimes Millie could really grate on her nerves.

Scene 5

"Dude,"Freddie nudged Taylor,"Camille keeps you giving looks.What's her deal? You still with her?"

Taylor turned around to see Camille and Millie walked down the other end of the hall. Thomas shook his head and moved his hair out of his face.

"No,not at all." Taylor turned back towards Freddie,"She got too clingy."

"So what you seeing no one?" Freddie asked with a look of shock on his face

"At the moment,but you know me I bounce back fast."

"Got that right." Freddie said slapping him on the back,"Mean two weeks after you and Camille broke up.You got another girl.What was that girl's name?I've seen her around.She's a little cutie."

"Doesn't matter." Thomas shrugged it off,"The point is Camille knows that I can not be tied down.Besides,she doesn't let anyone tie her down.Now let's get to class."

Freddie nodded and followed Taylor down the other end of the hall but not before stopping to wink at Lillie Combs. Lillie gave a look of disgust as he turned back around and continued to follow Taylor.

Scene 6

"He's irritating to the fullest degree." Lillie complains to her best friend,Cassie

"Hey,he's just a douche. Ignore him.He wants what he can't have." Cassie told her smiling shutting her locker door

"I wish I had a cute boyfriend like you do.That way he could keep boys like Freddie away." 

Cassie beamed at her best friend.She knew she was lucky to have Skylar.He was sweet,dependable,loving,and respected her for who she was.He was the perfect guy for her.

"I know,"Cassie answered,"He's the best."

"I heard you mention the best,"Skylar said coming up behind Cassie,"So you must be talking about me."

Lillie smiled and Cassie turned around and kissed Skylar quickly but made sure it was passionate. Skylar smiled when Cassie turned back around to a smiling Lillie.

"Mhmmm,happy Monday to me." Skylar said in a seductive voice

"You know I could stay and watch you play teen make-out central.But I want to keep my breakfast down."Lillie teased

Skylar shrugged with a smile to which Cassie smacked his arm. Lillie playfully rolled her eyes at him.

"No,"Cassie turned to face Lillie,"You can stay,Lil."

"Nah,"Lillie shook her head,"I rather not."

Cassie opened her mouth to speak but it was too later for Lillie had pranced off. Cassie turned back to face Skylar who was smiling. Cassie smiled and Skylar leaned in for another kiss. Cassie's lips smiled against his.She then proceeded to kiss him back. Skylar's arms wrapped around her waist.Cassie could feel her body relaxing.Kissing Skylar was so natural for her.She could do it forever. Skylar slowly deepened the kiss which made Cassie's knees go weak.It also made her realize something.Even though deep down,she didn't want to do it,Cassie placed her arms on Skylar's chest and pushed him away. Skylar gave her a confusing look but it was funny because he had a big smile on his face.

"Something wrong,Cass?" he asked in breaths like their kiss had soaked up most of the oxygen out of him

"Nope.I just think that's all you need for right now." Cassie said twirling her hair

"Aw,come back over here." Skylar extended his arm for her, but Cassie glided away so that he couldn't touch her.

Cassie then turned around and walked down the hall smiling in the proccess.Playing with Skylar could be so fun.

Scene 7

Nala's mind was focused on nothing but her recent realization when she walked into the school building. All her jumbled mind could think of was the fact that she was pregnant.Pregnant with a baby that she didn't know what to do with yet. She could keep the baby. But the responsibility that took. She was only a freshman. She was just in highschool. She was just getting the ropes.Thoughts of the guy she gave everything to flashed through her mind,sometimes she could feel his lips on hers. The way he smelled like chocolate chip cookies. How he told her that she was beautiful and ran his hands through her hair. All of that had landed her here.

"Um,Nala?" Marley snapped her hands in front of her face

Nala's eyes immediately drifted to her best friend.Marley was standing there looking at her,like she didn't understand what Nala's deal was. Right next to her,was her friend,and Marley's boyfriend,Jeff. He had his arms wrapped around her and his head was propped on her shoulder. Nala took a moment to study the two of them before she talked.

"I know aren't we the perfect couple." Jeff bragged ending Nala's train of thought

That made Nala smile.She was just happy,she didn't have to pressure Jeff into telling Marley that he liked her anymore.For the longest time,everyone in their little clique knew about Jeff's crush on her but Marley.Jeff used to get sweaty and he would act like he would have the biggest piece of food stuck in his throat and couldn't speak. But after what seemed like an eternity,he admitted that he liked her. Turned out she liked him too,she had just been hiding it way better than him.

"Yes,I'm gazing at your awesomeness." Nala teased

"You could have been gazing at anything." Marley replied

"Whatever." Nala said not paying it another thought,"What do you two lovebirds want with my presence?"

"Well,we wanted to know if you wanted to be accompanied to 1st block. But if you think that us 'lovebirds' don't need you,we could always go without you." Marley said simply

Nala rolled her eyes in a teasing manner. Marley smiled and Nala was about to respond when she saw Skylar walking down the hall. She watched as he pulled his beanie over his curly,black,hair. He continued to walk down the hall and Nala felt the world had stopped.She felt the air be swept out of her when he turned his head towards her and his eyes met hers. Nala remembered those twinkling,brown,eyes anywhere. He then turned his head back and walked to the stairwell.

"Did he take your breath away?" Marley teased, knocking Nala out of her senses

"What?" Nala asked

Jeff and Marley just looked at Nala like she was a crazy person in denial. Nala put her hands on her hips in return.

"Fine,act like you don't know what we're talking about."

"Heh,Nala wants a sophmore." Jeff teased

"Hey," Nala said already beginning to walk," I thought you two were walking with me to class?"

Scene 8

Kendall's head was on everything but Geometry. It kept going back to that picture of the prgnancy test. The plus sign was basically graved in her head. She suddenly felt like the world around her was drifting.Here she was regular freshman girl. Wait,cut that,she wasn't a regular freshman anymore.She was having a baby.A baby that she had no clue whether she wanted. Like what if she couldn't support her? Or him. It could be a boy. Kendall might be a mom to a son. The thought made her head hurt terribly.She wanted children one day. But she wanted to be married and be steady on her feet. She was neither. Well,she was steady on her feet but only because her loving parents took care of her. How would they react when she told them,she was having a baby? Would they regret being her parents? Would they want to get rid of her?

Kendall's thoughts were interrupted by a paper ball smacking her on the back of the head. The paper wad then landed on her desk. The expression on Kendall's face then turned to frustration.She picked the paper ball. She opened it so she could see the idiot with terrible aim. Turned out it was Mark Dallas. She turned to see Mark smiling at her. Kendall held back a laugh and smiled back. Mark then turned his head towards the right side of the room. Kendall's eyebrow arched up when he did it continuedly.She finally decided to turn around and saw Violet looking dead at her.

Kendall had forgot almost about her bestie being in the same class as her. Kendall's head was so cramped with other info that she didn't even think about it. Kendall mouthed an apology to her best friend. Violet shrugged and dismissed the thought with her hand.She then slowly pulled out her phone,tapped it,and pointed at Kendall. Kendall nodded getting the message. She checked to make sure that no one was watching and then pulled out her iphone.She had three text messages from Violet.  Her face turned bleak when she saw all of the messages asked what her deal was. For some reason,that made her extremely nervous. Kendall exhaled and typed 'nothing' as her response.She then put her phone back in her pocket.

Kendall knew it was a lie. But she was gonna ride it until her bones began to break. Or at least until she began to show her pregnancy.

Kendall knew that Violet was upset about Kendall's blunt text.She also knew that Violet had probably sent her a long text back and was waiting for her to reply.She also knew that her patience was wearing thin. Kendall knew that Violet was probably fuming.And that if looks could kill,Kendall would be dead if she turned around. Kendall,trying to keep her mind off,volunteered to work another problem on the board. Kendall could basically hear Violet huff as she walked up to the board. Kendall wanted to huff back. She thought she was irritated,she had no idea how Kendall felt.

Scene 9

"Really?" Freddie mumbled to see Camille in his seat

Taylor walked around Freddie to see what the problem was. Taylor sighed and shook his head. So this was what she was doing? He walked over and tapped her shoulder. Camille turned around in her desk to see Taylor standing there.She smirked seductively. Taylor didn't even flinch in return.

"You're in Freddie's seat." Taylor told her simply

Camille's eyes darted to Freddie,who gave her a you know the routine look. Any other day, Camille would have made a snide remark back, but not today.Her eyes simply darted back to Taylor. She then stood up and took a step towards him.

"So this is the part where you move." Taylor continued seeming annoyed

"Yeah,move Camille." Freddie added, urked

Camille ignored him and focused on Taylor. She walked closer towards him to where they could hear each other breathe.She grabbed his jacket sleeve.Taylor wanted to tell her to cut it out. She was trying to seduce him? Really?Is this what she was doing this days?

"Make me." Camille said where only he could hear,"Make me move." She rubbed the jacket sleeve between her fingers

Taylor didn't give any sign of caring that time either. In his head,he was thinking how stupid this was. He could hear Freddie sighing,thinking this was bullsh*t.

Camille continued to stand close to him,her eyes twinkling.She hoped this worked,she was working hard to charm him. She didn't really think she could fail. Taylor and her shared a common interest. And it would always be like that. Forever.

Taylor then placed his arms on Camille's shoulders. Camille's eyes didn't even wander to his warm hands on her shoulders.The touch felt good though,she always felt a warm sensation when Taylor touched her. What she didn't expect was what he did next. He simply knocked her out of the way jumbling her thoughts. If it wasn't for a nearby desk,she would have fell on her face.Now people that weren't already listening turned to listen.

Taylor,not paying attention to Camille,nodded at Freddie to take his seat. Freddie took his seat grinning. Clearly, he thought Camille almost being knocked to the ground was funny. Taylor then simply took the seat next to Freddie. Freddie held up her bag and she snatched it out his hand and walked over to her desk. Camille,pissed,plopped down in her seat. Taylor,knowing that she was mad, smiled to himself. It was a good start to his day.

Camille slapped her notebook on her desk. She couldn't believe that Taylor had made her look like a dummy like that.There she was basically telling that he could come back to her and he not only turned her down but he made her look stupid in the process.Usually when she and Taylor played this game,one of them surrendered. Except,this time he stood his ground. She turned her head to sneak a glance in his direction.He wasn't even looking anywhere near her way. He was talking to Freddie looking chilled. It was like he had totally dismissed what earlier happened out of his head. Camille wanted to turn around again,but then the teacher came in,her heels clacking on the tile floor.

Scene 10

Cassie looked at Skylar,who  was talking to one of his friends at the other end of the room.Cassie watched as Skylar laughed and smiled. It made Cassie smile.She then heard giggling come from the west side of the room.Her eyes darted to three other girls.They were all incredibly pretty each in their own way. Cassie noticed that the shortest one, that had blonde hair with pink highlights and blue eyes, kept flicking her head in a particular direction. Cassie turned around the next time she did it and realized that she was pointing at Skylar and his friend. Cassie already knew her face was flushed.Cassie eyed the girl up and down. Damn,there wasn't one flaw that Cassie coulde see with her. Her hair looked like she took time every morning to do it,the outfit she was wearing,red skinny jeans,and a blue flowy shirt with a rose on it hugged her body and showed off her curls,and then her face.She had eyes as blue as the ocean,her face had the right amount of makeup,and her smile would probably make any guy want her.She looked like she could a guy without even trying too hard.

Cassie felt a feeling in her stomach as she looked back at Skylar. Cassie knew he loved her. But,he was a typical boy.And she knew that some of his friends in relationships were hitting that next level. And she knew that Skylar wanted to do it as well. Yet,he was respective of how she felt about sex. But still,that girl over there clearly didn't have her thoughts.

"So we're just gonna sit in silence?" Lillie asked tapping her pen on the desk

"Huh?" Cassie asked not paying attention

"Exactly." Lillie said,shaking her head,"Is there something wrong?"

"Um." Cassie began,her eyes darted back and forth between the blonde and Skylar,"No."

She made herself shake the thought of her head. Skylar cared for her. They were in love. She knew that Skylar wouldn't hurt her.Their love was real.

"Are your sure,because that faraway look in your eyes says no."

"I'm fine." Cassie said hoping that saying aloud would make it true

Lillie narrowed her eyes to see if she could decode her best friend. Cassie blwe hair out of her face and tried to act normal. Lillie opened her mouth but was cut off by the teacher walking in, ordering the class to get started. Cassie turned around and watched as Skylar sat with his friend. He looked over in her direction and winked at her. Cassie smiled and this time when she flushed it was because how giddy he made her feel. She looked down at her notebook and when she looked back up,she noticed that Skylar was still looking in her direction. Cassie smiled again, but the smile that Skylar had didn't fade. Cassie gave him a confused look.

"Skye." she whispered,"What are you looking at?"

Skylar said nothing just continued watching. Cassie sighed and whispered his name a little louder. This time Skylar's attention was caught. His eyes darted to Cassie suddenly. Cassie gave him a questionable look. Skylar said nothing just turned to open his textbook. Cassie confused shook her head. She then heard giggling. Cassie turned around to see the blonde girl sitting not to far from her desk.Her head was looking in the same direction,Skylar was looking in. The girl's friend noticing Cassie's stare,tapped her shouler. The blonde looked at Cassie. Cassie made no expression on her face. The blonde looked at her for a moment and then turned back around and ironically opened her textbook too.

"You sure,you cool?" Lillie whispered

"Positive." Cassie lied in gritted teeth

The fact that the teacher put the class in groups and put the Skylar with two girls,one being the blonde didn't help Cassie. Cassie had a hard time listening to one of her partners talk because she was busy watching Skylar. Not really Skylar. The girls with him. Especially that blonde,she seemed like trouble. Cassie gripped her pencil tightly when the blonde nudged him.

"What about you, Cass?" Corey Weston asked

Cassie's eyes looked at Corey suddenly and then at her group.She noticed that all eyes were on her waiting on her response. Cassie realized that she was not focusing had again,Cassie stood up and cleard her throat.

"Uh,well...." Cassie's mouth felt dry

"Do you agree?" Corey asked her the discussion question again

"Tough question." Cassie said as if she knew what was going on

"Tough question?" Corey repeated in  a question

"Yeah,I mean,clearly." Cassie shrugged

"She has a point." the ginger sitting next to her spoke up

Cassie wanted to hug the life out of the girl that just defended her. Because she honestly felt like she was about to just die.She pressed two fingers to her temple and inhaled and exhaled slowly. Not the way to start a morning. Not a good way at that.

Scene 11

"Just like that?" Millie asked Camille in disbelief

Millie was the first person Camille told about what Taylor did to her. She had to tell someone of what he did and she knew that Millie would understand.

"It was like he was just done, Mill." Camille explained still affected by his actions

"It's not like him to brush you off like that. I mean I never knew your relationship was that serious. I thought it was"

"Me too." Camille replied shaking her head,"I mean like come on. We always agreed our relationship wasn't gonna be too you know.....apparently he didn't get the memo."

"Clearly,he's hung up on you and hurt about what happened between the two of you." Millie tried to make her best friend feel better

"It was so much fun." a girl from across the hall said 

Camille and Millie's attention went to her. The girl shut her locker and continued talking to her friends. The girl's friends were surrounded around her like she had the best story in the world to tell.

"Like Taylor was amazing." the girl admitted,"And I'm not gonna lie,it was hard to tell him no."

Camille felt anger rise in her bones. So this was why Taylor wasn't interested in her. He was busy spending his time getting over by her by getting around with other girls. Camille wanted to slap the grin off her face. The reason Taylor wasn't knocking on her bedroom door was because he was knocking on other girls' door.She should have known.

"So you said no?" her friend,wide eyed, asked interested

"Are you kidding me?" the girl said to them,"Hell no.And I have to say, Taylor Brooks is a giver."

Millie put her hands on Camille's shoulders supportive. Camille didn't even feel sad.She knew what Taylor was doing. And she was fine with it. Their relationship had never been committed. So why should she expect him to be like that now.

Camille exhaled sharply and walked away. Let Taylor sleep as many girls as he wanted but she knew that he wasn't gonna come to her. She had to come to him,so that was exactly what'd she do.

Scene 12

Nala pulled her black hair back in a ponytail and looked at herself in the mirror.There was so much you couldn't tell about someone by looking at them in the mirror. She was starting to see that the whole thing about being an open book was nothing but a silly saying. Because no one knew the secret that Nala was hiding.

Thinking of it made Nala want to go back in time and erase everything.The mistakes she made,she could never take back. It took her a long time to forgive herself for her first realization. And she use to think that if she tried hard enough it would all go away. And that she wouldn't have to worry about any of it anymore. No one ever had to know.Now the cards were different. It was like now her secret was about to become on display and she couldn't stop it. She didn't even know how to start.

"Staring at yourself in the mirror,eh?" a voice said coming in the bathroom

Nala turned around to see her sister's best friend coming in. Nala smiled. Becca was a friend of the whole family,she was the like the partner in crime to Alexis.She was a friend to Nala too.

"I was just leaving." Nala told her matter of factly

"Really? Don't like that way from here." Becca answered crossing her arms

"Well,sorry your assumptions are wrong."

"Well,wait." Becca said stopping Nala from walking out of the bathroom. Nala turned around. Becca walked over to the sink.

"Don't just leave without at least talking to me. You've missed enough of class,you can miss some more. Just tell the teacher feminine issues."

Feminine issues struck a nerve. Becca had no idea what that meant to her. Nala kept her mouth shut and wiped her hands that were beginning to sweat on her jeans. She looked down at her pink sneakers.

"How are you?" Becca asked her sweetly

"Been better." That might have been the most honest sentence Nala had said this morning

"There something bugging ya?"

"Nah,just struggling being a normal teenager.You know high school and stuff." The lies continued to come from Nala's mouth

"Sure?Because I know the feeling of not wanting to tell your sister." Becca said to her with a smile,"Lexis had the tendency to overeact."

That would have made Nala smile any other day.However,today it just scared her. What if Alexis didn't take Nala's pregnancy well. What if she hated Nala for eternity.Believe it or not,sometimes having an older sister made things easy.

"No,I'm fine."

"Alright," Becca shrugged,"But you got my word,ever wanna talk and you don't think that Lexis is the one to talk to. Come to me. I'm always up for helping a friend."

"Thanks, Becca." Nala smiled and exited the bathroom

But Nala knew deep down,Becca couldn't help her problem. She would have to solve it on her own.

Scene 13

Cassie decided to wait for Skylar at his locker. Lunch was about to start and she decided that he should walk her there. She was hoping the blonde had the same lunch as them. That way she could show her that Skylar was not in the dating pool.

After what felt like a couple of minutes, Cassie decided to go ahead and go to lunch. She went to get her lunch and as she walked to her table,she noticed the blonde sitting at her table. Two seats away from Skylar. Apparently,she was telling something really funny. Because all eyes were on her and everyone was laughing.......including her guy.

"Hey babe." Cassie said walking up to Skylar trying to hide her emotions

"Cass, hey." Skylar stood up and kissed her cheek,"Been wondering about you."

Cassie sat down next to him. Cassie wanted to call him out on his lying. She knew he had been here flirting with the blonde like every other guy at the table.

"Have you met Trish?" Skylar asked her

The blonde looked up at the mention her name. Trish. That was her name. The girl that was looking at her boyfriend.

"No," Cassie said innocent,"Don't think so.I'm Cassie. Skylar's girlfriend." Cassie didn't have to say the last part, but she felt it was neccesary.

"Why Skylar," Trish's voice dripped like honey as she said his name,"You did not mention anything about having a girlfriend."

Cassie wanted to throw her chilli at her. Then,she wanted to hit Skylar for being oblivious to her flirting. And why didn't he tell her he wasn't single?

"He didn't?" Cassie tried to play it off as cool,"Well,he's just a goofball like that. I love him anyway though."

Cassie looped her arm around Skylar's and took one of his sweet potato fries.She wanted Trish to know how things were.Trish slowly nodded and took a bite out of her apple. Then,one of the jocks at the table brought up a conversation and everyone at the table was soon engrossed in it. "Want some of my sandwich?" Skylar asked her

"Sure." Cassie smiled at him. Good to know that she was still his. And not even wanna be perky boyfriend stealer could change that.

Scene 14

"So all of a sudden your phone stopped working?" Violet asked once she and Kendall sat down at the lunch table. Kendall said nothing just looked at her sandwich.She should have known that Violet would wait to lunch to start going off on her. Mark sat down next to Violet smiling. He obviously found it funny.

"Yeah,Mark.Ha ha." Kendall teased dryly

"Are you ignoring me now,too?" Violet asked offended

Kendall's eyes went back to Violet. Violet looked super pissed now. Kendall sighed and before she could reply anymore, Marley and Jeff followed by Nala had sat down at the table.

"All I'm saying is that you didn't have to blow me off like that. We're supposed to be best friends."

Marley,Jeff,and Nala all looked at Violet. Nala was the first one to then look at Kendall. Kendall gave her a look of 'Don't Ask'.

"I told you I was fine." Kendall finally awknowledged Violet

"Which was a total lie." Violet said stabbing her fork in her salad

"No,it was the truth." Kendall shrugged,"You're just overeacting. You know being Violet."

Mark couldn't help but chuckle at that. All eyes then turned on him. But the only ones that mattered were Violet. Mark, realizing his error, then looked at his chicken strips afraid to look up. Violet crossed her arms.

"You think I overeact, Mark?" Violet asked

"Answer carefully." Jeff coughed a warning

Nala,Marley,and Kendall held back giggles. Mark continued to avoid his girlfriend's gaze.Finally,he looked at her and smiled weakly.She shook her head and didn't smile.

"I didn't find it funny." she said

"Oh come on,babe.You know you have the tendency to overeact." Mark shrugged,"But it makes you,you."

"Really?" Violet seemed not feel any better

"Yeah." Kendall jumped in,"It's good to have a friend like you. Always worrying about you. Never know when I might need it. " Kendall smiled

"Got that right." Nala agreed

"Whatever." Violet muttered and took a bite out of her salad

But when Mark kissed her cheek and she didn't move away,they all knew things were good. Mark wrapped his arms around her waist and she scooted closer to him.

"So,what's been up with you,Nala?" Marley asked gesturing her fork in her direction

Nala felt like telling them everything.But she had to be real with herself. She couldn't just tell them that type of news while they were eating lunch.She didn't even know how to tell. She was still in shock,herself.

"Is there a reason,you two feel as if you can ignore your friends?" Violet asked

"Sorry,my mind was on something else." Nala responded

"Skylar." Marley coughed

"No." Nala said biting into her pizza

"Skylar?Skylar Wilson? As in the star football player?" Kendall looked at Nala

"That's the one." Jeff answered

"I don't like him." Nala said tiredly

"Sure? Because I mean, you acted like you had saw Brad Pitt when he was walking in the hall this morning?"

Nala glared at Marley. Marley simply shrugged and ate one of Jeff's fries. Nala pushed her black hair out of her face.She did not like Skylar. Well, not anymore. See,they would not get it. It was way too complicated.

"You know he has a girlfriend?" Mark reminded her

"No,duh!" Nala said a little smart

Everyone at the table raised their eyebrows at Nala who just sighed and bit into her pear. Kendall seeing how obviously this was bothering her decided to step in.

"Look guys," Kendall told them,"She says she doesn't like him. Beside,it's not like Nala to take another girl's guy."

Hearing her say that made her feel sadly worse. Nala knew Kendall was trying to help and what she said was basically true. But she didn't know the background story.She didn't know how much of a horrible person Lulu thought she was when she found out about Cassie and Skylar.

"Exactly." Nala said trying to push back her feelings

"O......kaaaay." Marley shrugged

"Back to you ignoring me." Violet turned on Kendall

Kendall sighed. This again. Kendall understood where Violet was coming from. But Violet needed to trust her. Violet did not want to know what was wrong with her.

"Look,I'm sorry. How about we go out for mochas after school?" Kendall suggested

The table turned silent and everyone looked at Violet. Everyone knew how Violet loved a good mocha.

"Well.............I guess a mocha is in order." Violet finally answered

"Yeah,besides you can't go wrong with a mocha." Marley chimed

"Yeah,a mocha fixes everything." Mark agreed

Nala and Kendall just looked down at their food. Because they both knew a mocha would not solve a thing for them.

Scene 15

"What did you ever see in her?" Freddie asked Taylor

"Does it matter?" Taylor asked

"Yeah it does. Because now she just can't take a hint. " Freddie complained,"She even took my seat.She's just getting on my nerves.And more then she usually does."

"Dude,stop being such a chick."

"Anyway," Freddie moved on,refusing to speak on what Taylor just told him,"Got a hot date tonight. Want to join me?"

"I rather not." Taylor turned him down

"Really? Seems like Camille really does know what she's talking about."

"Just because I don't want to watch you get burned by a girl?"

"I will not get burned." Freddie got defensive,"And if I do,it's not like they're aren't other girls to go to." Freddie paused and then noticed a girl walking by herself,"Like that one."

Freddie flicked his head in her direction. Taylor turned his head but to his avail,all he could see was her backside. Which did look good.She had curly,brown hair,that stopped at the beginning of her shoulders.But you couldn't see it all because she was wearing a black hat.

"She looks good,even if all I can see is her butt." Freddie complimenting obviously checking her out,"I might try to get with her and ditch my old date."

Just as he had finished saying that the girl had turned around and was looking through her notebook.But Taylor was able to see her face before she looked down. Long was Kendall. Taylor recognized those brown eyes anywhere.Taylor took a moment to study her appearance before saying something.

"No." Taylor said finally

"No?" Freddie said in disbelief,"Why not? She got a boyfriend or something?"

"Did I say she had a boyfriend?"

"Then why? Unless you got your eyes on her."

Taylor wanted to tell him that he already had her. She was the girl from camp.The girl who had a voice of gold. She had made camp actually interesting.

"So you do have your eyes on her." Freddie decided

"Did I say that? No. The point is........." Taylor searched for a reason,"She's probably out of your league."

"Now that's just harsh." Freddie retorted

Kendall having found what she was looking for,closed her notebook,and put it in her bag.She then readjusted her black cap and walked down the hall right next to Taylor and Freddie. However,she was too involved in her own thoughs to notice them.

"If you want her,you can have her. I'd get on that quickly,if I were you." Freddie said before walking down the opposite end of the hall

Taylor said nothing just leaned against the wall. It's not like he didn't have fun with Kendall. He actually thought she was really interesting and liked hearing about her life.But he wasn 't used to having emotional connections with the girls he slept with. And he wasn't sure he was ready to start yet.

Scene 16

Skylar threw the football to his best friend,Corey,who caught it perfectly. The two were taking the advantage to practice football in gym. Corey threw the ball back and Skylar leaped,caught it,and landed perfectly on his feet. Corey walked over and gave him a high five.

"Nice catch." Corey complimented

"Thanks man."

"So what do you think of my cousin,Trish?" Corey asked,"She's really something."

"Isn't she. She's changed so much since we were both eight." Skylar answered

"See that crush on you hasn't changed." Corey noted

"Well,what can I say......all I did was get hotter." Skylar joked

"Keep flattering yourself. But don't get no ideas. Remember Cassie."

"How could I forget?" Skylar replied," Besides, I have no intention of cheating on Cassie anytime soon."

Corey realized that there was something off about how he said that. Being his best friend,Corey knew this type of stuff.

"What does that mean?" Corey got curious

"What are you talking about." Skylar picked up the football and threw it at him,"Think fast."

"You know what I mean." Corey caught the ball without a hitch,"What did you do?"

"I have no idea,what you're talking about." Skylar replied

Corey walked towards Skylar and lowered his voice. "Did you cheat on Cassie?"

Skylar gave Corey a look of surprise. Corey looked at him patient for an answer. Skylar shook his head.

"No!" Skylar exclaimed,"Of course not. How could you accuse me of that! Cassie and I have been together for almost a year. You know how much I love her."

"Okay." Corey threw his hands up,"If you say so. I just know you. And I also know that Cassie isn't gonna give you what Trish or any girl would be eager to give you. I'm just wondering have you took someone up on their offer."

"That just hurts." Skylar said to him,"My best friend thinks I'd cheat on my girlfriend. You're supposed to know me better than anyone!"

"Fine." Corey shrugged and threw the football back at him

"Too bad,it's true." Skylar blurted,catching the ball

"What?" Corey hoped he heard wrong

"Okay," Skylar walked up to him and lowered his voice,"It was one time.I have not cheated on her since. And we were broken up,remember?"

"No,I don't.Why don't you fill me in."

"I thought that it would be good for us to break up over since we were both going on vacation and get back together when we returned. It would be a true test of our relationship to see if we really cared about one another. I never thought I'd see the girl again. But she had confidence that oozed everywhere and she had this attitude that just caught your attention. She had the mindset of a guy,but the body of a girl. She was amazing." Skylar explained," When I got back,I felt terrible.  And when Cassie told me,she didn't see another guy that meant anything to her like me,I decided that I couldn't tell her."

"So you just got back with her,playing it cool?" Corey asked,disappointed

"Yeah, I mean it's not the girl was her best friend."

"But you doing it was still wrong." Corey reminded him

"Well as guy code, you can't say a word. I mean we're supposed to be brothers,remember. And besides, I have not cheated on her since.And I'm not going to."

Skylar threw the ball back at Corey. Corey sighed and caught it. Skylar smiled weakly at his best friend. Corey shook his head. There was a reason Corey was called the smart one.

Scene 17

Kendall was waiting at the exit doors.She honestly didn't want to go get a mocha. She wanted to go home,hide under her covers,and act like all of the things that had happened to her recently weren't real.She knew you couldn't hide from your problems. But she just wanted to try it once.

"Deep in thought,eh?" Nala said coming up from behind

"Yeah,got a lot on my mind." Kendall confessed

"Know what's that like." Nala admitted

"I wished you did." Kendall mumbled to where her best friend couldn't hear

"Sometimes, things come pop back up when you least expect it." Nala thought aloud

"Huh?" Kendall had heard Nala talking to herself

"Nothing,you wouldn't understand." Nala said dismissing the thought

"Probably not. I am having a hard time understanding a lot of things going on right now."

"I hear you on that." Nala agreed

Both Nala and Kendall wished they could tell one another what they were hiding. They had known each other since the age of four. It wasn't like they haven't told each other their secrets before.But this time everything was different.

"Have you ever wondered about telling someone a secret but you worried about how they would react or who to tell?" Nala asked aloud

"Actually," Kendall laughed a little," I have. Why do you ask?"

"Kendall,if I tell you something you have to promise to not overreact and to tell no one." Nala whispered

"Okay." Kendall nodded thinking that whatever Nala had to say didn't compare to her secret

"I'm......" Nala was cut off by Marley and Jeff walking up behind them

"What's up party people?" Marley said excited

" All I know is I could use a good mocha." Violet replied walking with Mark their hands entwined

Nala just smiled at her friends. Kendall kept her eyes on Nala.She really wanted to know what Nala was going to tell her. It seemed to be really important to her. Almost as important as the secret she was hiding. Nala simply pushed her bangs out of her eyes.Maybe it was a good thing that she didn't tell Kendall that she was pregnant. Maybe it was a sign that she should keep it hidden for a little while longer.

Scene 18

Cassie plopped down on her bed next to Lillie. The two girls were supposed to be doing their homework together, but Cassie's mind continued to drift to other subjects. The main important one being Skylar. Even though,she was sure that Skylar loved her,she still wondered was it enough. It was clear that Trish was one of those girls that had no problem giving a guy what he wanted.It made Cassie wonder should she open with Skylar.

"Okay, I don't think you're pondering so hard about Biology." Lillie sat up on her bed," So why don't you tell me, what is on your mind."

Cassie sat up and popped a chocolate covered pretzel in her mouth.She then shrugged simply.


"Cassie." Lillie looked her in the eyes,"Are you honestly gonna tell me that there is nothing bugging you. You've been acting weird. I mean this morning you were you're not."

"Have you met that new girl, Trish?"

"Yes." Lillie nodded," What about her?"

"She was flirting with Skylar today and in class today I caught them staring at each other."

"Wait." Lillie spoke up,"You don't think that Trish wants him,do you?"

"Of course I do." Cassie exclaimed

"Cass." Lillie placed her hands on both of Cassie's shoulders,"Skylar loves you. Do you really think he would leave you for that flirty bleached blonde?"

"No, but I mean what does she have in common with most girls?"

"I don't know." Lillie shrugged,dumbfounded

"She would probably go all the way with her boyfriend." Cassie explained,"I'm not like that. And what if they lessens my chances of keeping Skylar."

"Skylar would not leave you for that. He's been with you for almost a year. He hasn't pressured you yet. What makes you think he'll do it now?"

"If he gets tempation from the right girl...." Cassie began

"He will tell her no." Lillie finished,"Don't go changing yourself."

"It's not like I would be changing everything." Cassie folded her arms

"If he really loved you,he would respect your values." Lillie reminded her

"You're right." Cassie exhaled. Skylar should love her for herself. If he wasn't okay with her not wanting to sleep with him yet, than he didn't really love her.

"So now can we get back to work?"

Cassie smiled at her best friend.She nodded and grabbed her notebook. The two girls got back to work and Cassie tried to push the thought of Skylar cheating on her with Trish or any girl out of her head. But it was hard. Because she knew that Skylar was a normal guy. And whether she liked it or not,normal teenage guys wanted one thing in high school. Some girls gave them what they wanted and some didn't. Which girl would have rather have. Cassie was afraid to find out.

Scene 19

Taylor,arriving home from work, was relieved that his sister and her husband were out tonight. He was about get ready to take a shower when his cell phone began to buzz. He picked it up and noticed it was Camille. He sighed. He fought the idea of whether to answer or not. On impulse,he decided to answer.

"What do you want?" Taylor said dryly

"Ooh,no hello.You just jump right in,huh?" Camille purred," Anyway,the only thing I want is you."

"Does the term break up mean nothing to you? What part of the word do you not exactly understand?" Taylor aked her

"Oh come on." Camille said with a laugh, on the phone

Camille wasn't going out without a fight. She knew how Taylor was. He couldn't keep denying her. It wasn't his behavior.Camille knew Taylor. Better than anyone.

"I have to go." Taylor prepared to hang up

"Why don't you come over." she suggested

"I rather not." Taylor turned her down," Besides,I'm watching the house for Quinn."

"Okay,I'll come to you. We can do it in their bed."

"First of all, how sick are you? Second of all, I'm not interested."

"Don't lie to yourself, Taylor. You have the hardest time turning me down.I have what you want."

"Actually," Taylor corrected,"You have the same thing a lot of other girls have.And I'm interested in them,this time."

That struck a nerve in Camille. If he was over her house,he would have seen the angry expression she had on her face. Anger rose in Camille.

"You do not." she said in gritted teeth

"Okay, Camille. Because you're the only girl that can wants to have sex." Taylor joked

"Who ya getting it from then?" Camille aked pissed

Taylor paused from answering the question. Then,Kendall's face with her big brown eyes appeared in his head. He then slowly began to smile

"That's none of your business." Taylor said before hanging up on her

Camille gasped as the line ended. She bit her lip in frustration.So now he thought he could just blow her off like that? Camille threw her phone on her bed in annoyance. She pushed her black hair out of her face and huffed.

"This isn't over." Camille said,talking to herself,"Not by a longshot."

Scene 20

Kendall was sitting by herself in the living room. She had her knees brought up to her chest.Sitting there all alone,all she could think about was being pregnant. And the fact that she chose the worst guy to get pregnant by. It was like her mistakes were surrounded all around her. But there was no one to help her,because she had no one to tell.

"Look at my darling girl," Kendall looked up to see her mom walking in and sitting down,"Whatcha doing?"

"Just thinking." Kendall said softly

"About?" her mom asked

"Growing up. Making grown up decisions."

"Now why you thinking about that?" her mom asked running her hands through Kendall's curly brown locks

"I don't know." Kendall lied. Her mom wouldn't understand if she said,'Because I made a grown up decision and now I have to deal with it'. So Kendall opted out of that option.

"Sweetie,I know you hear all about  how now that you're in highschool you need to start thinking about being an adult and growing up.But it doesn't have to be strictly that. You're still only 15. You don't have to worry about making some big grown up decisions yet. You're still my daughter.And I'm still gonna be there for you along with your father and Savannah.Okay?"

Kendall forced herself not to cry. Hearing her mom say all that made her feel even worse. Knowing that her mom didn't want to pressure her into feeling like she had to grow up.It made her feel even worse about the fact that she made a big grown up decision without thinking of the consequences of it.

"I know." Kendall softly answered and hugged her mom

"Aww, honey I love you." her mom told her kissing her head

"I love you too." Kendall replied letting one tear roll down her face

Scene 21

Nala,to her mom's surprise,skipped dinner and decided to do her homework. Laying on her bed,her mind was filled with all the mistakes she had made. It was like no matter how many times she tried to push them back,they kept popping back up.

"What have I done?" Nala asked herself

"I don't know,"Alexis said walking in her room,"Why don't you tell me?"

Nala sat up and as her sister stood in the doorway. She really didn't want to talk to anyone at the moment.

"Alexis,really," Nala sighed,"I don't feel like talking."

"Then you lay back down and I'll talk." Alexis invited herself in and sat on her little sister's bed

"What do you want to talk about?" Nala asked not really caring

"If there was something with you,you would tell me right?" Alexis asked earnestly

"Why do you ask?" Nala asked sitting up

"Hey, Mom and Dad and those friends might not know you,but I'm your sister. And I do know you."

"Meaning?" Nala began french braiding her hair

"You have been different." Alexis responded,"Like you're holding something in huge."

"I'm not." Nala said immediately

Alexis raised her eyebrow at Nala's sudden outburst.Nala went back to her hair.

"Things like that, are what I'm talking about. Nala, keeping you secrets inside won't work forever. Some secrets can't be hidden."

Nala got up and walked to her mirror. She evaluated how her french braid looked.

"I know that. Is that all?"

"Okay." Alexis got off her bed and walked to the door,before exiting, she turned back around,"I know we have our differences, but you can still come to me."

Nala simply nodded and then her sister exited her room. Nala walked over to her bed and pulled out the bag containing the pregnancy test.She held up the white stick with the two white lines up to her face. She sighed.

"Not this time." Nala murmured