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Last on Nothing Is Ever What It Seems.

Camille decided she wasn't done with Taylor.....

Camille:It's not over. Not by a longshot.

Ms.Marc tried to lead Taylor down the good side of the street......

Ms.Marc:All I'm saying is I think that you should focus more on................ I don't than you know other activities.

Nala almost gave up what's been weighing her down...............

Nala:Kendall,if I tell you something you have to promise to not overreact and to tell no one.


Scene 1

"And you are okay with that?" Millie asked still in shock

It was another sunny day at school,and Camille was filling Millie about what happened between her and Taylor the other night at their breakfast table.

"Yeah,I mean it's not like he's the only one out there." Camille peeled her banana,"All he did is prove to me why we aren't together anymore."

Millie simply shook her head and drank some of her milk.She knew that Taylor and Camille were obviously in some weird,twisted,roller coaster,relationship.So seeing Camille look so pissed and hearing Camille say she was done with him was a little too familiar to her.

"I'm just happy,you're gonna get back out there. We could do it together." Millie suggested with a smile

Camille looked up from her breakfast buritto at Millie. Millie still had her smile plastered on her face. Camille sighed,not feeling like stepping on her best friend's mood so early in the morning.

"Maybe." Camille munched on her breakfast

"Yay," Millie clapped excited,"This could be fun."

Scene 2

Kendall feeling rejunvated bounced down the steps to the kitchen table. She even planted a kiss on her little sister's face. She then sat down at the table and began digging in her breakfast from Subway.She knew what this meant. Her mom had to go to work early,so she didn't have time to do breakfast. Which meant in the next three seconds she would be coming down the stairs with her nice suit on and her hair in the neatest bun and be kissing her goodbye and taking Lila off to school.

Kendall got up and starting brushing Stella's hair and putting it into a ponytail. Now that Savannah was in college,Kendall had to help when it came to her little sister.

"Want a high ponytail or low?" Kendall asked her little sister

"High." Lila said excited for school like always

Kendall smiled and put Stella's hair in a ponytail.Just as she was about to sit back down,she heard her mom's heels click down the steps.She then entered the kitchen.

"Good morning,Kendall.Glad you were able to get yourself up."

"No prob." Kendall replied biting into her muffin

Kendall's father then walked down the steps. He wasn't fully dressed,but he was getting there. Brooklyn was putting things in her purse when she turned and noticed he was there.

"Frank,don't forget you have to take Kendall to school today."

"What?" Franklin said,sitting at the table,"Don't you usually do it."

Kendall shook her head and looked down at her food. This was going to be an interesting breakfast.

"Yes." she answered,"But today I have a client to meet early.So I need you to take her to school. I can take Stella,because her school isn't that far from where I'm meeting my client."

"Mom,Dad." Kendall said before another one of them could argue,"I could ask Nala if Aunt Alicia could take me."

"See there you go." Franklin opted for Kendall's idea

"No," Brooklyn shook her head,"I'm not calling Alicia on such short notice.Kendall,your father can take you to school. It won't hurt him."

"Yet,you didn't think to tell me before today?" Franklin commented obviously trying to make her sound like the one at fault

"I have told you. I told you last week. Maybe if you'd listen to anything I have said,you would have known." Brooklyn retorted before storming out of the kitchen

"Mommy looks mad." Stella commented to Kendall and Franklin

"No,honey.She's just stressed." Franklin lied,"Big day at work. Kendall,watch your sister,will ya?"

Franklin got up and then walked out of the kitchen. To her dismay,the argument didn't end there. As Kendall and Stella ate in silence,the audio of their parents arguing drifted throught the walls. What seemed like an eon later, Brooklyn finally walked back in the kitchen.

"Honey,get your stuff,I'm already running behind." Brooklyn said to Stella,getting her purse

Stella gave Kendall a confused look and in return Kendall mouthed for her to go with it. Stella nodded and picked up her backpack.She gave Kendall a hug and then walked by the door.

"Have a good day at school,honey." Brooklyn said before leaving the house with Lila in tow

Kendall nodded and drank some of her orange juice. That was exactly what she planned on doing.

Scene 3

"So are you going to be in a better mood,this morning?" Jeff asked Nala right before she walked into the school building

"I was never in a bad mood." she reminded him blowing a strand of her hair out of her face

"Right." Jeff's voiced dripped with sarcasm,"That was all of our imagination."

Nala rolled her eyes. She couldn't deny the fact that she did find him humorous. She was afraid that she wouldn't be able to smile much longer,or tht her friends would be there for her soon. She woke up this morning with a whole new perspective on things.It felt like everything around her was a figure from the past. Like it was showing her how it used to be before she got pregnant. Now all she thought about was how she was having a baby. A baby she had no idea what to do with. Thinking about breaking it to her parents made her want to cry. Because she knew they deserved better.

"Uh,Nala........" Jeff's hands were on her shoulders shaking her gently

"Huh?" she looked up at him

"Are you okay? You just blacked out in space there. Like you were in a trance.You okay?" he asked worried for his friend

"Yeah," Nala lied,fake smiling,"Never better."

"You sure?" Jeff asked not buying it so quickly

"Hey,you said you wanted me to be in a better mood,"she said smiling,nudging him,"Don't mess it up for me."

Nala then grabbed Jeff's hand and dragged him to the lunchroom for breakfast.

Scene 4

"Someone's mad." Freddie noted nudging Taylor

Taylor turned his head to see Camille walking with Millie out of the lunchroom. And Freddie was right,Camille did look like she was pissed off.It honestly made him smile a little.He expected her to continue down the hall,but to his surprise she didn't follow Millie,she stopped at him.

"To what do we owe this disappointment?" Freddie said before Taylor could even open his mouth

"I didn't come to speak the school rodent,I came to talk to Taylor." Camille fired back

Freddie was about to say something just as snarky,when Taylor looked at him and shook his head. Freddie leaned back against the locker in utter disappointment. Camille couldn't help but smirk.

"What do you want,Camille?" Taylor asked not caring

"What? You can't talk to me alone?" she asked,hasty,"You have to some ugly guard dog with you? Moments like this,I am happy we're not together."

Freddie leaned off against the locker and was about to retort when Taylor told him to go away.

"Yeah,go." Camille agreed

Freddie huffed in anger and shook his head. Taylor told him once again to leave. This time,Freddie listened. He grabbed his backpack and walked off all the while mumbling some not very nice things to Camille. Taylor,once Freddie was out of earshot,turned his attention back to her.

"Now,seriously,what do you want?" He shoved his hands in his pockets.

"I just wanted to let you know that you're aren't the only guy out there." she told him crossing her arms

"And you're not the only girl. But really,that's all you wanted to say?" he raised an eyebrow

"You know what. Believe me when I say" she paused and walked closer to him," that you're gonna want me back and when you do,I'm gonna deny you like you did me."

"Camille,if you still think you're the only girl willing to have sex with me,you're wrong." Taylor said with a chuckle

"Oh you talking about that tramp you were with the other day?" Camille asked snarky

"Name calling,aren't we? And being nosy now?"

"No,she was putting it all on display in the hall yesterday." Camille corrected him

"Well.,hey," Taylor shrugged,"I'm never fake about the girls I sleep with.They have every right to brag."

"Whatever." Camille said rolling her eyes,"I'm off."

Camille began to walk away,but then she stopped and turned back around to face him.

"But just know,then when you want to come knocking on my bedroom door,someone else might already be in my bedroom." 

"Well,you have fun with that. But I'll be busy in other girls' bedrooms." he said walking down the opposite end of the hall

Camille sighed in frustration,even when she thought she won,she always lost.

Scene 5

Walking into the school building,Kendall felt refreshed.She wanted to forget all about being pregnant and wanted to be normal.She wanted to have a good day and not worry about her future.Isn't that what her mom wanted for her?She even wore the oufit that Savanah had given to her.She didn't wear it much, because she thought it was tacky and looked horrible on her. But she thought today,she'd branch out.

"Hubba hubba." she heard her friend Violet say,walking in hand-in-hand with Mark

Kendall couldn't help but blush,smile,and laugh all together.Violet had on a big smile,and Mark was simply eyeing her outfit.Violet pulled Kendall in a hug. She was happy to have her friend back. It had scared her the way she was acting,yesterday. It was just another thing to add on her list on how strange she had been acting. Violet hadn't got the never to confront her yet,but after seeing her so happy today,she decided that it was okay.

"Marky,I think the outfit that Vi is wearing is just as hot." Kendall teased, nothing his continutation to look her up and down

"Yeah,Marky," Violet hit him hard on the shoulder,"Get it together."

"Sorry." Mark said sincere,"She just looks so different."

"But who looks better?" Violet asked giving him a look

"Always you." Mark answered

Kendall couldn't help but bite her lip as Violet and Mark kissed. She was happy to know she was doing a good job.She just wanted to act like nothing ever happened. She never met Taylor.His kisses and how he made her think that everything would be okay. She didn't want to think about takingthat test.But mostly,she did not want to think about being pregnant.

"You guys,done?" Kendall asked flashing back into reality and noticing that their kissing wasn't through

"Oh yeah." Violet moved away from Mark stupidly. Kendall thought it was funny how she was moving her hair out of her face and flushing like she did something wrong.

"Let's just get to class,okay?" Mark spoke ending the weird silence

"Agreed." Violet and Kendall said in unison

Scene 6

Skylar sighed as he was sitting through first period. Cassie was all the way at the front of the room. And he was at the back. Which equaled a not happy him. Not that she would have done anything if she was back here. Cassie would have just glared at him or playfully swatted his arm ands hands away. Just like she did a couple of nights ago when he came over.

"Skylar......" Cassie moaned between kisses

Skylar was so deep in that he honestly couldn't stop. He moved to her neck trailing kisses up and down. Cassie just giggled,which made him think that she had a change of mind. Cassie wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him closer. He then went back to kissing her on the mouth and slipped his tongue in his mouth. Cassie was so intoxicated on how good it felt to be kissing Skylar,that she couldn't force herself to make him stop. But when Skylar tried to take off her shirt,she suddenly regained senses. She broke the kiss off sharply and stood up. Skylar looked at her like he was confused and disappointed at what she did.

"What are you doing?!" she breathed upset

Skylar could tell by how she was flushed and breathing heavily that he had left her breathless. Also,that the intensity had made her feel weird deep down. Skylar stood up and wiped his face. Not what he had planned. He moved close to her to try to make things better.

"No." she said,prolonging him from kissing her again,"You should probably go."

"Look,Cass." he began. He didn't mean to pressure her. He honestly thought that she wanted it as much as he did.

"No,"she said, before he could explain anymore,"Just stop. I don't want to talk about this. Just go home and we'll talk at school tomorrow." she said walking to her door

It was all she could do. She honestly didn't know how she felt. Kissing Skylar made her feel so good. But then,once he tried to move too far she realized that he was once again more prepared than she was. And that didn't make her feel good. At All.

He walked to the door,trying to hide how he truly felt. She didn't look at him.She just opened her door for him. He leaned in for a kiss and in rebuttal she leaned away, looking down. Skylar sighed and walked out of her front door. She shut it behind him ,locking it,and slide down to the floor. She brought her knees to her chest and took some deep breaths.She had to work on self control,but more importantly so did he.

Ever since that night,she had been more careful with him than usual. Like she didn't believe that he could really compose himself. Even though he had apologized and swore that he would never try to make the wrong move with her. She was still ten times more careful.

Which did not make him feel the best. Cassie was supposed to trust him. He had alrady lost enough trust.Corey didn't bring it up directly,but considering that him and Corey were god brothers,Skylar already knew what was piercing through his mind. He was disappointed that he had cheated on Cassie. He didn't like keeping the secret either. So between Cassie's weird behavior and Corey acting all uncomfortable,you could say his life was...........

Skylar didn't even get to finish the thought because the teacher had walked over and slammed his hand on his desk. Skylar's eyes looked up suddenly at the teacher,who had annoyance filled eyes. Skylar noticed that the entire class was looking at him.

"Perhaps,you'd like to stay after school and have a private lesson." the teacher quipped,annoyance full in his tone

"No,sir." Skylar cleared his throat and forced himself to look his teacher in the eyes

"Then I suggest your mind be on my lesson and not on other events." the teacher answered, crossing his arms

Skylar nodded to which the teacher turned back to class and began to walk back up to the front of the room. Classmates then began to turn back to the lesson. However, Cassie kept her eyes glued on Skylar for a moment. When he noticed,he gave her a goofy smile and shrugged. Cassie began to smile slowly;she'd always love him.

Scene 7 

"I really love this one." Brooklyn's client cooed looking closely at the picture

Brooklyn asked to step out for a moment while her present client flipped through the display book. She checked her phone to see that Franklin had left her a message.She reluctantly pushed the button to hear the message and bit her tongue at the cryptic message he left her.

How mature,Franklin. She thought in annoyance.

He was definitely messing with her. She could have called back and left a message showing how snarky that she could get. But she opted not to. She decided to be the grown up in the relationship.She shoved the phone back in her jacket pocket.She turned to look at her client as she looked in awe at the displays.She sighed.Made her feel bad about the argument she and Franklin had.She never wanted to have that type of marriage. The one where the wife and husband call each other with rude messages just to infuriate the other.

"I don't see what the problem is!" she screamed at her husband

"You never know,Brooklyn.Except when it's my fault." he said and then sighed,"And I'm tired of it always being my fault.It's always my fault."

"Then start paying attention!" she argued

"Me?I'm the one that needs to pay attention?Open your eyes,Brooklyn!" he yelled

"Oh I am." she told him,crossing her arms,"Because I'm seeing the man you are!"

Brooklyn then stormed out of the bedroom. Brooklyn could feel the urge to let her eyes pool with tears, but she inhaled deeply,stopping the urge.She then exhaled and smoothed out her pencil skirt.She then forced herself to smile and walked back in the room.Marriage failing or not,she still had a job to do.

Scene 8

It was hard for Nala to keep her eyes on the teacher and copy down notes,when her mind was clouded.All she had on her mind,was the fact that in her body was a baby.A baby that she created with Skylar.She looked down at her superman hoodie.When she woke up this morning,she felt a wreck.She didn't even want to go to school.But she knew if she told her mother that,she would insist on taking her to the doctor.The doctor would have then medically examined her. And then her secret would be no more. So she had to drag herself to school.Even though all she wanted to do is be in her warm bed. She shuffled her feet on the tile floor.Her mind then became clouded with memories of Skylar.

"Do you want me to stop?" he murmured in her ear

Nala's cheeks went hot pink and she felt like an idiot as she looked back at him.She couldn't find the words to answer him,so she stupidly shook her head 'No'.

Nala took a deep breath as he smiled and then moved her hair out of her face and kissed her deeply again and again.Nala moved her arms to wrap around his shoulders.She had never felt so calm.She knew that in two days,she would leave and never see him again.So when she kissed him,she didn't have any objections.Not even when she felt his hands move up her shirt and press into her back.Not even when he moved closer to her,causing her to scoot her back closer to the car seat. Not even when he moved his lips from hers and placed them on her neck,trailing kisses up and down sending shivers down her spine.

"Nala.........." he said her name like he was getting high off of her between kisses

Hearing her teacher's voice increase in volume made Nala's mind become focused on what should be really important.......taking notes. Nala grabbed her pencil and began to jot down notes.But once again her grade was the last thing she was concerned about.

Scene 9

"Alright class, partner up!" the teacher ordered

The students hustled to cluster into groups.Lillie closed her notebook and before she could get up,Freddie placed himself opposite the seat next to her.

"No need to come to me. I'll always come to you,remember that." Freddie said with a wink

Lillie grunted in disgust and rolled her eyes.Like she really wanted to be MacDaddy Freddie's partner.She rather do the assignment alone by herself.

"Sorry,Freddie." Lillie shrugged," But I have a rule that I don't work with guys that want to get in my bed 5 minutes after I invite them to my house to work." Lillie shot him down

"Who said anything about wanting to get in your bed?" Freddie replied nonchalantly

Lillie shot him a look,she wasn't born stupid.She saw right through Freddie and the last thing she planned on doing was getting involved with him. She didn't even want to be near him.She felt like talking to him was lowering her IQ.

"Seriously......." Freddie replied after her long moment of silence,"Getting in your bed. Not my idea."

"Oh really?" Lillie asked,raising her eyebrow

"Of course not. I'm a gentleman.....after all."

Lillie turned her head to put her book in her backpack when she felt someone lingering next to her. She stopped when she felt his warm breath next to her ear.

"I was thinking we do it in my bed first." Freddie whispered

Lillie turned her head quickly and slapped Freddie back in his seat. Instead of looking upset,Freddie just smiled goofily.Lillie rolled her eyes.Could he ever not be a jerk?

"Go away, Freddie. There's no way I'm gonna be your partner." Lillie informed him her arms crossed

Freddie opened his mouth to speak,but closed it when the teacher's footsteps were heard echoing towards their desks.

"Lillian. Freddie." the teacher called their names from behind

Freddie and Lillie turned around to face their Science teacher.Mrs.Barnes was a woman in her mid-thirties that liked to dress liked to dress a prepatory school.She was always wearing a cashmere sweater and a khaki skirt.She was very pretty for her young age,but she didn't know how to assess her beauty.Clearly,her outfit choices and the options of either wearing her hair down,in a messy bun or a ponytail didn't work for her.Not to mention her only form of makeup was lipgloss.  Lillie stood up to awknowledge him while Freddie just stay seated.Teachers weren't his friends.

"Mrs.Barnes,Freddie and I are by no means............" Lillie began but was cut off by Mrs.Barnes interruption

"I think that you and Fred working together would be a great idea. Fred needs to work hard this year on his grades and Lillain, I know you are the one to keep him on task with that."

"I don't know,Mrs. Barnes........." Lillie began to disagree

"You're right,Mrs.Barnes." Freddie stood up,interrupting Lillie this time,"I do need to work on my grades and I was so humbled when Lillie agreed to be my partner. Now these partners will be for the rest of the school year,correct?"

"Correct." Mrs. Barnes answered,"The partner you have chose today is going to be your partner for every lab and project you do this year. Your partner is also going to be the person you sit next to on the bus for field trips and be your assigned buddy to stay in touch with when we go to museums and sorts."

"Perfect." Freddie nodded as Mrs. Barnes was walking to another group of students

Freddie turned around to see Lillie fuming.Freddie thought her cute face was adorable. Freddie walked over to her and leaned against one of the desks.

"Chill,princess.I'll be a good partner unless you want me to be bad........" he teased

"You're sick!" Lillie said lowly in irritation then procceded to walk and confront Mrs. Barnes

"Mrs.Barnes." Lillie said,stopping her teacher from going to her desk

"Yes,Lillain." her teacher said stopping

Lillie politely smiled,even though she wanted to cringe on how she was the only teacher that awknowledged her as Lillain.Lillie already felt like the name was suited for a 1950's swing singer. But hearing her teacher,mother,or principal refer to her as that ,simply just urked her nerves.

"With all due respect Mrs.Barnes," Lillie explained,"I just don't think I'm the partner for Freddie."

"Lillain.I am well aware of the character of Freddie." her teacher answered

A feeling of relief began to slowly sweep over Lillie."So you see why........"she began

"But I also know your character and I know you're strong enough to whip him into shape.Which is why your team interests me. I know you can do it."

"But Mrs. Barnes.........." Lillie protested taken back

"Lillain."Mrs Barnes cut her off,firmly,"Your team is your team.I know you'll do fine.Now,you better get to your seat."

Lillain sighed in defeat.She then turned back around to see Freddie sitting on her desk with a smile.Lillie rolled her eyes and placed her face in her hands.Could she never get a break?

Scene 10

Kendall felt at ease as she was walking down the hall with Marley and Violet in step with her.It was like there was anything else for them to be focused on.They were just three friends walking out from another class.That's what Kendall wanted.Craved.To feel normal.To feel like everything was alright.

"You guys wanna do homework at my house?" Violet suggested as the trio walked to Marley's locker

"Yeah,I'm sure my dad won't mind.He's cool with almost everything I do." Marley teased, even thought she made it seem like it bugged her

"Your father is fine with anything you do." Kendall responded

"That's because all you is the right thing." Violet added

"Is it my fault that I don't see the need to always be in trouble?" she asked with a shrug opening her locker

"No,"Kendall shook her head,"Just admit you're a patient,goody two shoes."

"Emphasis on patient.Never wanting to make the first move."

"Excuse me?" Marley asked crossing her arms at them

"Oh come on." Violet said rolling her eyes in a teasing state,"Isn't your boyfriend a constant reminder?"

Marley and Jeff played the hula hoop game with each other for years.Jeff figured out his feelings first.Well he knew all along.However, to his avail,he couldn't open his mouth to say anything.When Marley finally realized that she had something for him too,she decided that it was better to not act on her feelings.Finally,Nala got tired of playing endless matchmaker.And Jeff got the courage.

"What does my Jeff have to do with this?" Marley asked a tad offended, rolling her eyes

"What does your Jeff have to do with this?" Violet mocked her voice,"Well,let's see......"

"It took you two years to even come to terms that you had a crush on him." Kendall began

"And after those long and draining 24 months,you still didn't make a move! He had to ask you out!" Violet finished

"I told him yes!" Marley argued

"And they've been dating ever since." Kendall and Violet replied in a fairytale teller voice with smiles on their face

Marley had a habit of everytime she told the story of how her relationship with Jeff blossomed to always end the story with,"And we've been dating ever since." Marley was big on fairytales and it was like that line was her modern day fairytale ending storyline.Marley was big on boasting about her good her relationship with Jeff was.

"I don't find it funny." Marley said frankly closing her locker

"Of course,you don't.Most don't find the truth funny." Kendall replied

"Especially when it applies to them." Violet added

"You two are just single divas! " Marley said beginning to walk off, "Well, actually Violet,you're not. But're just............."

"Openly honest?" Kendall suggested and stopped walking

"Not the words I had in mind." Marley said honestly stopping as well

"Well it should have been." Kendall teased and kept walking

"Kendall's a loveable goofball with a slamming, hot body that any guy would die to have his hands on." Violet complimented nudging Kendall

"I love how you went from her personality to her figure to a girl that every guy wants to take to bed." Marley remarked

"Cool it guys." Kendall said as Violet stuck her tongue at Marley who simply shrugged feeling she was right

"But it's true.Kendall could get and keep any guy she wanted." Violet shrugged and smiled,"Freshman or not,Kendall has the hook-up."

"Thanks for the love,Vi." Kendall told her nudging her bestie's shoulder

"I can't deny." Marley admitted with a shake of her head,"Kendall has that glow."

"You two have it too.You have boyfriends,remember?" Kendall told them as they stopped at the front door of the gym

"Yeah." Violet and Marley nodded in unison

Violet and Marley then procceded to walk in the gym.Kendall was about to head right behind them when she heard Violet whisper to Marley.

"Still think that she could any guy.Even Taylor Brooks."

She couldn't help it. His name sent the longest,chilling,shiver up her body.Her hands balled into fists as she froze.She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

Clear your mind,Kendall.Forget what's going on.Focus on the good.She said in her head.

Without knowing it she placed a hand on her stomach.She looked down and saw her hand resting there.She immdiately moved her hand away like she had been stung.She had to forget.Needed to forget.

Scene 11

While the rest of the class were busy sketching drawings in their sketchbooks,Camille had her eyes open for  a different type of art.Camille told Taylor that she could find someone else and she plans to make that come true.She wasn't about to let Taylor have all the fun and have her painted out to be the desperate,sad,broken-hearted girl that couldn't let go.And that was not her.

Camille didn't spend her time wasting away over a breakup like some girls.No,Camille got even and found the next guy to toy with.It was in her DNA.Especially considering the fact that she was playing this game with Taylor.Meaning she couldn't lose.

"Taylor Brooks is a giver."

Irritation seeped in her head when the thought of what that girl said about Taylor flashbacked in her mind.The big smile that was plastered on her face as she talked about sleeping with Taylor like it was like winning the jackpot.Camille twirled her long,recently, dyed, black hair around her fingers.Well,for that girl it probably was.But to Camille,sleeping with Taylor just meant fun. It meant something that she could do to get her mind off of things.And as long as she was being honest,it was something she would like to do more often.

She didn't know why but being with Taylor just seemed natural.She didn't love him or anything.Heck,she barely knew what real love stood for.But what she loved was having sex.With Taylor.She loved having sex with Taylor.Was that so wrong?

It must have been to him because now he was done with her.He didn't want anything to do with her and worse he wanted to gloat in her face with other girls.And that wasn't okay with her.He didn't want them together,fine.He didn't want the sex..................fine.But acting like he could do better than her? That was not on the checklist.

Scene 12

Cassie wanted to groan in annoyance when she saw the short,skinny blonde walk in the classroom.

Trish. Cassie thought not being able to help feeling a little frustrated

Is this really how her day was gonna play out?She already had to witness her boyfriend get in trouble.Which was not that bad.But ever since what happened the other night;she felt forced to pretend like there was no tension going on between them.Even though deep down the two of them both knew that there was a problem bubbling.Now she had to watch as the girl strode in the classroom late and made her way over to their teacher's desk and come up with some pig-minded excuse for her tardy.

Cassie rolled her eyes when the teacher believed whatever excuse she had. Trish then began to stride over to her seat only to be welcomed into the room by guys that made noises signifying that they were checking her out.Of course,Trish loved this as all she did was smile and sit in her desk.

Cassie felt better for not watching her walk to her seat.If there was one thing that Trish definitely was not.It was a confidence booster.It was obvious that Cassie was still reeling from what happened between Skylar and her. Well it was obvious to her.What Skylar did was continue to strike the question in her head of whether she should change to keep Skylar around.

Instead of finding some other suckerhead to bother,Trish decided to waste Cassie's time and walk over to her desk.Cassie silently wished that Trish was only walking over to ask a question and that she would soon retreat back to her side of the room.But clearly Trish had other plans.

"May I?" Trish asked sweetly,even though Cassie suspected it was fake

"Not on your life." Cassie thought in her head.

However,being bitchy wasn't exactly in her DNA.She wanted to make friends not enemies.At least not on purpose.So instead she decided to treat Trish back with a fake smile.

"Sure,Trish." Cassie nodded and pointed towards the chair,"Sit."

"Thanks." Trish sat down in the chair next to Cassie.Cassie continued to smile even though she really wanted to knock Trish on the head.

"So I bet you're wondering why I came over here?" Trish asked

"For once,you're right."

Cassie said nothing just looked at Trish.She couldn't help but look at what Trish was wearing.If the school had a section in the yearbook for Most Tight-Tugging Clothes Wearer,Trish's picture would be there.Cassie felt like since the last time,she'd seen Trish her clothes had only gotten tighter.Not that Trish cared any.If Trish enjoyed looking like a pre-teen Madonna,why did she care.

"Well," Trish continued breaking through Cassie's thoughts,"I was hoping you could lend me some info about the cheerleading squad.You see Skylar and I were talking about the upcoming game and I out of curiousity asked him about it and he told me to come to you.He said you were uh.............very talented.I assumed you had the deets."

The only part that Cassie had really payed attention was when Trish said she was talking to Skylar.Her Skylar.Trish was talking to her Skylar and it did not make her happy.

"You were talking to my boyfriend about the cheerleading squad?" Cassie didn't mean to put emphasis on the word boyfriend,but she hoped she had

"Yeah,I mean we had already been talking and the thought had been on my mind,so I just simply asked.It was completely innocent." Trish said with a shrug, but the honey-like tone in Trish's voice proved her to be faking

"Well,he was right.But I don't think there's a chance for you to join the squad." Cassie explained,"You know,since try-outs were last year."

"Oh." Trish replied,not really sounding disappointed,"Well,Skylar didn't mention that."

"Guess it slipped his mind.Must have had other things on his mind." Cassie shrugged and smiled,"That's my boyfriend for ya."

Trish just leaned her elbows on the desk.Cassie continued to smile,she didn't want Trish to think she was actually threatened by her good looks.If she did,Trish would think she could just sweep in and make Skylar hers.

"Yeah,you're a lucky girl." Trish noted

"I know." Cassie answered

"Better be careful,girl." Trish flipped her hair out of her face,"I'd hate to lose that." Trish told her preparing to leave her desk

Cassie didn't know why those words came out of her mouth.But it didn't matter at the moment.For whatever reason,Trish felt that Cassie should be watching her back.Something that she was trying to, but not taking so lightly.

"Why you say that?" Cassie asked trying to stay calm

Trish stopped walking and turned back around and leaned over the desk.Cassie leaned forward to listen.Cassie wanted to gag from the loud fumes repelling off Trish from her obvious use of overusing perfume.Instead,she waited on Trish's response.

"Oh,I wasn't trying to frighten you.I was just making it a point of how Skylar is obviously a very,dreamy guy and girls would love to dig their claws in him..........."

"Like you." Cassie thought,snarkily not paying attention to the rest of the bullsh*t coming out of Trish's mouth

"And I just think that it'd be awful for you to let your priorities down and have him be snatched away." Trish ended her explanation just right as Cassie had began listening again

"Well thanks for the advice,Trish," Cassie answered,standing up from her desk,"But I know my boyfriend.And this school is well aware of our relationship,so they know that Skylar will not cheat on me or leave me for the next Daisy Duke wannabe that walks through the door."

"Hey," Trish raised her hands up innocently,"He's your man.I was just trying to lend you some advice from what I've learned over the years."

"Thanks, but just so you know,Skylar and I are all good." Cassie confirmed, not seeing the need to be sweet anymore

Trish obviously got the point because instead of replying,she just turned and walked over to her seat.Cassie exhaled and sat back down in her chair.

During the rest of class,Cassie struggled on pushing her chat with Trish out of her head.She couldn't help but get the feeling that Trish knew something that she didn't know and she didn't like it.She was already beginning to doubt,but Trish's little charade added a whole new view of the problem.

Skylar obviously wanted Cassie in more ways than one.He made it evident the other day.Girls at her school would be more than happy to make that happen for him.The real  question was...........................Was Cassie ready to make it happen for him?And what would happen if she didn't?

Part of her thought that Skylar would love her regardless and wait for her to be ready.But everytime,she saw Trish's face with her perfect amount of makeup and her body with the tight form-fitting clothes,she knew that love was not always that strong.

Scene 13

Taylor knew exactly what he wanted.He always did.There was never a time where Taylor had to sit back and ask himself what did he want.It was never needed.Taylor just knew.While other people had to question themselves on their decisions............Taylor just went with the flow of his.He didn't worry too much about what he decided.

Which was why he didn't regret cheating on Camille.He didn't regret not jumping at the chance to go with the rest of the campers to the skating rink.He didn't regret being one of the only few to ditch going to see the lame movie with the rest that didn't go to the rink.He saw nothing wrong with it.

But there was something about that night that continued to pierce itself through his memory.He didn't have sex with just any girl.And it wasn't just a hit and run.No,this girl was somehow more than that.But it was a good and interesting thing.

"You're such a hooded person." she said to him,it was like her big,brown eyes were piercing through her

"Prefer to keep it that way." he replied with a wink

"You know they say a person is only hooded because they're afraid to show who they truly are." she explained,moving a curl out of her face

Hearing her say that made him feel weird.Part of him wanted to forget the whole thing and the other part wanted to know more of how she thought.

"Either that or they don't know who they are." she shrugged, pulling her knees up to her chest

"I know who I am." he told her

"Really?" she asked,raising an eyebrow,"Well as long as you know."

The girl then got up and walked to another side of the room.Taylor watched as she sat down with her friends,acting like their interaction hadn't happened.She was laughing and talking like her life was still good.Confidence oozed off of her and slapped him in the face.And that was when he decided that he was going after Kendall Murphy.

She,herself,was interesting.Her smile.Her eyes.The fact that she was innocent and loving.How she couldn't help but be observant of the real world.It was an attraction that even he realized.

He told Camille that he was done with her.And he was.The truth was he had gotten tired of the ups and downs of being with Camille.When it got to the point where sex was becoming dramatic,he knew it was time to pull away.So he pulled away.And while having sex was endless girls was not only fun and appealing...............he couldn't help but want to backtrack to one of his former flames.One that he couldn't deny turned his summer interesting.

"What makes you think,I'm interested?" she asked looking at him boldly

"Are you telling me you're not?" he answered with a question

The girl shrugged and began to walk away again,but this time Taylor wasn't gonna let her get away.Taylor grabbed her arm and stopped her.She gave him a mix between a confused and annoyed look.Taylor,refusing to let the moment get by,Taylor gave her a passionate and intense kiss.

He wanted her.Simple as that.As far as how long,he didn't know.All he knew is that Kendall Murphy had made herself on his top priority list.And he wasn't gonna stop until he got exactly what he wanted.

Scene 14

"What do you plan on doing?" Millie asked,applying her lipgloss in the mirror

Camille watched herself as she tightened her ponytail in the bathroom mirror.Once she was done,she took out her own makeup and began re-applying it.

"Finding a guy to be my boy toy to make Taylor see that I'm not hung up on him." Camille replied applying mascara

"Even though you are." Millie answered, studying one of her manicured nails

"No!" Camille said abruptly,scaring Millie,"If there is one thing that I am is hung up on Taylor Brooks.May I remind you that Taylor would always come to knock on my door..................not the other way around."

"Yet,you're the one that wanted the relationship with him." Millie reminded her

"Hey," Camille shrugged,"I admit I thought that maybe Taylor and I could be something.I mean with me and Taylor...........we just clicked.We both had the same things in mind.We were on the same page.It turned out that he couldn't keep up with my drive."

Millie gave her best friend a look.Sometimes she wondered did her best friend really not see how hypocritical she was.However,if Camille was one thing,it was loyal.Camille had always been there for Millie and for that Millie was her loyal,supportive best friend.

"You mean the drive where he cheated and then you cheated;yet the blame always went on him?"

"Millie.Are you my best friend or are you the relationship police? Because all you're doing is calling me out on my faults! And if you're gonna do that you can leave." Camille argued turning to face her

"Fine." Millie retorted,throwing her hands in the air,"Didn't mean to offend you.Just saying you two both knew the relationship was asinine from the start."

"All we were sex and arguing." Camille said,softly

Memories began to flood back to her short lived relationship with Taylor.It was better when they were just sleeping together.She should have known better to think that the two could be committted to one another.

"How could you sleep with her?!" Camille questioned,anger shown on her face

"Camille,how do you even know about that?" Taylor said walking in her house

Camille slammed her door and followed him into her living room.She was so mad at him.

"Did you think I wouldn't find out?" she asked like it was a no brainer,"You slept with the Wicked Slut of the South!"

"Really,I thought that was your nickname." Taylor joked

"Do you think this is funny.You made me look like a damn idot.Yeah,your whore came to me asking me how serious we are. Telling me how we must not be serious did... in........her............BEDROOM!" Camille paused after each word to hit Taylor in his chest

"Calm down,Camille." Taylor said, backing away so she couldn't hit him

"You want me to calm down.You slept with her!" Camille yelled

Was he insane?! He betrayed her.She thought that the only people they were sleeping with was each other.Apparently,that wasn't his plan.

"You mean like you did with that teacher at Westbrook?" Taylor fired back

"What?" Camille stopped being angry

She hoped Taylor was bluffing.Because she didn't know what she would do if he wasn't.

"Yeah," Taylor walked up to her,"I heard about how you were sleeping with him while we were sleeping together.And how you sleep with him two weeks before we decided to be in this "relationship" thing.And when I was coming to your house the other day,I saw you and him going to your bedroom.Wanna tell me you were just talking in there.I mean do you know what could happen if you were reported for sleeping with a teacher?"

"You keep your mouth shut." Camille warned

The last thing Camille wanted for him to get fired.Camille promised him that no one would find out about what they were doing and she kept promises.

"You cheated on me with a teacher who I didn't know you were sleeping with;I sleep with a girl in retalliation and you get mad at me! You're the one with the issues,Camille." Taylor said in disgust

"I was ending the thing with him.Had you asked me,I could have told you!" Camille argued

"Right,you just wanted to end it in your bedroom.Admit it you had breakup sex with that guy and you liked it."

"Maybe I did." Camille said solemn

She felt no reason to lie.The damage was already done.And there was no turning back.Let the floodgates open.

"So you admit it.You're a hypocrite,you know that.You make all these rules just to break them."

"Yeah and you prove to be no better than me."

"Know what?" Taylor threw his hands up,"I'm not anyone's toy especially not yours.I'm out of here."

"We're through,just so you know." Camille said as he walked to the door

"Good." Taylor shrugged,turning to face her,"This wasn't working anyway."

"That's not what you said the other night."

"How do you know it was me? You've slept with half the city.Probably even the mayor."

That angered Camille the ninth degree.She looked down at the coffee table.She then picked up a glass cup and threw it at him. Seeing the cup flying towards him,he jumped away.

"You crazy whore!" he screeched

"I'm about to show you crazy!" she screamed,picking up a vase,dumping the flowers out and throwing it

He jumped away again and this time he walked out the door instead of muttering.But Camille wasn't done.She walked over to her kitchen and started throwing plates and cups on the floor.She was so upset,she didn't know if she could stop.

She walked out of the kitchen stepping on glass.She fixed herself a hot shower.She then proceeded by slowly stripping off her clothes.Taking a deep breath, she stepped in the shower.She ran her hands through her hair as the hot water sprayed all over her body.She then slid down on the bath-tub floor and pulled her knees up to her chest.She continued to take deep breaths and forced herself not to cry.She was done with Taylor.Done with the wrecks and ruins that came with him.She was just..................................done.

"Camille?Camille.................................Camille." Millie nudged Camille out of her senses

Camille turned her attention to see that Millie was looking at her like she was crazy.Camille went back to applying her makeup and didn't say anything for a moment.

"Are you okay?" Millie asked softly,touching her arm

"Just fine." Camille answered back

"Camille,it's okay if you were in lo-----------"

"In what?" Camille asked in an abrupt manner, cutting her off,"I don't fall in love.Love is for mindless fools."

"Camille............" Millie tried to speak

"Look,I'm done with Taylor." Camille stopped her again,"My priorites have changed.Now, I'm done talking."

Camille threw the rest of her makeup in her bag and stormed out of the bathroom.

Scene 15

Nala continued to twirl her spoon in her pudding.She wasn't feeling lunch.She wasn't really feeling anything.Nala wasn't even invested in the conversation her friends were having.Her mind was in another world when she heard a loud laugh.Nala perked her head up  already knowing who it was.Nala sighed as Skylar was talking to one of his friends.Just seeing him be so carefree made her sick inside.He didn't know what was going on with her but she did.She knew and it was killing her slowly knowing that she had to deal with this new revelation all on her own.She felt trapped in a bubble,that she couldn't find her way out of.She just wanted to break free,but she knew she couldn't.


Nala looked up to see the whole table focused on her.Nala looked back down at her pudding.

Great.Just what I need;the focus to be on me.She thought,angrily.

"You okay,over there?" Jeff asked on the other side of Marley sitting next to her

"Yeah,just don't wanna go to gym." Nala lied eating some of her pudding finally

"Yeah,gym will do that to ya." Violet replied with a nod

"I think you're awesome in gym." Mark complimented

"Awww,thanks,baby." Violet smiled

Kendall,Marley,and Jeff made puking noises as the Mark and Violet pecked each other on the lips.Violet stuck her tongue out at Kendall who was making puking noises.

Hearing Skylar talking loud once again triggered Nala's senses.A wave of nausea swept over her.She suddenly felt sick.

"I'll be right back." Nala said quickly

Before any of her friends could respond,Nala hopped up from the table with her stuff and ran out of the cafeteria.They all exchanged glances.

"Strange,eh?" Jeff said aloud

"She was doing fine, earlier." Marley told them

"It might be that egg and cheese biscuit she ate for breakfast." Mark explained,"Told you that cheese smelled weird."

"I'm gonna go talk to her." Kendall decided, standing up with her tray

"She said she'd be back." Mark commented

"Yeah,but if she's really sick,someone needs to be in there to tell the office." Kendall pointed out

"Good point." Jeff agreed

"Okay,but you two hurry back." Mark told her

Nala took a deep breath and studied herself in the mirror.She felt like she was out of her own body.

"You okay?" she heard someone say from behind

Nala turned around to see Kendall standing there looking a little worried.Seeing Kendall did bring ease to her.She wished she could let her best friend in on what was happening with her.

"Yeah." Nala lied

"I saw you looking at Mr.Wilson....."

"Mr.Wilson?" Nala repeated confused

"You know Sky....."

"Oh." Nala cut her off

"Keep on doing stunts like that and I'm gonna believe the girls about you crushing on Sky-High over there." Kendall joked

Nala felt her stomach churn.She did not need another one of her friends thinking that she was heads over heels for the soon-to-be father of her baby.

"I don't like him." Nala shook her head,"Trust me." Nala answered

"O.......kay....." Kendall said with a fun smirk

Nala didn't answer just continued to observe herself in the mirror.Kendall noted how weird she was being.It wasn't like her best friend.Kendall began to crack down with questions.

"Okay," Kendall said,folding her arms,"Nala.What's the deal?"

"What are you talking about?" Nala asked tucking a stray hair back in the messy bun her hair was in

"You can lie to Mars and Vi but you can not lie to me.I know you.And you've been acting pretty weird." Kendall told her

"Kendall." Nala replied,not facing her,"I'm okay."

"Are you?" Kendall touched her shoulder,"Because if there is something wrong.We can talk about it.I'll help you get through it."

You couldn't help me with this if you tried.Nala said to herself where Kendall couldn't hear.

"Kendall,I'm just you know dealing with a lot." Nala tried to explain,moving away a little

There was no way for Nala to let Kendall know what was going on.Kendall wouldn't understand.She knew what type of look Kendall would give her resulting in her hating herself.She didn't want that.She wanted Kendall to still be her best friend.

"Does this have to do with what you were gonna tell me the other day?" Kendall asked interested

Nala didn't respond.She didn't know what to say.

"It does." Nala's silence answered the question for Kendall

"Nala,you can tell me." Kendall swore

"Kendall,I love you.You're my best friend.But you have to believe me when I tell you this." Nala replied softly


Nala opened her mouth to form the words that she desperately needed to get out.But she just couldn't do it.She wasn't ready for the rejection,she knew she'd face.

Nala sighed."It's nothing."

Nala then prepared to walk out of the bathroom. Kendall couldn't believe Nala wasn't going to tell her.

"Nala!" Kendall called making her stop walking

"Some things are meant to be kept to ourselves.Some things we can't tell others.Not even our best friends." Nala murmured and walked out of the bathroom

Kendall said nothing as Nala exited the bathroom.She just went back to the cafeteria and sat down.She even acted like she didn't notice the silence the table had went into and all of her friends' eyes on her.

"What?" Kendall finally asked them

"The plan was for the two of you to come back together." Violet reminded her

"She got called in a teacher's room." Kendall lied

"Why?" Marley asked

"Did you think I was about to ask her teacher? It was Mr. Monet."

"Well,she's doomed." Jeff joked

The table burst into laughter and the uncomfortable moment Kendall almost felt was over. During the rest of lunch,Kendall couldn't her mind off of Nala.Under the table,she kept her hand placed on her stomach.She knew she didn't understand what Nala was going through.But she knew what Nala meant about not being able to tell everyone.Kendall had a secret like that of her own.

Scene 16

Cassie was jotting a note down in her notebook next to her locker when she felt someone come up behind her.She would have said something snarky if the person had not wrapped their arms around her waist and planted a kiss on her neck.She immediately knew who it was and even though a smile spread across her face,she couldn't help but have a nagging feeling at her stomach.

"Do you know how much I missed you?" he breathed against her neck

Cassie didn't answer just giggled giddy.Skylar had no idea of the effect he had on her.She was like a lovesick puppy when it came to him.

Cassie dropped her pencil and notebook in her bag and readjusted herself to where Skylar still had his arms around her,but they were face to face.Skylar moved his hand and gently pushed her hair out of her face.Cassie smiled and she knew her face was turning bright red.S

"You weren't at lunch." he then told her

"I had somewhere to be." she explained

"And it wasn't here with me?" Skylar said nesting his head in her neck

"Sorry." Cassie told him leaning back

Skylar watched as Cassie turned her attention to her locker.Skylar noted how happy she looked.It seemed she had went back to her normal self and wasn't avoiding him or playing games anymore.That made him happy and relieved.

Skylar,however,took the opportunity to kiss Cassie deeply.Cassie smiled against his lips.She desperately tried to push all thoughts of Trish out of her mind.She wanted to forget all about what had happened between them.She wanted to start clean;show people that her relationship with Skylar was real and strong.

Cassie proceeded to kiss him back,dropped her bag,and wrapped her arms around his neck.Her lips began to tingle it felt so good having his lips pressed against hers.She felt like it was meant to be like this.Like nothing could go wrong.

Except it did right when Skylar moved away from her mouth and started kissing down her neck.He then moved up to her ear.

"I want to sleep with you Cassie." he whispered and nibbled on her ear

This made Cassie very uncomfortable.Something that she shouldn't be feeling with her boyfriend.She couldn't believe that he was doing this at school! Didn't he understand her at all? Or did he just not care?

"You know what," Cassie said abruptly pushing him off,"Stop."

"What?" Skylar asked innocently

"You know what!" Cassie snapped,her anger being clearly shown

Skylar just watched as Cassie threw something in her locker and slammed it.He ran a hand through his hair.Cassie picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder.She turned around and began to storm away when Skylar grabbed her arm and pulled her back to him.

"Cass," Skylar said,stepping in front of her,"Wait.Look,I'm sorry."

"No,Skylar you're not." Cassie reprimanded,"This the second time!"

"Cassie.I am sorry.But I mean you know how much I care about you." he explained,"I just think that with all of the love we have for each other we could at least show it a little."

"Skylar,I do everything for you! I show you how much I love you everyday!" Cassie argued,"Clearly,you don't see that.And you clearly don't love me because you don't respect me."

"That's not true!" Skylar retorted

Skylar wasn't okay with her saying that.If anything,Skylar did respect Cassie.There were times where Skylar's mind was only on Cassie.He'd do anything for her.He cared about her deeply,no doubt about it.Cassie made his life better.

"It is true,Skylar." Cassie told him fighting the urge to not cry,"I have beliefs.I have values and goals and you know what I'll go to keep those goals.And you promised me that when we got together that you were okay with that."

Cassie couldn't take it anymore.With Trish's stupid advice to his constant trying to seduce her,she was done.She loved Skylar,but they were coming at a crossroads.

"And I am." Skylar reminded her

"No,you're not." Cassie shook her head,"You don't respect my beliefs.Meaning you don't respect me."

Cassie took a deep breath.Skylar looked at her fretting what she was going to say next.She looked at him sadly."

And I don't know what that means for us." she admitted,"Or if it means that there can even be an us anymore."

Hearing that honestly made him feel dead inside.Skylar released his grip on her arm as she walked down the opposite end of the hall.Skylar extended his arm,wishing that she would come back and grab it and kiss him.He wished that she would forgive him for everything that happened and they could start over.But as he watched her turn the corner sniffling,he knew his wishes weren't going to come true.

Scene 17

She was supposed to be heading off to class.Minding her own business and not caring about what happened between the bland and weird students at her highschool.But she couldn't help but stop after hearing a familiar,Cassie Nite,snap on her boyfriend.

Now she barely knew Cassie.It was safe to say the two didn't talk.However,Cassie was best friends with her twin sister;the both of them being bubbly,perky,goody two shoes,cheerleaders.They also shared the fact that they both got on her nerves.It was her boyfriend or soon to be ex-boyfriend that caught her eye.She didn't have to listen to the whole conversation to know what the argument was about.She could tell when she turned her head and saw Skylar's stance what the problem was.Skylar wanted love and Cassie wasn't giving it up.

Something that clearly was proving to be an issue in their love.An issue that was about to crumble their little love fest.Now Millie was not entirely one to peddle in people's business.But Skylar was on the list on 'the hottest guys in school list' and considering the fact that he was vulnerable at the moment, made it easier.

The bottom line was,Millie had what Skylar wanted and she knew that no matter how much he tried to deny it;he wasn't gonna be able to turn him down.Arguing with his little girlfriend had grown tiring for him and he wanted to relax.And she could give him that.

Congratulations,Skylar Wilson.I'm gonna be your relaxer.Millie thought with a smirk as she walked into her next class.

Scene 18

Camille hated crying.It showed weakness.It made her feel fragile.Like she wasn't had no backbone and would let anyone speak to her anyway they wanted to. And that wasn't her at all.Camille had a sharp tongue and was sure to show it.And when she did things,she had no regrets.Which was why she didn't cry.

But for some reason,she couldn't stop tears from forming in her eyes.And no matter how much she used the sleeve of her leather jacket to wipe her eyes so no one could notice.Because then she would start to sniffe like she had some cold.

If only she hadn't been talking to Millie maybe she wouldn't look like a broken hearted barbie doll.Instead,she looked like one of the cheerleaders hearing they got kicked off the squad.Something that deep down made her angry.

Why was she so upset about someone that was really not that special? Taylor wasn't a prize to be won.Taylor wouldn't care if you fought three girls for his love.He'd just sleep with all of you.He didn't care whether you were mad at him,he'd continue to do his thing.He didn't care whether you got hurt.Taylor lived on no regrets and was used to sending girls down the street of despair.So why did she care.

"Are you gonna go in?" the male voice said behind her

Camille turned around to see a boy standing not too far away from her.He looked charmingly hot with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.Not to mention a smile and dimples that would Angelina Jolie cheat on Brad Pitt.Camille's eyes skirted down and observed that he had a nice build and worked out regularly....maybe even daily.

"Um,yeah.Why?" Camille said clutching her books to her chest

"It's just that...." he began,"The class began a couple of minutes ago and you still haven't went inside."

Camille tilted her head to the side.She felt like she knew him from somewhere.He wasn't a new kid.Rumor of new hot boys spread quickly.Plus,she felt like she had seen somewhere before.

"Well," Camille answered,"You're not in there either."

"I have a note." he flashed her the note and a smirk,"Coach needed me."

"Oh really?" Camille replied,"You play sports?"

"Linebacker on the football team." he answered with a smile

Camille wanted to grab and kiss him,that smile was so sexy.The football team,eh.So that's where she knew him from.She knew he looked familiar.

"Knew you looked familiar,pretty boy." Camille told him with a smile

"Thanks." the boy said with a laugh,"You're looking good there yourself."

"Thanks." Camille smiled

"So you still didn't tell me why you were out here." he reminded her

"It doens't matter."

"Yeah,because your face was red.But now it's back to a pretty shade.Your cheeks have the prettiest rosy blush."

His compliments were starting to make her giddy inside.And she wasn't used to that. She didn't know what she wanted from him.Or if she even really wanted something.So him trying to make her feel like a prime jewel wasn't working.

"You are a major flirt."she commented still smiling

"Well,I only tell the truth." he shrugged,"You take it for whatever you want."

"What's your name pretty boy?"

"Pretty boy." he replied,"That's a first.The name is Corey.But you can call me Pretty Boy."

He flashed her another smile and then began to walk in the classroom.Camille grabbed his arm before he could place his hand on the handle.She pulled him back towards her.Instead of looking at her like she was crazy,he had a smirk on his face.She pulled him away from the doorway and then quietly smacked him against the wall.She then leaned her lips against his ear.

"And my name is Camille........"

She then planted a short kiss by the corner of his ear.She then released him and walked in the classroom like nothing had ever happened.She was in her seat sitting down when Corey came in the classroom.Camille kept her eyes on the road,she didn't want to see the reaction on his face.She just placed her textbook on her desk and pretended to listen to her teacher's lecture.

Camille never thought that finding someone to occupy her time from Taylor would be hard.But Corey literally dropped out of nowhere.She didn't even have to search.Corey was definitely something different than what she was used to do.But she liked it.

Camille smiled to herself.She knew it wouldn't be too long before she and Corey were laying in bed together.

"Goodbye Taylor.Hello Corey." she thought with a smile

Scene 19

Kendall's head was filled with worry about Nala.She worried about what she was hiding and whether she was okay.Plus what she told her continued to penetrate through her mind.

Some things are meant to be kept to ourselves.Some things we can't tell others.Not even our best friends.

Kendall didn't like the fact that Nala felt she had to keep something to herself.But she couldn't blame her.Kendall herself was keeping her own secret.And yet Kendall was acting like it didn't matter.Whatever was wrong with Nala was killing her inside while Kendall was trying to forget the truth.She felt pretty messed up about the whole situation.

"Deep in thought,eh?Just like when I first saw you."

Kendall froze at the male voice behind her.She knew the voice and it wasn't Jeff or Mark.She knew exactly who it was.She turned around and looked at the person standing in front of her.He had a smile on his face and his long, black hair framed his face perfectly.It was Taylor Brooks.The father of her baby.

"You look hot in those jeans." he complimented

Kendall said nothing just turned back around to her locker.She wished he would get the point and leave.She knew that one day she would have to speak to him.But she didn't want that day to be today.

"Not talking a lot.That's okay,you didn't do it a lot that night either." he said

Kendall felt like he had stuck a dagger in her spine.She closed her locker.She turned around to face him.She adjusted her backpack on her.He continued to stand in front of her.He simply had a smile on his face.Kendall forced herself to talk.

"I think you should go,Taylor." she told him not kidding

"What's with the harshness?" he asked innocent

She kept the same blank expression she had when he walked over.She didn't want to talk to him.He knew why she didn't want to talk to him.Well,he didn't fully know.But he knew enough.

"There's no reason for you to be bothering me.So go away." she told him again

He laughed sofly and extended his arm.He used his extended arm to move her hair out of her face.Just like he did that night.

He leaned towards her and moved her hair out of her face.She stared at him innocently with her deep, brown eyes.He looked into her with his dark, seductive, ones.He then laced his fingers in her belt loops attached on her skinny jeans and pulled her closer to him.He then leaned down and placed a kiss on her neck.Kendall shivered,but couldn't deny how warm and appealing he felt on her skin.

Kendall desperately wanted to shake but she controlled herself.He kept his eyes on her hair like he was mesmerized by it.

"I think you got it all wrong,Kens." he murmured,"I like you.And I enjoyed our night together."

"You should go." she breathed,"I can't talk right now."

"You couldn't talk that night either." he reminded her,"And as I remember,that did not stop you."

Kendall bit her lip as memories began to appear back in her head.

"I should really get going." she said walking past him

He,on the other hand,wasn't ready for the night to end.He grabbed her arm,stopping her.He pulled her back to him.She gave him a look.She really needed to get to her room.

"Taylor,I can't talk." she told him in a huff

"Just stay and talk to me for a few minutes." he pleaded looking her in the eyes

"Taylor,I don't know what you want." Kendall moved his hand away from her,"But I don't want anything to do with it."

She hated the fact that her voice was shaky.And she bet he could hear her heart beating.

"Kendall." he leaned to where she could feel his breath,"We both know that we both enjoyed that night.And I know it was your first time.And I'm flattered that you gave yourself to me.And I know camp was a long time ago.But why does it have to end here?"

Kendall opened her mouth to respond but someone caught her to the punch.

"Kendall,what's going on?"

Kendall's eyes quickly darted over to see Marley accompanied by Jeff and Mark.Kendall didn't hide the relief on her face.Taylor seeing them too took some steps back.Marley had her eyes on Kendall while Jeff's and Mark's eyes were glued on Taylor.Mark and Jeff walked over to Kendall immediately as soon as Taylor was arm lenghts away from her.

"Everything cool,Lil Sis?" Mark asked looking directly at Kendall

"Of course." Kendall told them,relieved her voice went back to being normal

"Kendall,you have a brother.Didn't know." Taylor said to her,his hands in his pocket

"He's not my brother.He's just acts as one.Not that it's any of your business." Kendall told him happy she was getting some authority in her voice

"I protect her like one too." Mark warned Taylor

Taylor lifted his hands in the air signaling he didn't want an altercation.Jeff moved over to the other side of Kendall.They didn't trust Taylor.It was evident.

Join the club.she thought.Neither do I.

"Looks like you have protective friends." he commented,"You always need a good friend."

"Taylor,we don't know what you want.But I can assure you,Kendall doesn't want it." Marley snapped

Taylor's eyes met Kendall and she could tell he thought her last comment was funny.He couldn't help but smile.Kendall froze.He wouldn't tell,would he?

"You're right." he said,instead,"I am sorry,Kendall.See you around."

He then walked away in the other direction.Kendall's eyes followed him as he walked down the hall and turned the corner.She then took a deep breath and turned back to her friends.Marley walked up to her suddenly and hugged her.

"Was he hitting on you?" Jeff asked

"Clearly," Marley said releasing Kendall,"Why does that jerk want someone as innocent as Kendall?Can't he find another slut to do?"

"He better." Mark spoke up

"Mark,it's cool." Kendall assured him,"Besides,I don't think Vi would be okay with you being this worked up over a girl that's not your girlfriend."

Mark nodded in agreement.Kendall pushed herself off the locker and she began following Jeff down the hallway.Mark and Marley walked in step with her.

"Yeah,but he still shouldn't have been over here." Marley reminded Kendall with her arms crossed

"The dude's a player.But trust me,I am not interested." Kendall assured her

"You better not be."Jeff teased in a warning slowing down to walk next to Marley

Kendall and Marley laughed as Mark and Jeff fistbumped.As Kendall walked down the hall with her friends,she couldn't fight the nagging feeling forming.She could feel Taylor's presence being near.She knew that wherever he was he was staring at her.

Taylor didn't say it.He didn't have to.She already knew.This was far from being over.

Scene 20

Skylar couldn't take his mind off of Cassie.They had another class together and she wouldn't even look at him.She went on to avoid him the rest of the day.She even took another route to get to her locker so she wouldn't have to walk by his.She was avoiding him more than she had before.She was clearly angry at him.He honestly didn't know if they could make it past through this.

Skylar sighed as he pulled his hood over his head.He hopped his father got here and fast.He just wanted to go home.He didn't want to be around anyone.Not if they weren't Cassie.

"You look down." he heard someone say in a silky,seductive voice

Skylar turned around to see Millie standing in front of him.He didn't even awknowledge her,he just turned back around.Millie raised an eyebrow.

Is that how it's gonna be? she asked herself

"No need to be rude." Millie said to him

"I don't feel like talking." he muttered still not looking at her

"Okay,we don't have to talk." she offered

He turned back to face her.What was she talking about? Here she was trying to sulk and she was trying to play mind games with him.He wasn't in the mood for them either.And he was about to let her know it.

"What do you want?" he asked her not caring

"Skylar." Millie said walking close to him,"The real question is what do you want?"

"Excuse me?" he asked not understanding

"I know why you and Cassie were arguing.And I can help." she explained

"I don't see how.You're not one of Cassie's friends." Skylar disagreed

"I mean with your other problem." she said placing a finger on his chest

Skylar froze as she slid her finger down his stomach.Skylar tried hard for her not to see how that made him feel.He was still not over Cassie.He loved Cassie.Wanted Cassie.

"Look,I have a girlfriend." he told her not moving away

"Do you?" Millie asked,giving him a look,"Because she made it clear that she didn't know if you and her were gonna work anymore."

Skylar looked at the ground.Millie smiled.She knew his protective armor was slowly cracking.He was vulnerable.He had needs.And she was fully capable of fulfilling them for him.He just had to let her in.

"I love Cassie." he professed grabbing her hand before it slid down to his pants

"Yeah,but does she love you?" Millie asked,"If I loved you and I had been with you as long as you two have been together,I would have been done showed you how much I cared for you."

Skylar turned his head away from her.Luckily,no one was around.No one knew what they were doing.He looked at her again.She had long,shiny,blonde hair that framed her face nicely.Her eyes were brown and seductive and she was obviously hot.Her body had curves in all the right places.

His heart doubled a beat when she leaned forward and he inhaled her perfume.She leaned her mouth towards her ear.

"You shouldn't have to fight forever." she told him seductively

She then reached in her back pocket and pulled out a slip of paper.She then slid the paper in his pocket.She then slid her hand down and stopped at his belt buckle.She grabbed it and pulled him close to her.She then pushed him back.After that,she strutted away like nothing had even happened.

Skylar exhaled deeply.She,without a doubt,had an effect on him.He couldn't deny it.She wanted him.And that made him feel really good.He kinda wanted her too.The question was:What about Cassie?

Before he could think hard about it,a car horn interrupted his thoughts.Skylar looked over and saw his father waiting on him.Skylar nodded and walked over.In the car the only thing he could think about was:Who to choose?

Scene 21

Nala crawled on her bed and buried her face into her pillow.It was a long day.She kept having nausea and then to make it worse she kept shutting down when Skylar came even close to her.Her best friend was even worried about her now.Nala didn't mean to shut Kendall down like that but she couldn't tell her what was going on.She didn't even know what was going on.She knew she took a test and it was positive.

What Nala didn't know was what that meant.Her life was being seriously altered and she didn't know what to do.She didn't know what steps to take.There were questions that needed to be answered.There was no way to answer them,though.She was still keeping the pregnancy a secret.

Nala flipped over on her back and placed both hands on her stomach.She couldn't feel anything.She had not gained any recognizable weight and did not feel anything except nausea.Yet,she knew that there was a baby growing inside of her.She wondered if the baby already had a mind what it would be thinking about her right now.She assumed it would be disappointed in her.Heck,she was disappointed in herself.She let things get to far.

All her life,Nala had loved the thrill of the living on the edge.She was a natural rebel;always beating to the sound of her own drum.Nala wanted to make her own footsteps in the sand.She loved to be dangerous,but one thing was always the same.She was careful.She knew right from wrong and she made sure she used her head.However,she didn't that night.Nala knew the risks of having unprotected sex.Yet,she wasn't smart enough to think before she did anything.The result was a baby she wasn't ready for.

"What I did was wrong.And I hate myself for it." she said aloud tears forming in her eyes

"Well,what'd ya do?" her mom said walking in her room

"Mom!" Nala sat up on her bed, quickly wiping her face with her sleeve

"Sorry." her mom said walking over to her desk,"But you l had to bring you your blanket that your grandmother sent in the mail."

Nala reached out her arm and grabbed the package.She held in hands looking at it.That was just like her grandmother,making her things to show how much she cherished her two daughters.It kind of made Nala wish things would go back to how they used to be.She slowly tore open the package and looked at the blanket.It was beautiful and a mix of all things that made Nala who she was.Right in the middle the words:Liliana is Nala.Nala equals love was neatly stiched in the middle.Nala could feel the tears forming in her eyes.She secretly wished that once her grandmother found out she was pregnant,she would continue to love her.

"It's beautiful." Nala said mesmerized by the blanket's beauty

"I know isn't it?" her mom agreed,"You should see Alexis's.Isn't it sweet how your grandmother still makes thos?."

"Yeah." Nala replied softly avoiding her mother's happy look

"I mean Nina been's doing it since you and your sister were born.And she continues to do it.Reminds me of how much you're growing up,you're not my little girls anymore."

You got that right.Nala wanted to mutter

"However,I know you can always act like one though." her mom then said sitting on her bed

"What do you mean?" Nala asked her mother

"Nothing,just that I know you won't make too many grown-up decisions until I'm ready." she chuckles,"I'm kidding.Nala,you're smart and ambitious and have so much going for you.And you're always being risky,but your father and I always know that you're gonna be careful and rationalize before you do something stupid."

Nala felt her throat tighten.Here her mom was praising her when she didn't even know the real deal.Nala wanted to tell her to stop,but her mom continued on.

"I always know that while other girls are running around being stupid and making irrational decisions,you're gonna use your head." her mom explained

Nala looked down at her blanket.It was all becoming too much.She really wished she was anywhere at the moment.Anywhere but in her bedroom,hearing her mom try to make her feel special when really she wasn't.She wasn't smart.She didn't use her head that night.And she was gonna spend the rest of her life regretting it all because of one mistake.

Scene 22

Kendall brought the dishes over the sink.Apparently,her mother had a last minute client and her father wasn't answering his cell,so she used the money in the cookie jar to order her and Stella a pizza.She didn't really think a second thought about being alone with her little sister.

"Kendall,can I have an icecream cone?" her little sister asked looking at her with a big smile

"Just a second,Stella." Kendall told her washing the dishes

Stella ran back in her room eagerly.Kendall shook her head and smiled.But the smile didn't last long.All she could think about was Taylor confronting her.She didn't know how she was able to go through it without cracking.She felt sure she would soon break.Having him tell her he enjoyed being with her.She knew too better to know it was a lie.

Kendall fixed Stella's ice cream cone and then sat down to start some of her homework.It was long and draining though.Instead of being able to focus on the problems,her mind was only on Taylor.She was afraid he had something planned.And combined with the situation she was already in,she knew she wouldn't be able to take it.

As Kendall was putting her things away,she heard her mom's heels click on the tile floor.She turned her head to see her mom walking in.She put her stuff down and a had a takeout bag in her hand.She had an apolgetic look on her face.

"I brought Taco Bell." her mom told her walking in the kitchen

"I ordered pizza.Dad,didn't show." Kendall explained

"What?" her mom asked surprised

"It's cool.I'm still starving." Kendall told her taking out a taco

Brooklyn couldn't believe her ears.She knew he was off of work and he should have been home with his daughters.She called him three times! She was getting upset all over again.

"What do you mean your father didn't show?" her mom asked

"I called him a ton of times but he didn't answer." Kendall said before biting into her taco

"So did I." Brooklyn said grabbing a water of the fridge,"I told him that I was buying dinner.Just to let you and Lila have snacks."

"I guess he was busy." she shrugged not really seeing an issue

"Mommy!" Stella ran in

"How's my sweet girl?" Brooklyn asked leaning down to hug Stella

"Good.Kendall ordered pizza and got me an ice cream cone." Stella said happily

"Looks like Kendall did an awesome baby sitting job." her mother commented

"Yep." Stella nodded

"What's up kiddos?" All of the heads turned to Franklin walking through the door

"Daddy!" Stella called

Franklin swooped up the eager Stella and tickled her making her laugh uncontrollably.Kendall smiled;Brooklyn on the other hand didn't have a pleasant look on her face.Franklin carried Stella in the kitchen and set her down.He avoided Brooklyn's deathly gaze and nudged Kendall on the shoulder.

"Sorry about not answering,sport." he told her

"It's cool." Kendall answered

"Did you not check your phone or didn't care to?" Brooklyn asked her tone, clearly not pleased

Kendall looked at her father who simply sighed and ran his hands over his face.She then looked at her mom who was staring at him upset.Kendall then looked down at Stella who was confused looking between the two of them.

"Stels." Kendall called with a smile,"How about we go brush your hair and I put it in a French Braid for school,tomorrow?"

Brooklyn watched as her two daughters went upstairs and waited until she heard Kendall shut the bathroom door to start chewing her husband out.

"Listen,Brooke.Don't start anything." Franklin pleaded with a sigh

"So you just thought that leaving Kendall alone with Stella at night was okay? And you didn't even call her back?" Brooklyn asked walking over to the sink

"Look,Brooke I'm sorry.I had something to do.Kendall has baby-sat before.She's fine.I'm a cop.I'm not always home at a scheduled time." he explained not in the mood for the argument

"Don't you think I know that?" Brooklyn quipped,"I know how it was gonna be when I married you.But not calling your kid back or even calling me isn't okay.And it's not about whether Kendall was capable,it was about you not feeling the need to act like an adult."

"She's fine? I don't see why you're so angry?" Franklin replied getting pissed himself

"Because you fail to see the wrong in what you're doing!" Brooklyn protested,"Kendall told me she called you tons of times.You knew I'd be late! What if something happened to them?"

"Nothing happened though!" Franklin argued,"They're fine.You could have cancelled your little client and came home.I can't cancel being a cop!"

Brooklyn was quiet for a moment.Really?That was how he was going to be?Did he just enjoy making her upset?Because all they did now was argue.She was starting to think he enjoyed it.

"First of all, I didn't know until a couple of minutes ago,that you didn't answer your own daughter calling you.And second of all my little client? My job is just as important as yours!"

"That's not what I meant." Franklin clarified through clenched teeth

"It doesn't matter anymore,"Brookyln justified,"Parenthood comes first.Remember that."

Brooklyn then began to walk out the kitchen.Franklin beyond angry yelled after her.

"Oh,so I don't call them once and I'm the bad parent,here!"

"It's not just about this!" she said over her shoulder,"It's about the all things combined with this! You just keep treating your family like their second priority!"

"Brookyln, you and I both know that's a lie." Franklin spat

"Really." she stopped on the steps,"You have a daughter in college.When's the last time you called her? Did you know that Stella has a ballet recital in two weeks,or that she's the Sugar Plum Fairy?"

Franklin said nothing.Brooklyn gave him a look and then nodded.She didn't have to ask.The answer was clear.

Of course not.She thought.

"Exactly." Brooklyn gestured at him,"Your silence speaks volumes,Franklin.It always has."

"Stop putting me off as the bad guy." he said slowly

"Then stop being one." Brooklyn said in clenched teeth,"Be the father and the husband that you're supposed to."

Brooklyn then stomped up the stairs.Franklin walked over to the sink.In anger,he banged on the kitchen counter.Their marraige was not what it used to be.He worried it would never would be.

Stella gave Kendall looks of concern when they both heard the loud banging downstairs.Kendall had turned the water on in the bathroom to drown out the arguments of her parents.Stella didn't deserve to hear that.As Kendall finished the last of her braid,Stella finally spoke what was on her mind.

"What was that?" she asked her sister

"Probably something outside." Kendall lied

"Are we gonna be okay?" Stella asked turning to face her worried

"Are you kidding me?" Kendall said to her,"Our father is a cop.He won't let anyone hurt us.Especially not sweet,little you."

Stella smiled but Kendall could tell Stella still had questions.Stella was far from being dumb and she wasn't no ordinary kid.She knew when something wasn't right.Before she could say anything else,their mother walked in.

"Hey sweet girl." she smiled and nudged Stella who giggled

"Like my hair,mommy?" Stella asked grabbing Brooklyn's hands

"I love it." Brooklyn answered kissing her forehead

Kendall decided to let her mom and her little sister have bonding time and went to her bedroom.She stopped when she saw her father in his bedroom doorway looking conflicted.He ran a hand through his hair.

"Daddy." she said quietly

He turned around quickly to see her standing there.He quickly smiled and walked towards her.Kendall looked at him when stopped while he was near her.

"What's up?" he asked casually

"Are you okay,you looked pretty..............." she began

"No," he cut her off,"Sweetie,I'm fine."

"Dad,I'm in highschool.You don't have to lie to me." she reminded her

"Kendall,don't worry about me.I'm fine."

"You know just because you saved me when I was a little doesn't mean you have to protect me forever." she told him pulling him into a hug

"I know." he chuckled,"But I just feel like you're still that vulnerable three year old that liked playing with my hat."

"I loved playing with your hat." she said her head on his shoulder

"Yeah you thought it was the best toy around." he joked

"Are you sure you're okay,daddy?" Kendall asked him looking at him

"Positive." he answered

"Okay." Kendall said releasing him from the hug

She walked to her room and stopped once he heard her call after her.She didn't turn around just waited for him to talk.

"Kendall,don't worry.Okay?"

"Ok." she said over her shoulder

Kendall walked over to her mirror and observed herself.She suddenly felt like a different person.She wasn't the same person,she used to be.Ever since a few months ago,deep down she felt like she'd lost a part of herself.And now even she didn't recognize the girl in the mirror.

Guys like Taylor Brooks didn't catch her eye.Girls like Kendall knew better.Kendall wasn't one to agree to sneaking out after curfew.Girls like Kendall didn't break the rules.Kendall wasn't one to agree to go to someone else's dorm room especially when it was a guy and no one else was in there.Kendall wasn't one to let things get too far.Kendall wasn't one to get pregnant.

Kendall liked to stay on the sidelines sometimes.That's why she had a love and hate relationship with Jeff.Because she always warned them of what could go wrong.But she didn't that night.Kendall didn't stay on the sidelines or wait for the red light to go to green.She simply went ahead ignoring her mind.

"There you go again." Kendall turned to see her mother standing in the doorway

"What?" Kendall walked to sit on her bed

"Observing your pretty little self in the mirror." her mom joked,"So self absorbed."

"I am not." Kendall whined

"I know.Just kidding." her mom walked and sat next to her

"Not funny."

Brookyln smiled and Kendall smiled back.She missed that.She and her mother used to always talk.Now it was like Kendall couldn't talk to her mom.Or maybe she didn't want to.

"I realized that I haven't asked you this in a while.I've been so busy.But Kendall,how are you?"

"I'm fine." Kendall breathed out

"Well,you were before I asked you that question." she noted

"Mom,really.I am fine." Kendall persuaded

"Kendall,tell me." her mom ordered gently

"Mom,I need to tell you something." Kendall said looking at her bed

"Okay." her mom replied casually

"Today I was in the bathroom and I heard something shocking."

"Like what?" her mom asked interested

"This girl went to band camp and she met this boy that she had never met before.And he flirted with her and she liked it alot.And one night when she was supposed to be doing something else he convinced her to stay with him.And she had a moment of weakness and let herself go.And presently now months later,she's found out that she's carrying his child and she doesn't know what to do.And I wanted to give her advice,but I couldn't.What would you have told her?"

"Well," her mother took a deep breath,"The first thing is she needs to take a deep breath and know that being scared and nervous is normal.Next,she needs to tell her parents.They can't go that much longer out of the loop.She didn't wreck their car,she got pregnant.And yeah her parents will probably be furious,but life is full of mistakes.We would not be human if we didn't make them.Besides,there's no telling how far along she is and the fact of the matter is there's a baby involved.At one point,they're gonna have to stop being mad and focus on that baby.But the one thing that they all need to remember is that life goes on.It gets better.And it all depends on how you make it."

Kendall,instead of responding,looked down at her bed.She picked at her blanket.It was easy for her mom to say that when she didn't know that her daughter was the said person.Everything was easier when you didn't know who it was.

Speaking of easy things made Kendall go back to when times were easy.When she didn't have to worry about shielding her sister's ears because they were arguing.When she didn't have to worry about bad boys lingering around her.When she didn't have to worry about what steps to make.Or what her options were.Or what to do next.When all she had to worry about was being herself and caring about herself.When there was no one else that she had to worry about because of what she did wrong.When she didn't have to worry about being pregnant.Because she wasn't.

Scene 23
We'll do it all
On our own

Skylar flipped over the small piece of paper in his hand.He was still a mess over what to do.He had called Cassie millions of times and left her millions of text messages.And she hadn't replied to any one of them.It was like she forgot all about him being on the existence of the earth.He just wished she would just go ahead and tell him she was done with him.At least then he could at least try to start moving on.

We don't need
Or anyone

And then Millie flashed again in his mind.She was so beautiful.Her hair,her body,her wonderful scent of peaches.And she wanted him.And she wanted to make him happy.It wasn't like Cassie.It was different.And even as his heart ached for Millie,his mind couldn't push Millie out of his head.She was there in his mind smiling at him,inviting him to what they both knew would be fun.Something that they both wanted.And all he had to do was take it.

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world

And honestly,arguing with Cassie was getting tiring.She would allow him to go far and then went he tried to slide in the deal, she pushed him away and yelled at him.Not to mention the scene she caused earlier.How she made him feel useless.He loved Cassie,but didn't love the fighting.The fighting was old and he didn't know if he handle it anymore.Did it matter if Cassie considered them through?

I don't quite know
How to say
How I feel

Skylar looked at his mother's car keys.His parents were out and wouldn't be back til much later.It gave Skylar plenty of time.All he had to do was go.Before he could turn back he jumped off the couch and grabbed the keys.

Those three words,
Are said too much
They're not enough
If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

He took a deep breath and debated whether to go back to the car and speed away.He could act like it never happened.Forget the thought ever crossed his mind.He could do it.Instead on impulse,he knocked on the door.There was a pause.And then the door opened.And stood there in the doorway,stood Millie.

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

Except she wasn't dressed for a school night.She was wearing booty shorts and a sports bra.Skylar tried to his best to keep his eyes focused on her face,but it was hard.She looked hotter than she did at school earlier.He couldn't help but observe her sun-kissed tan skin.It all looked so appealing

"You gonna say something?" she finally broke the silence

"Uh...." he scratched his head.He couldn't find the words

"How about you come in?" she offered


Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

He walked in and she shut the door behind him and locked it.He scanned her house.She had a nice place.Her parents seemed to be fairly good on the money side.He took his jacket off and threw it on the couch.He turned to face her and saw she was closer than he thought.

"I know why you came." she said

"Oh yeah." hints of nervousness appeared in his voice

Better you than me.He wanted to tell her.Because I have no idea why I'm here.He thought to himself.

"Yeah,I think we both know why you're here." she said seductive

He said nothing just looked at her.But she was right.He did know why he was here.He knew why and he didn't want to turn back.He was too far in now.

She placed her hand on his chest.She then slid her hand down and stopped at his belt buckle.Just like she had earlier.She once again grabbed it and pulled him close to her.But instead of pushing him back she led him towards her stairs.

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes
They're all I can see

"Are you ready?" she asked

Skylar nodded and she gave him a smirk in happiness.She then led him up the stairs to her bedroom.She then led him in her bedroom.Skylar looked around; it was nothing like Cassie's.Millie shut her bedroom door and then walked over to him.She wrapped her arms around his neck.She then leaned down and kissed him passionately and all the memories of Cassie slipped away.He didn't worry about what was about to happen next.He simply just let himself go.

Scene 24
I don't know where
Confused about how as well
Just know that these things
Will never change for us at all

She was wrong.She loved him.She needed him.Cassie lay on her bed listening to endless messages from Skylar.Hearing him pour his heart out made her ache.She didn't want him to feel this way.She wanted them to be together happy.

She loved him and wanted him to be with her.And she knew that if they talked it over they could work through their issues.But there was no need of throwing something that was really important away.Their love was special.Cassie was her first love and he made her feel like the best girl in the world.Was she ready to give all that up for some little argument that didn't stand for how much they cared for each other? The answer was no.

Cassie pulled out her phone and dialed Skylar's phone.It went straight to voicemail.Cassie sighed sadly.He must have got so tired of her ignoring him,he decided to play her own game.She called one more time and after hearing the beep decided to leave a message.

"Skylar,it's Cassie.Look,I've been thinking and I really want us to talk.Tell you more when we do.I love you,always.Cassie." she smiled to herself and hung up the phone.

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?
Scene 25

Skylar didn't take his phone upstairs.No,his phone was the last thing on his mind.All that was on his mind was the naked,flawless,girl laying down next to him.He wasn't thinking of Cassie.He wasn't expecting her to call.He thought that she was still fuming at her house.Holding the key to their relationship.But Skylar didn't care.He was having fun and doing his own thing.So he didn't hear his phone vibrate.He didn't hear the beep signaling he had got a message.So he didn't know that Cassie was in her room all alone.Hoping that they could still be together.

Because he was in another girl's room............

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