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Last on Nothing Is Ever What It Seems.

Taylor begin pursuing Kendall..............

Taylor:But why does it have to end here?

Trish gave Cassie a warning..........

Trish:I'd hate to lose that.

Skylar got an offer that he couldn't turn down................

Millie:Yeah,I think we both know why you're here


Scene 1

Skylar woke up early the next morning.Once he woke up,he couldn't get back to sleep.So he decided to go outside and shoot some hoops.As he picked up the basketball and dribbled all he could think about was Millie.Not Cassie,Millie.What they did; who it could hurt if anyone found out.It made him sick inside.

Yet,he couldn't deny how much he enjoyed being with Millie.What they did was wrong but it felt right to both of them at the time.Remembering her laying down next to him.Her sweet kisses and the way her touches felt.It all left a permanent mark on him.

Skylar shot the ball in the net.The ball bounced back and he caught it perfectly.He dribbled the ball again and shot.If only his relationship could be like basketball.An easy game that he cared about and always knew how to play in his favor.But it wasn't.His relationship was Cassie was not a game.

But it wasn't supposed to be that way.He was supposed to wait for Cassie.The girl that he loved and cared about.The girl that might be over with him.He was supposed to be pining over her,but instead he was in bed with someone else.

Finally,in a mixture of emotions,Skylar threw the ball and watched it bounce back from the rim on the ground.He then sat down on the ground.He brought knees up to his chest and breathed hard.He was so confused.He was upset yet still high from his night of passion.Lonely yet content. He just didn't know what to do.

"Skylar." he heard a female voice call him

Skylar turned to see his mom standing seperal feet away from him. Skylar stood up and grabbed the ball.

"Yeah." he answered

"Time to start getting ready for school." she told him

School.The place where he would see both Cassie and Millie.Where he'd be remembered of what he did just the night before.Honestly,he could manage to skip a day.But his parents would never let him.He had too much going for him.

Ready for school? Skylar thought to himself. Not today I'm not

But instead of telling his mother that,he just jogged in the house and went upstairs to get dressed.He was gonna have to face the truth sooner or later. Might as well be sooner.But later wouldn't hurt.

Scene 2

"So are you two still together?" Lillie asked Cassie as the two stood beside the entrance doors of the school

Lillie's mom had just dropped them off after stopping by Starbucks to get them something boost their alertness for school.Millie didn't ride along,she opted to ride the city bus.Lillie found it weird,but her mother didn't care and it waasn't like she wanted her twin sister tagging along.She wanted to talk to Cassie about the issue that had been on her mind.

"I don't know." Cassie shrugged,"I called him and he didn't answer.When I see him today,we're definitely gonna talk."

"Are you sure,here's the place?" Lillie questioned

"Yeah," Cassie nodded,"He needs to know how I feel.The longer this goes without being said,the worse my anxiety will get."

"But I just don't think school is the place for you two to talk about this." Lillie responded

"Lillie,now is the time.Now is the place." Cassie said to her

"How do you know?" Lillie challenged

"What do you mean,how do I know?"

"I mean maybe you should wait it out a couple of days." Lillie offered,"I mean there was a reason that you two got into that argument.Perhaps you need to take a breather and do so you know some reflecting. Make sure you really want to get back in this."

"You weren't there." Cassie clarified,"You didn't see the hurt on his face."

"No," Lillie agreed,"But I saw the hurt on your face.I saw how upset he made you.I just want you to be careful."

Cassie sighed and sipped her mocha.Lillie rolled her eyes.She knew that right now,Cassie was getting annoyed by her.However,Lillie was just looking out for her best friend.She only wanted the best for her.Even when Cassie thought the only best thing for her was Skylar's affection.

"Lillie." Cassie pressed,"I'm gonna be fine.Skylar and I meant to be together."

Cassie said walking into the building.Lillie sighed and walked behind her.More of her professing their love for one another.

"I believe you." Lillie swore

"I need you to trust me." Cassie told her

"I do." Lillie nodded

"I'm gonna be fine." The two girls walked down the hallway to Lillie's locker.

But Cassie couldn't deny the worry rising in her chest.What if Skylar didn't want her back?What if she had blew it?All last night questions like that and others formed in her head.She shouldn't have went off on Skylar like that.She could barely forgive herself after realizing her faults.She just hoped Skylar could forgive her. But what if he didn't? What if they were truly over?

Scene 3

"Girl," Millie began when Camille sat next to her on the city bus,"I had quite a night last night."

"Yay,you." Camille replied dryly

"Well,thanks for the happiness." Millie answered sarcastic

"Sorry,but hearing about your late night loving isn't exactly what I want to hear this morning." Camille shrugged casually

"Fine." Millie looked at the window,so the two wouldn't miss their stop,"So how is the find-a-guy hunt going?"

"Good." Camille smiled,"Speaking of which I met someone."

"Really?" Millie raised her eyebrow giddy

"Yeah.His name is Corey.He's nice and gives me that perfect gentleman auora.And did I mention he's a sexy mixture between Brad Pitt and that dude that dumped Zoe Saldana."

"Bradley Cooper?" Millie guessed

"Yep!" Camille snapped her fingers,"That's him.He's so hot........... he's adorable."

"Hotter than Taylor?" Millie questioned

"Eh," Camille pondered,"They're neck in neck. Corey might be a close second."

"Well,congrats on your new romance."

"Whoa." Camille shook her head,"It's not even close to that.How many times have I told you? Love is for vulnerable dramatics who need to be roped into something to make them feel better about themselves.I don't want that from Corey."

'What do you want from him then?"

"Sex.Taylor realizing that I can move on as well." Camille shrugged

"So a mixture of jealousy from Taylor and closure." Millie checked to see if she got it right,"Plus sex."

"Basically." Camille confirmed

"Hope it works."

Millie pulled the rope signaling the bus to stop.She picked up her bag and began to walk to the front of the bus with Camille following close behind.

"Don't worry." Camille said to her,"It will."

Millie nodded and then proceeded to get off the bus followed by Camille.She didn't stop when she saw Skylar out of the corner of her eye walking up to the building.She just smiled to herself and entered the building.Because one thing that she did not do was let things like knowing that she just hooked up with another girl's guy interfere with her.She wasn't the type for that.Millie was more of a go with the wind type of girl.She had fun and she regretted nothing.

Scene 4

Kendall entered the building occupied on her cell phone.She had texted Nala earlier asking if she wanted to be dropped off by her dad and she simply texted 'no.' No matter how much she wanted to,she couldn't get the fact that something was bothering Nala out of her mind.It stuck with her.She wanted to know what was wrong.

"Cool phone." someone complimented

"Thanks." Kendall answered not paying attention

She kept on walking,but stopped when she realized who complimented her.She turned around to see Taylor standing there with his hands in his pockets.Kendall noted how different he looked.She then noticed the cut hair.She wanted to say something snarky,but oddly it looked flattering on him.

"You're staring." he noted

"I bet that boosted your already huge ego." Kendall quipped

"Spunky." Taylor observed,"It's a turn on."

"A player." Kendall replied,"It's a turn off."

"It wasn't for you that night." Taylor shrugged casually

Kendall rolled her eyes.He was always gonna use that against her.

That stupid night meant nothing.She said in her head.Especially because the guy was you!

"I didn't know who you were." Kendall reasoned

Taylor nodded.He actually found her more attractive now that anger was considerably beginning to rise out of her. And her trying to push him away made her even more wanted.Taylor didn't mind playing games.

"And did that stop you?" he questioned

"See you cut your hair." Kendall changed the subject

"Been planning on doing it." he answered with a shrug,"Do you like it?"

"What you do is your business.Just like what I do is mine." Kendall told him

"Kendall," he shook his head with a smile,"I don't understand you."

"I don't get you either.Difference is I don't want to get to know you."

"You know rudeness will get you no where." he reminded her

"It might get me away from you." Kendall said crossing her arms

"Or you could just walk away." another female voice said behind them

Taylor and Kendall exchanged glances and then turned around to see Nala behind both of them.Her eyes were locked on Kendall.

"Kendall," Nala said like she was tired,"What are you doing talking to this guy?"

Taylor could have been offended by the way this guy rolled off her tongue.It was like she thought she was too good for him or something.She wasn't that much either.Don't get him wrong,she was definitely a prize.Just not one,he felt like fighting for.

"Got a problem with her talking?" he asked her,"You know I'm pretty sure we are allowed that right."

"I don't think I was talking to you." Nala retorted

"Nala,why are you over here?" Kendall asked confused

"Did you honestly think that I was gonna let you talk to this guy alone?" Nala eyed Taylor

"My gosh! We're at school!" Taylor cried out in exasperation

"I'm fine." Kendall replied

"Let's just go." Nala said kicking her foot against one of the lockers

Kendall nodded and turned away from Taylor without a second thought.As she and Nala began walking down the hall,the curiousity killed her.

"What was that about?" she asked finally

"You're talking to him." Nala began,"And you're questioning me?"

"Look,I have my secrets and you have yours." Kendall blurted

Nala stopped and looked at her stunned by her words.Kendall immediately felt remorseful.She didn't mean to say that.She just didn't understand what Nala's purpose was.

"I came over there because Marley warned about him.She told me about what happened and I was trying to be your best friend." Nala clarified,"But I guess that's not what you wanted."

Kendall stood there silent for a couple of moments.Nala sighed and moved her hair away from her face.The two friends didn't know what to say to each other.It was like their friendship was teetering.

"Look,I got to get somewhere." Nala muttered

Kendall opened her mouth and then closed it. Nala then rolled her eyes hopelessly and brushed past her and walked down the hall.Kendall watched as she go.She sighed.Why did it feel like Taylor was slowly tearing things apart for her?

Scene 5

Skylar sat in his desk staring at the blank white board.The bell didn't ring for another five minutes.He decided to skip breakfast;he wasn't hungry.Or more importantly the thought of sitting at his usual table where Cassie would be didn't attract him.

"There a reason you asked me to get your textbook for you?" Corey asked sitting next to Skylar

"Uh,just didn't feel like getting it." Skylar took the textbook and laid it on his desk

"And for what reason?" Corey questioned

"What's with the 20 questions?" he asked;annoyance appearing in his voice

"Chill." Corey raised his hands up innocently

Skylar sighed and looked down on his desk.He adjusted the cap on his head.Corey gave him a confused look.Not like his friend to be like that this early.Something had to be bugging him.

"Didn't know you were tired," Corey said patting him on the back,"Rough time getting to sleep last night?"

Thoughts of his night with Millie flashed in his head instantly.It was like a slideshow of what he did.The kissing,the taking off the clothes,all of it was branded in his mind;burning through his soul.

"Look,I don't want to talk about it!" Skylar answered angrily not looking at him

"Fine." Corey replied confused

Skylar sighed and breathed heavily.Now he was taking his anger out on Corey.And he didn't even know why he was angry.This whole thing was taking a turn on his head and his emotions.

"I'm sorry man." Skylar apologized breathing hard

"It's fine." Corey nodded

"I don't know what's wrong with me." Skylar admitted

"Are you and Cassie okay?" Corey asked him

"I.....................we..............." Skylar began and stopped

He didn't know what things were with Cassie.He didn't know whether to say they were on a break or still together just not speaking.He didn't know whether to say he gave something to Millie that was reserved for Cassie.He knew he couldn't tell Cassie,but what did that mean for them?

"Yeah?" Corey pressed

"Cassie knows I love her." Skylar simply replied, turning back around in his seat

Corey gave him a weird expression and then turned around to see Cassie standing in the doorway with one of her friends.Cassie's friend had her arms around her shoulder supportively.Cassie's eyes were deadlocked on Skylar.She was breathing hard and clearly debating something.Corey turned back around to see Skylar on his phone.When Corey turned back around,he saw Cassie leaving her friend following closely behind.

Things just keep getting weirder and weirder.Corey said in his head.

"Hey,you sure thing between you and Cass good?" Corey asked once more

This time Skylar didn't answer.Corey was going to ask again but the bell rang.Once the bell finished reading,Corey opened his mouth but the noise of the rest of the students filing in drowned him out. Finally,once it got quiet Corey tapped his shoulder and before he could speak the teacher walked in.Corey then decided to give up.

" Whatever's wrong with you I guess can wait."Corey finally muttered

Scene 6

Violet annoyed by the constant tapping noise she heard beside her turned around to see it was Kendall.Kendall was anxiously tapping her pencil against her spiral notebook and it was driving Violet crazy.One thing that Violet could not stand was pestering noises.Yeah,the teacher was speaking loudly,but Kendall's tapping noise kept pushing itself in Violet's mind and it was bugging her nerves.

"Kendall." Violet snapped in a whisper

Kendall jumped and dropped her pencil.Kendall turned her head slightly and  glared at Violet.Violet scoffed,rolled her eyes,and then bent down to give Kendall her pencil back.Kendall took the pencil back and gave Violet a look. Violet shook her head and then went back to note taking.

But the tapping began again.Violet took a deep breath and tried to ignore it.After all,she was used to Kendall's annoying ways.She squeezed her eyes shut and then reopened them and tried to get back to work. Yet,after what felt like forever,when realistically was only 10 minutes,Violet decided that she could not do it anymore.

"Would you stop it?" Violet hissed at Kendall

Kendall turned her head slowly to see Violet glaring at her. Kendall then turned to see that no one else was paying attention to them.Kendall then gave Violet a confused expression.

"What's your deal?" she whispered at her

"My deal," Violet replied,"is that you won't stop!"

"Stop what?" Kendall asked clueless

"Tapping!" Violet hissed

"Oh." Kendall replied looking down at her pencil

Violet nodded looking at her.Kendall put her pencil on her desk.She loved her best friend,but she was seriously getting on her nerves.

"Sorry." Kendall

Violet nodded and attempted to go back to what she was doing when Kendall went back to her taping.Violet watched as Kendall continued tapping her pencil against the notebook.Violet finally just breathed heavily and dealt with the annoying tapping in silence.

"Look,are you okay?" Violet ambushed Kendall once the class was over

"Um,yeah why?" Kendall asked nervous and confused

"Well,because you seemed jumpy in class today." Mark pointed out

"How?" Kendall asked simply

"The tapping." Violet replied dryly

Mark chuckled at the expression on Violet's face.Kendall gave Violet blank look.

"The tapping?" Kendall repeated

Kendall tried to listen to all that Violet was saying but between Nala,Taylor,and her pregnancy;she had her mind fried.It was hard to think on so many things at once.Especially when she couldn't one thought out of her head.All sh could see was Taylor smiling at her or the angry looks Nala gave her.Or worse the plus sign on that pregnancy test. It all made her want to scream.

"Yes!" Violet answered,"That annoying thing you did with your pencil! You did the whole darn class period!"

"Sorry,I didn't notice." Kendall shrugged

Kendall kept walking down the hall.Violet's eyes widened as she stopped.Mark shook his head and grabbed her arm forcing her to keep walking.

How did you not notice?! Violet felt like screaming,but kept the thought in her head.The class was over and the pestering noise was silent.

"I told you like twice." Violet reminded her

"You did?" Kendall asked

"Yeah....." Violet nodded

"Don't know how I didn't catch it." Kendall shrugged,"Well I gotta get to class."

"Wait....." Violet began but Kendall was already walking away.

"Really?" Violet huffed and stomped her foot

"She said she had to go." Mark defended

Violet glared at Mark who smiled quickly to make up for it.Violet shook her head and began walking to her locker.She didn't know what to say.Kendall was acting weird and she didn't even know it.

"Didn't you see how weird that was?" Violet unlocked her locker

"I mean yeah,but she's probably just got a lot on her mind."

"She could have told me that." Violet argued

"Maybe she didn't want to." Mark shrugged

"I'm her best friend!" Violet protested

Violet and Kendall had always been close.Sure,Kendall and Nala had known each other since they were like toddlers.But Kendall and Violet became buddies instantly in kindergarten.Violet used to refuse to do anything without her.Surely,Kendall hadn't forgot that. Wouldn't Kendall tell her anything?

"Besides Nala." Mark reminded her

"So.Nala gets to know but I don't!"

"We don't even know if Nala knows anything!" Mark exclaimed

"Yeah,whatever." Violet mumbles

Scene 7

Freddie stopped to see Camille standing in the doorway.She looked on high alert like she was looking for someone.Freddie sighed,this girl continued to amaze him.Just not in a good way.

"Taylor doens't have this class, remember?" Freddie said to her;hands in his pockets

"Who says I was looking for him?" Camille asked annoyed

"Well,you must be looking for someone." Freddie pointed out,"You have that look like a lion stalking its prey.The look you gave guys when they come near."

"Really?" Camille narrowed her eyes."At least my rate of getting someone in my bed is higher than yours."

"Wanna bet?" Freddie scoffed

"Not really." Camille answered and then she saw who she was looking for

It was Corey walking over.He looked hot as ever.He had his hands in his pockets and his backpack on one shoulder.Camille couldn't help but smile.Looking at him made her want him even more.

"Beat it." she ordered Freddie

"Whoa." Freddie stopped her from pushing him away,"This is my class.And you don't own me."

"I'm trying to talk to someone! Now leave." she demanded

Corey walked up just as Camille was trying to push Freddie away.When Camille noticed his presence,she dropped her hands immediately and focused straight on him.Freddie just looked from the two of them.

"Hey,Camille." Corey awknowledged

Camille nodded.Even him saying her name made her feel good.She was so feeling his vibe.

"So what's going on?" she asked him

"Nothing much." Corey shrugged casually

"So do your homework?" she asked him playing it cool

"Yeah,but I got so much I have to finish some during lunch." Corey told her,"So I'll be eating my lunch in the basement."

"Basement?" Camille's eyebrow lifted

Freddie wanted to take this dude aside and tell him what Camille was up to.It was so obvious.It was clear,she was only talking to him because she was bored and thought he could make the time fly.He had to be smart enough to know that!

"Yeah,not many students head down there during lunch.So it's quiet and I can my work done."

Or not.Freddie said in his head

"Smart strategy." Camille nodded

"I try.Well,I better be getting inside.Bell's gonna ring soon." Corey said moving past Freddie towards the door.Camille nodded and watched as he walked in the classroom.

"See ya around." she chirped

Corey turned and nodded with a smile.Camille grinned only to be bothered by Freddie clicking his tongue.Camille huffed and towards him. Freddie looked at her with his arms crossed.Camille rolled her eyes.There was no stopping this idiot.

"What do you want?" she asked not caring

"Wow,you're fawning over him like girls over Justin Bieber." Freddie noted

"Look,how about you get a life and stay out of mine." she crossed her arms

"Don't get mad at me,because I'm right and you're not." Freddie replied

"You know I wouldn't save you if you were on fire and my hair was the last bucket of water." Camille spat

And she meant it.She wasn't with Taylor anymore so she didn't see the need to talk to his little minion. Because in her opinion,Freddie was nothing more than Taylor's backup.

"Good,because I think I'd rather burn than be rescued by you." Freddie answered

Camille could have argued more.She basically lived for it and she knew how to do it soo well.With it being Freddie Jones,she liked taking any chance she could to criticize him.But she was already in a good mood.She was becoming closer to getting Corey to be hers and letting Freddie step on her mood would mess up everything. And that last thing she was gonna have happen was let Freddie be the reason that something didn't work out for her.

"You know,I could continue to argue with you." Camille replied,"But I actually have better things on my agenda.Not that it's any of your business."

"Right," Freddie nodded,"Like spooning up West over there." Freddie gestured in Corey's direction

"That's his last name?" Camille questioned

"No." Freddie denied curtly,"It's Weston.But you'd know that if you were more interested than getting to know him than getting in his bed."

Camille gave him a look to which he simply shrugged.Freddie then brushed past her and walked in the classroom just as the bell rang.Camille made her way over to her seat.She looked over to see Corey looking at her.She smiled and waved and he returned a smile.

She didn't care what Freddie thought.Camille knew what she wanted.And what she wanted she got.Or someone paid the price.

Scene 8

Nala couldn't help but turn around during the middle of the lesson to look at Skylar.He had his head buried in the book.She knew she was probably the last thing on his mind.Not that she expected different.It had been months since they talked.They didn't even talk on the first day of school.She was going to,it was the first thing on her mind when she saw him that day.She didn't know whether she was excited to see him or upset that he was there.She had decided to confront just as the last bell rang ending school.But then she saw him in a passionate embrace with Cassie Nite and fled the hallway just as they started kissing.She had cried that whole afternoon.Nala still had questions she wanted to ask him.Like how could he just lie like that.True,the both of them never expected to come face to face with one another again,but lying was still wrong.

It killed her to know that what she had spent weeks trying to forget because of Skylar's betrayal was permanetly marked on her forever.It's not like she could act like nothing had ever happened.She had been doing that at first.But now that she knew she was pregnant.It didn't seem right.Sure,she didn't know how she felt about him but she knew that they were both parents of a baby.A baby that they should both be thinking about what to do with.

Nala sighed and turned back around.She never thought that one thing that happened over school break would do this to her.She thought it would be innocent and that they would both move on from it and live their lives happily.

"Wow." Skylar breathed out looking at the ceiling

Nala couldn't help but smile laying next to him.He was right it was kind of amazing.

"So what happens now?" Skylar asked panting laying next to Nala

"Well,I leave in two days." Nala said sitting making sure she was being fully covered by his bed covers

Yeah,they had just slept together,but she wanted to act like she still had some pride.She pulled the covers closer and looked at him.He was laying on his bed turned to the side to look at her..He was only covered from his waist down.So she could fully see his sculpted chest.Whatever sports he played were working in the physique section.

"So," Nala shook her head and began talking again "I guess this is goodbye."

Nala hoped she didn't sound like a lovesick puppy.It wasn't like she expected her and Skylar to become the next Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez,but still she had just gave a lot of herself to this guy.A guy she really liked and soon she had to leave.

"Why?" Skylar sat up and leaned closer to her,"You don't leave for another two days.We still have tonight and the rest of tomorrow."

"Yeah," Nala nodded,her eyes drifting down to his lips,"But I should get home."

"Nala." he moved her hair out of her face.Nala felt her body ignite when he touched her.

"It's only 7:30.I promised your aunt you'd be back before 9:00.We still got some time." he reminded her, kissing her gently

Nala felt her mind becoming clouded.It was like she was in some la la land and she didn't know what was going on.If Skylar was marijuana then she was totally high.

"So what do you want to do?" Nala bit her lip looking him in the eyes

"Glad you asked." Skylar smirked

Nala's lips began to slightly form a smile.


Before Nala could finish her question,Skylar kissed her roughly again.They fell back on the bed and then he was atop of her.Nala couldn't resist it all felt.She didn't want to be anywhere else.

"I have an idea." Skylar breathed out before proceeding to kiss her neck

It had all happened so fast and so did her flashback.She looked down at her desk and her eyes checked the scene in the classroom.While most students were either copying notes,texting,struggling to stay awake,or asleep,she was too busy daydreaming about the past.She slowly turned her head to see what Skylar was doing.His head was still stuck in the textbook.It was like he was trying to hide from something.

If only you know what I'm going through.She thought to herself

She continued to gaze at him.Perhaps she should tell him.She knew it wasn't the best time,but there would never be a good time.There would never be an easy way to tell Skylar that she was pregnant.Yet he deserved to know.She was carrying their baby.

It wasn't until Nala looked up that she noticed that Skylar was looking back at her.She couldn't make out the expression on his face.It almost looked blank, but his eyes looked filled with some type of emotion.An emotion that Nala was pretty sure she didn't want to feel.And even more sure that neither did he.

Scene 9

Millie was standing by a row of lockers,rocking to her music,with a lollipop in her mouth.She eyed the scattering crowd of students as they ushered to get to their next class before the bell rang.Millie should be one of them.But she had PE next and today Coach wanted them to play basketball which involved sweating.And one thing that Millie didn't like to do was sweat.So here she was standing in the hallway simply watching as students talked and walked.

She was just about to go to the basement where she knew she wouldn't be caught skipping when she noticed someone out of the corner of her eye.She stopped and it was Cassie.She was at the water fountain but her focus wasn't on the fountain.Millie flicked her head around and noticed who her attention was on.Skylar.Millie couldn't help but want to laugh.If only Cassie knew the truth,she'd doubt she'd be so eager to pine over her so called "boyfriend". If that was where they were and it wasn't like anyone knew the status of their relationship.

What Millie did know is that there was no way that Cassie knew what Skylar and her did.If she did know and she was that calm,then Cassie was one hell of a push-over.

"Shouldn't you be gettting to class?" asked someone form behind her

Millie turned her head around to see the copy cat image of herself.Except it was not a mirror.It was her twin sister staring at her like she was some type of criminal.Millie placed her hands on her hips.Lillie might be her twin sister but they couldn't be any more opposite.

"Shouldn't you?" Millie asked trying not to be too snippy

"Actually,no.I am supposed to be going somewhere else." Lillie crossed her arms

"You're skipping?" Millie raised an eyebrow.That wasn't like her sister at all.Lillie was supposed to be the good one.Millie, on the other hand,was a rebel and only did good when it came to her advantage.

"No." Lillie corrected,"Unlike you,I don't want to kicked out of this school my freshman year.I'm doing some type of academic thing.You know when you get good grades you get selected to do stuff."

"Who cares!?" Millie faked a yawn

"You would if you ever got your head out of the gutter." Lillie told her sharply

Everytime Lillie tried to play mother to Millie,it only made her annoyed.Millie already had a mother and it was not Lillie.

"My head has nothing to do with you." Millie replied,"So why don't you just go back to what you're supposed to be doing.Leave me alone."

Millie then turned around and walked away from her sister.She didn't need her sister's approval or guidance.Millie did what she wanted,when she wanted.That's how she wanted to live.

Scene 10

Cassie was holding the test tube and inspecting it when someone from behind tapped her on her shoulder.Cassie turned her head to see Trish standing in front of her.Cassie eyed her slowly.The girl did know that you weren't supposed to wear your regular clothes when doing this type of lab,right?The girl had on a white button up shirt that could not hurt be buttoned up a little bit more and matched it with a short pencil skirt.To Cassie's chargin,all Trish did was ooze sex appeal.Cassie forced herself to smile.There was an urge growing inside of her to drow the liquid in her test tube at her face to see what happened.But being the person she was,she kept her cool.

"Yes,Trish." Cassie forced the words out of her mouth

"My partner isn't here." Trish notified her,"And from the looks of things,neither is yours.Mind if we work together?"

Cassie hated that fake sweetness that oozed in Trish's voice.She sounded like some backwoods barbie that believed if she fluttered her eyelids she'd get whatever she wanted.The type of girl Cassie had no respect for.

It's poetry in motion
She turned her tender eyes to me
As deep as any ocean

Cassie closed her eyes and opened them to see all the guys in the classroom including the teacher surrounded around Trish.Trish was dancing sexy.

As sweet as any harmony
Mmm - but she blinded me with science
"She blinded me with science!"
And failed me in biology

Cassie opened her mouth in shock.It was like they were all in a trance.Trish smirked at Cassie.She then began walking through the classroom with students following her.

When I'm dancing close to her
"Blinding me with science - science!"
I can smell the chemicals

Cassie looked around.Trish and her were the only female students in the class.Cassie watched scornfully as one of her old crushes danced with Trish.

"Blinding me with science - science!"

Trish continued dancing around the room with guys dancing around her.Cassie rolled her eyes as Trish placed her hands on her hips and danced.

Mmm - but it's poetry in motion
And when she turned her eyes to me
As deep as any ocean

Cassie in irritation walked over to Trish.Trish said nothing just kept dancing.Cassie narrowed her eyes.

As sweet as any harmony
Mmm - but she blinded me with science
And failed me in geometry

Cassie on impulse starting dancing as well.Trish's mouth dropped in both surprise and annoyance.

When she's dancing next to me
"Blinding me with science - science!"
I can hear machinery

Cassie started feeling the music and kept dancing.Some students started moving towards her.Trish started dancing even more.

"Blinding me with science - science!"
"Science!" It's poetry in motion
And now she's making love to me
The spheres're in commotion

Trish stood up on the desk.She then started dancing some more.Cassie stopped.

The elements in harmony
She blinded me with science
"She blinded me with science!"
And hit me with technology "

Trish jumped off the desk.She pulled a nearby student and started dancing with him.Cassie looked in disbelief and irritation.

"Good heavens Miss Sakamoto- you're beautiful!"
I -

Trish walked over to the the science teacher.The teacher looked at her all flustered.She then began dancing near him.

I don't believe it!
There she goes again!
She's tidied up, and I can't find anything!

Cassie watched as Trish continued to dance.The teacher's face became redder.Cassie couldn't believe what was happening.Trish could get anyone.

All my tubes and wires
And careful notes
And antiquated notions But! - it's poetry in motion
And when she turned her eyes to me

Trish grabbed two students and then started dancing with them.Cassie became envious.

As deep as any ocean
As sweet as any harmony
Mmm - but she blinded me with science

Cassie watched as Trish got all the attention.Cassie went from being annoyed to sad.It was like she could get anything.

"She blinded me with - with science!"
She blinded me with -

"Cassie." Trish snapped her fingers in Cassie's face

Cassie's attention flashed back to Trish.She looked around the room and everything was back to normal.

"Well, if Mr.Arnold is cool with it." Cassie finally responded

"Already asked him." she informed her walking to the other side of the table

Cassie bit her lip to keep her from blurting something out.She placed the test tube in the holder and looked up to see Trish dressed like some type of sexy scientist.Trish had her hair up in a high ponytail and had on her goggles.She put on her lab coat and somehow it looked perfect on her.It was like while the coats looked 12 times too big on every other student,Trish's accented her curves.Cassie once again got the urge to throw some unknown chemical on Trish.

"Ready to get started?" Cassie faked a cheery voice

But Trish wasn't looking,she was flirting with a guy at another table.She was twirling her ponytail and winking at him.The guy kept nodding his head and licking his lips like Trish was some type of steak he really wanted to bite into.Gross.Cassie wanted to gag.Couldn't she find some other time to try and prey on a guy?

Cassie cleared her throat sharply.Trish's eyes slowly floated back to Cassie's attention.Cassie forced another smile as Trish gave her an apolgetic look and picked up a beaker.Cassie was happy she didn't apologize because Cassie didn't know if she had the strength to accept it.

Cassie thought that having Trish for a partner would be torture.But this was just hell.If she wasn't messing up she wasn't paying attention.Or she was she asking a million questions.That was annoying enough but the fact that the questions were dumb and pointless just urked Cassie more.Cassie just wanted to make her disappear.

Cassie wanted to scream praises when the bell finally rang.It was like the gates to leave hell had opened.Cassie was running out too.She wanted to be away from Trish.She was walking so fast that she didn't even to stop to look where she was going.Bad mistake.She bumped into someone head on and they both went falling to the floor.

"Thanks for knocking me down." the girl griped bitterly

"Sorry," Cassie apologized picking up her stuff,"I didn't mean to."

Cassie picked up the other girl's stuff and procceded to hand them to her.Long behold,it was Millie.Cassie didn't even blink in Millie's presence.Millie wanted to smirk at the concidence.

"Millie,I'm sorry." Cassie finally told her

"It's fine." Millie told her taking her stuff

Millie and Lillie didn't get along so it was no question to what she thought of Cassie.On other day Millie would have been snappy,but she didn't see the need today.Cassie seemed to already be having problems.

"Okay." Cassie replied a little shocked by Millie's leniency

Millie did a small smile and walked around Cassie.She kept walking down the hall.She could feel Cassie's confused gaze burning her back.She continued to smile.

Besides...........Millie thought in her head.I already got something you don't have.

Scene 11

"So if you ask me the whole thing just makes no sense." Kendall said talking to someone at her locker

Taylor was walking down the hallway when he heard Kendall's melodic voice.No matter how normal she talked her voice echoed and it was ringing through his ears.

Taylor could have kept on walking and minded his own business.But what was the fun in that? Taylor wasn't one to do the right thing.

"Excuse me." Taylor cut off the conversation

Kendall and the girl both looked up at Taylor.Taylor didn't look at the girl,just kept his eyes on Kendall.She glared at him and he responded with a shrug.He was just having fun.Didn't she know that by now?

"We were talking." Kendall made him aware

"Nothing that you have to say to her is as important as what we need to talk about." Taylor replied eyes locked on her

She breathed heavily and looked at the girl.The girl just looked down at her feet.Kendall ran a hand through her curly brown hair.She was clearly not pleased with the position Taylor was putting her in.

"Paisley,can we talk later? For some reason,guys at this school enjoy being rude and harrassing others." Kendall said to the girl

The girl simply nodded and walked down the opposite end of the hall.Taylor flicked his head to watch as she walked and when he turned his head,Kendall was already away from him.He began to follow her.He smoothly stepped in front of her to her annoyance.

"What do you want?" she asked anger faint in her voice

"Isn't it obvious?" he questioned

"Go away." she commanded stepping around and pacing down the hall

"You know just because you try to push that night out of your head doens't mean it didn't happen." he called after her

Kendall froze and turned her head.Luckily,it seemed as if no one heard but her.She turned back around and saw him still standing there.The smirk still plastered on his face.Kendall wanted to punch him so hard that it would his face to try to smirk.She was sick of him.

The bell rang and students ushered to their classes.Kendall could have followed but she didn't find it important.Kendall walked to him.She angrily pushed him hard.He staggered back but quickly regained his balance.He gave her a look.Taylor swiftly grabbed her arm and knocked her into the row of lockers.The lockers made a loud bang that drowned out Kendall's whimper.Her back and arms were sore where she was being pinned.She looked into his eyes and saw that he saw this a game.He wasn't mad or upset.............simply amused.

Would you be amused if you knew that I was pregnant with your baby? Kendall wished she could force herself to call out.

"So you enjoy it like this,eh?" Taylor questioned

Kendall squirmed to get free,but there was no use.Taylor's strong,muscular arms had her trapped.And no matter how much she squirmed and wriggled,she was stuck.She finally let out a breath of surrender.

"So I was thinking," Taylor deliberated,freeing one of his arms and placing it against her stomach,"You could come to my house later......"

"Not on your luck." Kendall answered in gritted teeth

Yet there was a feeling inside her that was frozen from his hand being placed on his stomach.At first it made her heart stop,now it was pounding.The rhythm rang in her ears.It was followed by her heavy,shallow breaths.She was shocked he couldn't hear it.

"You know you're aren't the first girl to turn me down."

"Good to know some girls still have class." Kendall retorted sourly

He laughed softly and leaned towards her.Kendall's heart began to beat faster.Him being still close to her sent the wrong chills up her spine.She tried to regulate her breathing and heart rate.She felt his head next to her neck.She froze, silent.He slid his head up towards her ear.She could hear his slow,rhythmic breathing;it was somewhat addictive.

"However,you didn't always say no,did you?" he whispered to her

Kendall gulped and kept silent.He placed his head near her neck and inhaled deeply.Kendall really wished she had went to class now.

"I'm not done with you." he murmured and softly placed a kiss on her neck

He then released her and she slid down to the floor.Taylor winked at her before walking down the hall.Kendall watched until he was out of sight.She then buried her head in her hands.She could feel the tears clouding up her vision.

She hated Taylor so much.Yet,there was no way to shut him out.

Scene 12

"Wanna start studying together on the weekends? You can never study too hard for the finals." Marley said as she and Nala walked down the hall

"I don't know, I think I just wanna go home." Nala told her

"Come on,Nala.Whether you show it or not you care about your grades deeply." Marley nudged her,"Which is why we should study together.You always try to cram the last week. That's not good for your mindset."

Wanna know what's really not good for my mindset? Being pregnant.Nala bit her tongue to keep from thinking aloud.

"Nala." Marley said her name loudly

"What?" Nala looked at her

"Are you okay?" Marley questioned

"Of course, I am." Nala's pace became faster

" seem to be acting strange," Marley tried to keep up with Nala

"Marley, I'm okay." Nala told her

"Are you.........."

"I just can't come over to study right now.Maybe next week." Nala cut her off

"Well, o............." Marley was cut off by Nala walking in her classroom which was right across from her own class room

"Kay." Marley finished and entered the other room

She didn't what it was but Nala was definitely not herself.And what was wrong with her was going to kill Marley, if she didn't find out.

Scene 13

Skylar was walking to the water fountain when she heard someone call his name.Skylar turned to see Cassie behind him.Skylar didn't know how to respond.He took a deep breath.Cassie walked towards him.On her face he saw a smile.

"Cassie...." he began

She hugged him cutting him off.Skylar desperately wanted to hug her back, but he couldn't get himself to do it. He felt too bad.

"I am so sorry." she said into his shoulder

Hearing her apologize made him feel like a cold jerk.Skylar said nothing as she hugged him tighter.He finally leaned back,she got the message and let him go.

"Cassie....." he tried to speak

"Skylar,I know what you're gonna say. I was terrible towards you.With all we've been through, I should have trusted you.And I didn't and I hate myself for it."

Skylar looked down at his feet.He knew he should be the one apologizing.

"I'm so sorry." she told him, grabbing his hand,"I was wrong and I just hope that maybe we can talk later." she continued

Skylar said nothing just looked at her.Cassie was a little hurt when he didn't answer right away.

"Can we?" she whispered,"Can we talk later.You and me."

"Yeah." Skylar heard himself say,"Yeah we can talk."

Scene 14

Alexis was throwing her textbooks in her locker when Kendall tapped on her shoulder from behind.Alexis turned around and smiled when she saw it was Kendall.

"Kendall,hi." Alexis reached in for a hug

"Good to see you Alexis." Kendall said hugging her back

"What's up? What brings you to the sophomore hall?" Alexis asked her

"Is Nala okay?" Kendall asked her curious

"Uh, as far as I know." Alexis replied confused

Kendall couldn't hide her disappointment.She was hoping Alexis would know what was wrong with her sister.Whether they acted like it or not, Alexis and Nala cared about each other a lot and knew each other well.

"It's just she's been acting strange to me." Kendall explained,"I thought you might know something."

Alexis shook her head with an apologetic look.

"I'm sorry,but I mean she's been acting fine at home." Alexis told her,"Well,I mean she's been staying in her room a lot.I just thought it was for studying."

Kendall simply nodded.However,something told her Nala wasn't studying.Nala wasn't the one to study this early.Nala was more of a last minute studier.Not that it mattered,Nala had great grades.

"I could talk to her if you want." Alexis suggested

"No." Kendall said quickly

Alexis raised an eyebrow at how fast she answered.

"No,thanks." Kendall said normally,"I'll talk to her."

Alexis nodded and then turned to go to class.

"Hey,Alexis." Kendall called after her

"Yeah." Alexis stopped and said over her shoulder

"Don't tell Nala, I talked to you.Okay?"

"Sure,no problem." Alexis nodded and headed to her next class

Scene 15

"Dude, do I have news for you." Freddie said sitting next to Taylor in class

"Do I really wanna hear it?" Taylor questioned him

"I'm sure you do.Something to make you laugh." Freddie replied

Taylor gave him a reluctant look."I'm all ears."


"Stop," Taylor interrupted,"Are you seriously trying to tell me some bull about Camille, when you know that I don't care?" "Come on,dude.You'll find out sooner or later." Freddie shrugged,"So let me be the one to tell you."

Taylor just simply looked at him.Freddie sighed.

"Hey,this way when she comes to you trying to brag,you can say you already know and don't care." Freddie suggested

"Even though I wouldn't care,regardless...." Taylor added

Freddie dismissed the thought and decided to spill anyway.

"Camille's trying to get with Corey."

"Weston?" Taylor raised his eyebrows," Corey Weston."

"Who else."

Taylor tried to hold back his laughter.Not Taylor actually cared who Camille was with.He just expected it to be someone easy.Camille was going after Corey.Corey dated girls like...........well not Camille.

"She does know that he's never gonna get with her."

"Apparently not." Freddie answered

"Please." Taylor shook his head,"Corey would turn down a stripper."

"And see nothing wrong with it too." Freddie finished,shaking his head.

It was obvious that Corey valued his education very much.Which right along with the girls he dated.Corey only dates those valedictorian type girls.The ones that on the debate team,soccer team, and vice president.The complete opposite of Camille.

"Surely,he sees pass her."

"I guess not." Freddie told him

"Well,good luck to her on that."

"So any luck with the girl,you're trying to grab?" Freddie asked

"I'm getting there." An image of Kendall popped into Taylor's head

"Why are you working so hard?" Freddie asked on impulse

Taylor turned his head to look at Freddie.Freddie simply looked back, waiting on him to answer.Taylor looked down at the ground and shook his head.

"What do you mean?"

"You act like there's not plenty of other girls at this school."

"Hey, Freddie........" Taylor began

Freddie said nothing just nodded.

"Aren't you crushing over Millie's sister?" Taylor asked him

"Yeah,so." Freddie shrugged,nonchalantly,"I mean it's a work in progress."

"But have you even got close to the touchdown?" Taylor raised an eyebrow

"Well.........." Freddie stammered

Taylor laughed to himself.Taylor and Freddie had been best bros forever.Taylor practically saw the guy as family.However, Taylor was always the more cunning and manipulative one.He also knew how to make Freddie feel dumb.

"Exactly." Taylor remarked

"What's going on between Lillie and me is just........."

"Oh," Taylor arched an eyebrow,"So there is something going on?"

"What's your point,man?" Freddie rolled his eyes

"You just focus on getting goody two shoes to notice you."

"Fine." Freddie held up his hands innocently,"What about Camille though?"

"Who?" Taylor answered sarcastic

Scene 16

Kendall twirled one of her loose brown curls around her finger as she walked to the bathroom.Unknown to her,Nala was in there staring at herself intently in the mirror.At first Kendall had kept walking to one of the stalls not noticing Nala.But then she noticed Nala frowning in the mirror and retreated.She walked up to one of the sinks and stood next to Nala.She as well kept her eyes glued on the mirror.

"Are we just gonna stand here?" Kendall murmured

Kendall was honestly the last person that Nala wanted to talk to.She was getting really irritated with Kendall.It was like Kendall was just setting out to annoy her.Well,Nala was getting really tired of it.

"I don't expect us to do anything." Nala clarified still staring at her reflection

Those words hit her hard.It was like Nala was honestly pissed at her.She was even being rude and cold to her.

"Well,skipping class isn't going to solve your problems." Kendall mused

Nala rolled her eyes."Who said anything about me trying to fix my problems?"

Kendall sighed,throwing her hands up and turned to face Nala.Nala,however,didn't turn around.She just simply crossed her arms.

"You know what...." Kendall began,"This isn't going to solve anything."

"Oh,I didn't notice." Nala turned to face her

"What's your deal?" Kendall asked

"You." Nala blurted to simply hurt Kendall's feelings

Kendall's face turned blank.Nala knew suddenly that saying that had done the trick.Kendall looked at her frozen with a mixture of emotions.Nala breathed heavily.

"The reason I was talking to Taylor was none of your business." Kendall retorted sharply,"I try to help you and in return you act cold.Yet you get to treat me like some criminal for talking to Taylor."

Nala didn't say anything.The frustration flickered in Kendall's deep brown eyes.Nala should have felt bad for making Kendall feel that way.Part of her was regretful.But Nala swallowed her guilt.

"Your life is your business and so is mine." Nala stated looking at the mirror

Kendall rolled her eyes in anger and stormed out of the bathroom.Nala turned her head towards the bathroom door as it slammed.Nala knew she should do something.Instead, she just looked at herself once again the mirror.

Scene 17

Camille quietly crept down the stairs.Not that she was afraid of anything.She was actually quite excited.She had to admit the whole Taylor thing had stressed her out.And Freddie bothering her just made her even more agitated.So she needed the reliever.

Camille walked off the steps and saw Corey sitting cross-legged on the floor.His back was to her and he had his earphones in.There was also a textbook in his lab, that he seemed to be really involved in.Camille felt herself beginning to grin.She slowly walked behind him.She caressed his neck with her hand to grab his attention.

He jumped and turned to see her standing there.It was a moment before he smiled back at her.He took out the earphones and stood up.He looked flustered.Camille smiled widely.

"Hey you." she bumped his shoulder playfully

"Uh,hey." Corey replied,"Whatcha doing down here?"

Corey looked her over.She had her hands in her pockets and was just oozing sex appeal.Not that he didn't like it. Clearly, he didn't mind.But he knew Camille was the kind of girl to that type of thing.

"What, I wanna be in the piece and quiet too." Camille batted her eyelashes

"Yeah,but not for the same reason I wanna be in the piece and quiet."

Camille playfully rolled her eyes and walked closer towards him.Corey stood there not enchanted at all by her obvious flirting.

"So..........." Camille placed her hands on his shoulders,"I was thinking........"

"Uh,Camille." Corey stepped back away from her,"I kinda have work......"

"Come on," Camille walked closer,"You're on the football team.Don't tell me you're all no work,no play.I know you're team mates sure aren't."

"What does that mean?" he gave her a look

"Nothing." Camille shrugged her shoulders and dismissed the thought

"Point is." Camille reminded him,"I was just thinking that I could relax your mind."

"Trust me,I'm good." Corey raised up his hands

"Not as relaxed as you could be." Camille wrapped her arms around his waist

Corey immediately tensed up.Camille acted like she didn't notice.As uncomfortable as he was he didn't move.Camille took that as a hint.

"So," Camille began fiddling with his shirt collar,"How about you let me........"

"Okay Camille," Corey backed up from her suddenly,"Look,you seem like a great girl. But I've seen you around this year.And I've heard things.........."

"Like what?" Camille asked, innocently pretending to be confused

"I think you know what."

Camille began to walk closer towards him.

"Do they tell you that I'm good at what I do?" Camille asked

He said nothing as she continued walking towards him.

"That I know how to take away the stress."

As soon as she was close enough,she grabbed him and pulled him close to her.To her surprise,he did nothing.She wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

"Because it's true." she whispered in his ear

"I'm real good." she said in his ear

She began fiddling with his shirt collar.She then wrapped her arms around his waist.He then stepped back.

"Look,Camille. You seem like a great girl and all." he told her,"But I'm not the boyfriend you want."

"Corey,Corey,Corey." Camille tsked

She walked near him again.She grabbed him by the back of his neck and kissed him passionately.Corey didn't push her away.Camille felt him relax to her surprise.But what did she expect. He was a guy and she was Camille.She wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss.Suddenly, he broke the kiss and pushed her away.

"Camille,I'm sorry." Corey said grabbing his stuff,"But I'm not the one for you."

Camille smirked as he ran up the stairs.He thought this was over.Not even close.

Scene 18

"So we just gonna sit in silence?" Mark finally broke the silence surrounding the table

Kendall and Nala were obviously still pissed at each other and neither one of them was talking. Kendall kept stabbing her fork in her salad.Nala simply looked down at her lunch.Marley and Violet were still confused and put off by how Nala and Kendall each had acted towards them earlier.Mark and Jeff were just confused.

"None of you were talking." Nala still had a bitter tone

Mark just turned to look at Violet who simply shook her head.Jeff nudged Marley to speak,but she simply said nothing.

"So....." Jeff began

"Do you have to be like that?" Kendall cut him off glaring at Nala

"What's your deal?" Nala retorted

"The fact that you are being so hateful." Kendall spat back at her

Nala rolled her eyes and just shook her head.She was so done talking.

"Is everything........" Marley tried to speak

"I don't know what your problem is.........."

"Exactly." Nala cut her off,"You don't know my problems.So why are you acting like you do."

"I'm not. I just don't see why you're upset that I was talking to Taylor. What mad because he might be interested in me?"

Kendall knew she shouldn't have said that.It wasn't like she wanted anything to do with him.But she was irritated at Nala.So at this point anything that would push her buttons was fine with her.

"Really? You think I care that Taylor wants you!" Nala snapped,"Taylor would take anyone."

"I didn't see him talking to you." Kendall crossed her arms

Everyone else at the table just gave each other confused looks.They didn't know what was going on.And the more the two girls argued,the more confused they got.

"Guys, I think we should all chill." Marley was shocked she actually got to finish the sentence

"Tell your best friend to calm down." Kendall looked at Nala

"How about you go find Taylor." Nala suggested angrily

"Only if you go see Skylar first." Kendall argued

Nala slammed her fist down on the table.Everyone looked surprised but Kendall.Nala took a deep breath angrily.  

"Wow,when did you become such  a b*tch."

This time everyone was shocked.Even Kendall.Kendall shook her head angrily.

"Okay enough!" Violet reprimanded the both of them

"Know what." Kendall stood up angrily,"I'm out of here."

"Kendall,don't." Jeff said to her

"No,it's fine.A b*tch like me shouldn't be around here.Even though the real b*tch is right in front of me."

Kendall then stormed out of the cafeteria.Nala looked down at her food.She was filled with anger.At Kendall.At everyone.

"Nala,I'm sure she didn't mean half of that stuff she said." Marley touched Nala's shoulder

She's just upset." Mark agreed

"No,she wasn't." Nala retorted at them

Nala then stood up with her stuff.Her friends all looked at her.

"Nala...." Jeff began

"I'm outta here." Nala said angrily

Nala just like Kendall stormed out of the cafeteria.Violet,Mark,Marley,and Jeff all looked at each other.They were all silent for a moment.Violet and Marley then stood up.

"We'll go find Kendall." Violet said taking Mark's hand

"And we'll search for Nala." Marley finished grabbing Jeff's hand

The four then broke up to find their friends.

Scene 19

"I'm so happy,you decided to skip lunch with your friends so we can talk." Cassie said to Skylar

The two had decided to sit outside to talk about their relationship during lunch.Skylar still didn't know what to say.He looked down at his food.It made him feel sick.

"Skylar,"Cassie took his hand,"I love you.And I know that it doens't seem like it, but I do.And I want to apologize for what I did.But you have to admit you did wrong too."

Skylar sighed and took a deep breath.He looked at Cassie.He really did love her.And he wanted them to be together.Millie was just a one time thing.Cassie and him were supposed to be forever.

"You're right and I'm sorry." Skylar answered

"Really?" Cassie asked him

Cassie was afraid that he would be done with her.She knew she shouldn't have acted like that with him.So hearing that he forgave her for all that let her know that he really did love her.

"Of course."

Skylar grabbed both of her hands. Cassie looked him lovingly.She always believed that they were meant for each other.

"Will you be my girlfriend again?" he asked her

"What do you think?" Cassie joked

"Well," Skylar replied,"I was hoping........"

Cassie cut him off by kissing him softly.She placed her hands on his face.Skylar pulled her closer and kissed her back.

"I love you." Cassie breathed once the kiss was over

"I love you too." Skylar laced his hand with hers.

Scene 20

Camille was walking down the hall when she saw Taylor talking to Freddie.She turned her head and saw Corey walking near them.Camille smiled,a plan popping in her head.

"Hey you." Camille stopped him

Corey sighed and looked at her.

This is getting old. He thought.

"Camille.." Corey began

"Corey," she cut him off,"I just wanted to apologize for how I acted earlier."

"Oh," Corey was surprised,"It's okay."

Standing nearby was Freddie and Taylor.Freddie nudged Taylor and flicked his head at Camille and Corey.Taylor turned and raised an eyebrow at the two talking.He honestly didn't think it was true.Taylor watched as the two kept talking.He wanted to turn away,but he was actually interested in how this was gonna turn out.Hearing Freddie laugh,he turned around.


"I just think this is funny." Freddie explained,"It's obvious she's only doing this to get back at you."

Taylor shook his head and turned around to see Camille kissing Corey.People in the hallway watched surprised. Because it was surprising.Camille Ross kissing Corey Weston.Not something you expected to see at Monton West.

"Guess she does know what she's doing." Freddie said

Freddie turned towards Taylor who simply rolled his eyes and walked off.Freddie turned his head back to see Corey and Camille no longer kissing.

"What was that?" Corey questioned her

"I thought we were cool." Camille shrugged

"Camille,I.................I gotta go."

Corey then walked away from her.Camille watched as Corey walked down the hall.She was about to go back her own way when she saw Freddie walking towards her.

"Something tells me that didn't go well." Freddie assumed

"How? We kissed." Camille placed her hands on her hips

"Yeah, but did you see his reaction.He couldn't get away fast enough."

"He had to get to class." Camille debated

"Wow." Freddie shook his head

"What?!" Camille exclaimed

"The desperation oozes off you." Freddie scoffed,"I know you saw Taylor and I over there talking."

"I didn't even know you guys there." Camille lied

"Yeah,right." Freddie looked her up and down,"You saw us,so you decided to show Taylor what he's losing.Too bad,Taylor didn't care enough to see it."

"What does that mean?" Camille asked

"Taylor doens't want you anymore." Freddie confessed,"In fact,he's moved to someone way better."

"Who?" Camille asked

"It's none of your business." Freddie replied

Camille's face began to turn red.Freddie saw how upset she was getting so he continued to mess with her.

"But she's way over your league." He lied,walking off

Camille watched as she walked down the hall.A mixture of emotions began to flow through her.

"Not possible." Camille seethed

Scene 21

Nala tightened the ponytail her hair was in.She sighed as Jeff and Marley continued talking to her.For some reason,they decided to hunt her down.They were trying to ease the tension between her and Kendall.Except all they were doing was stepping on her nerves.

"Maybe you could apologize to her." Marley suggested

"Why would I do that?" Nala crossed her arms

"She's your best friend." Jeff reminded her

"Besides me." Marley added

"Yeah,besides you." Jeff said kissing Marley's forehead

Marley smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist.Nala said nothing and tried to hide the disgusting pit feeling at the bottom of her stomach.She loved Marley and Jeff to death and was happy that they were together.But right now the last thing she wanted to see was their romantic feelings.

"Look,you guys." she said to them sharply,"The thing between Kendall and me is between Kendall and me."

"We know but," Marley began

"It seemed really serious.And we just want to help." Jeff finished

Nala leaned back against the locker and sighed.She looked down at the ground.She then looked back up at them.

"Marley,.Jeff." she said to them,"I love you both.But now is not the time."

Nala turned around and starting walking when Marley called after her.

"When will be the time then?" Marley called after her

Nala turned around and saw Marley looking at her.Marley's eyes were filled with worry about her.Nala sighed and took a deep breath.She grabbed Marley and Jeff into a hug.She squeezed her eyes shut.She then released them and smiled.

"I'm okay." she lied to them

"Are you sure because......." Marley began to ask

"I'm sure." Nala nodded,"Please stop worrying. Okay?"

Jeff nodded.Marley stood there silent.Jeff nudged Nala who finally surrendered and nodded.Nala then smiled and walked down the hall.

"You cool?" Jeff asked Marley who was still standing there

"I don't think she's okay." she murmured

Jeff said nothing just wrapped his arms around her shoulders.Marley leaned her head on his shoulders,her mind still clouded with thoughts of Nala.

Scene 22

"Really?!" Lillie asked surprised and excited for her best friend

"Yes!" Cassie exclaimed happily

Cassie and Lillie were standing by the lockers talking.Cassie was sharing her elatedness about how things were mended between Skylar and her.Cassie looked like a sinner that had a got a second chance to start over.

"How did it happen?" Lillie asked her

"We just talked." Cassie replied with a smile

"Talked?" Lillie repeated

"Yeah.I mean we really talked too.And we just realized that our love was stronger than anything.Skylar and I are only happy when we're with one another."

"You two really are adorable." Lillie complimented

"Aren't we?" Cassie agreed,"I just knew that it wasn't over between us.I mean we've been together since last summer."

"I'm so happy for you." Lillie hugged an ecstatic Cassie


"So can I take back what I said earlier?" Lillie asked

"Totally." Cassie nodded

"Are you sure,because I was out of line for saying that." Lillie apologized

"Hey," Cassie touched her shoulder,"I know you did it because you cared."

Lillie smiled just as Skylar walked over.Cassie's smile grew even wider.

"Hey you." Cassie flirted

"Hey." Skylar replied

Cassie fake coughed as Skylar and Cassie pecked each other on the lips.Cassie rolled her eyes playfully and stuck her tongue out at Lillie.Skylar just laughed and wrapped his arms around Cassie's shoulders.The three of them then walked down the hall.

What they didn't know was that Millie was standing not so far away.Millie raised an eyebrow as Cassie kissed Skylar's cheek.

So they're back together,eh? Millie said in her head

Millie couldn't help but laugh at the sight of them.Now all of a sudden they were back together as High School Cutest Couple.Millie shook her head.She knew Skylar and she knew exactly what he wanted.And Cassie wouldn't give it. But she would.

Scene 23

"All I'm saying is that you should just talk to her." Mark suggested

"Not gonna happen." Kendall replied sternly

"Come on,Kendall." Violet pleaded

Kendall scoffed and shook her head.She appreciated that her friends were trying to ease the tension, but she refused to back down.She was done trying to make nice with Nala.She had enough issues of her own.

"I'm not saying you're wrong." Mark began

"Because I'm not." Kendall insisted

"Anyway," Mark replied,"I'm not saying Nala is wrong either.The point is you two need to work this out."

"Yeah." Violet agreed,"Or all of our friendship will be broken."

Kendall had to admit she was a little taken back by what she said.Violet was acting like everything was ruined.Friends argue all the wasn't the end of the world.

"How will our friendship suffer?" Kendall mocked

"Because no one wants to play sides." Mark answered

"Listen." Kendall said after taking a deep breath,"I am sorry that you two think that our friendship is ruined.But I'm not apologizing.Now I have to go."

Kendall slung her backpack over her shoulder and walked down the hall.Violet and Mark watched her leave.It was only a moment before Violet chased after her.

"Kendall!" she called

Kendall turned around to see Violet running after her.She sighed and waited for Violet to catch up.Once Violet did,Kendall simply rolled her eyes.

"What,Vi?" Kendall crossed her arms

"What is wrong with you?" Violet threw her hands up in the air

"What are you talking about?" Kendall shook her head

"You've been acting like a different person, and I never said anything.But I'm saying something now." Violet lowered her tone,"You were going to tell me something that you said was huge when we came back from Fall Break.What was it?"

Kendall felt a shiver come across her.She did almost tell Violet about sleeping with Taylor.But she never got to do it.Times like this,she was grateful she didn't tell.

"It was nothing." Kendall mumbled

"It had to be something." Violet disagreed,"Because you have been totally different since."

"That's not true."

"It is." Violet insisted,"We're best friends.You can tell me."

"Let it go." Kendall demanded

Violet huffed and shook her head.If anything Kendall was the most stubborn person ever.

"Look,just try to talk to her." Violet finally replied

"I'll consider it." Kendall told her

Scene 24

It was the end of the day and Millie needed a release.Ever since her sister's lecturing and overhearing Cassie gloat about getting back with Skylar she could use something to clear her head.To her happiness,Skylar was after school putting stuff in his locker.Millie smirked and walked over.

"I've been thinking about you." she whispered in his ear

Hearing her made him react immediately.He backed away.He forced himself to smile.

"Millie,hey." Skylar forced out

"Hi." Millie answered cooly,"So I was thinking......."

"Millie,no." Skylar automatically declined

Millie gave him a shocked expression.Skylar shook his head apologetic.

"I shouldn't have slept with you. It was wrong. And I'm sorry.But I love Cassie and she made me realize today that what we did was wrong.We did something wrong"

Millie tried to choke back laughs.Was he serious? He regretted what they did?

"That's not what you said when you took off my clothes." she reminded him

Skylar took a deep breath squeezing his eyes shut.He really wished this would be easy.Clearly,Millie didn't want that.

"I'm sorry,Millie.But I.........."

"Shut up." Millie commanded


Before Skylar could finish,Millie crashed her lips on his.Even though Skylar knew it was wrong he couldn't help but not fight back.Millie wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him towards her.Millie deepened the kiss and still Skylar did nothing.Finally,Skylar broke the kiss.Millie bit her bottom lip satisfied.

"Millie,we can't do........."

Millie once again interrupted him by grabbing his belt loop.Skylar said nothing.Millie smirked at him.

"You can fool Cassie." Millie said in a fake, sweet voice,"And you can fool Lillie and all those other people."

Skylar said nothing as she continued fiddling with his belt loops.Skylar knew he should stop her.But for some reason,he couldn't force himself to stop.

"But I........" Millie yanked him closer to her and whispered,"Can not be fooled."

"We had a lot of fun together." Millie reminded him

Skylar said nothing just looked at her.Millie tilted her head to the left and smiled.She was having so much fun.She then released his belt loop.Skylar tried to back away but wasn't fast enough as Millie grabbed his arm.

"Let's go have some more." she advised him

She then dragged him into the teachers' work room. She pushed Skylar against the wall.She kissed him roughly.Locking the door behind her,she felt Skylar grabbing her by her waist.She smiled and began to kiss his neck.

"See you can act like it's over........" Millie began

She felt him lifting her up and pushing her against the wall.She smiled as he kissed her neck and unbuttoned her pants.

"But we all know it's really not." Millie breathed out before she took her shirt off

Scene 25

He really he hadn't seen it.He should have kept walking down the hall.It wasn't like it was any of his business.But being the person that he was,he could not help but watch.His eyes widened in disbelief when he saw Millie lead Skylar into the work room.He could only imagine what they were doing in there.

He wasn't best friends with Skylar by a long shot.However, he couldn't say the same when it came to Cassie.Marley and Cassie were good friends.And he knew for sure that Cassie and Skylar were still together.So why would he do that to her?

Jeff shook his head and turned around only to see Marley standing there.She was giving him a confused look.Jeff suddenly became nervous.And he hadn't even done anything.

"Is there a reason you're standing there looking at the vast hallway?" she asked him confused

"Uh,no." Jeff denied,"No reason at all."

"You okay,babe?" she gave him a look

"Fine." Jeff lied

He was far from fine.He was confused and very very uncomfortable.

"Okay," Marley shrugged,"Let's go."

Marley grabbed his shoulder and prepared to lead him down the hallway.They would pass the work room.And Jeff was nervous to what would happen if they did.And he was not taking any chances.

"No," Jeff pulled her back,"Let's go this way."

"Okay." Marley said looking at him weird

Jeff took Marley's hand and the two walked down the other end of the hall.Marley was wondering what Jeff's deal was and Jeff was wondering what the hell did he just get himself into.

Scene 26

Kendall sighed and then knocked on the Holts' door.Kendall felt a bundle of emotions soaring through her.She knew that Nala was probably still really angry at her.Heck,Kendall was angry herself. Regardless, though after Mark and her talked for like 30 minutes, Kendall decided to bite the bullet and apologize.She just hoped it worked.


Kendall looked up to see Alicia Holt,the mother of Nala and Alexis at the door.Kendall simply smiled.Alicia smiled back even due she had a surprised expression on her face.

"Hello,Mrs. Holt." Kendall greeted

"Come on in,sweetheart." Alicia welcomed her

Kendall nodded and walked in the door.The fresh aroma of whatever was cooking filled Kendall's nose.Everytime Kendall was over, something was always being cooked.Something that she loved about coming over.Too bad,she wasn't over for happy dinner.

"Can I talk to Nala?" Kendall asked polite

"Uh,sure." Alicia nodded,"She's upstairs."

Kendall nodded and headed up the stairs to Nala's room.She knocked on the door nervously.

"Come on in." Nala called even though she didn't know who it was

Kendall took a deep breath and entered her room.Nala's expression changed quickly.Kendall slightly waved. Nala sat up on her bed,saying nothing.

"Your mom said I could just come in." Kendall informed her

Nala nodded and pulled her knees up to her chest.Kendall continued to stand near the door.

"Yes,but why are you here?" Nala asked her blunt

Kendall looked down at the ground.She took a deep breath and then procceded to talk.

"Because I think I should apologize." Kendall confessed

Nala raised an eyebrow in surprise.Because believe it or not,Kendall can be quite stubborn.So the fact that Kendall was openly admitting she was wrong was just something Nala didn't expect.

"Really?" Nala asked

"Yeah,I mean. I was out of line.And I shouldn't have treated you that way.But Nala I was worried about you." Kendall explained

"Yeah, but I told you I was fine." Nala reminded her

"Yeah,and I shouldn't have meddled anymore.Besides, what I'm going through, I shouldn't be worried about anyone anyway." Kendall admitted

The things that Kendall was dealing starting hitting her hard.She was so caught away arguing with Nala that she didn't take a chance to focus on her biggest problem.The problem that should outshine everything.

"Well,I guarantee you, my situation is a lot worse." Nala swore

"I doubt it." Kendall disagreed

Kendall sighed and then slid down to the floor.Nala began to fill bad.She jumped out of her bed and sat down next to Kendall.Kendall brought her knees up to her chest.

"Nala,I'm an idiot." Kendall told her

"For saying all that stuff to me today? Nala asked,"No,Kendall you're not an idiot."

"Yes,I am." Kendall's eyes began to tear up

"Why?" Nala asked her

"I............I........." Kendall stammered

"You can tell me." Nala promised

"Nala,remember Taylor?" Kendall asked her

"Yeah." Nala answered a little confused

"Well,I know him.From camp."

"Camp?" Nala repeated

"Yeah.The one at college." Kendall nodded,"We met at that camp for musicians. I was for choir and he was in there for band."


"Well,one night there was this movie.And like it was the longest movie ever.So I went to get something to eat.And like he was there.And..........." Kendall stopped abruptly

"What?" Nala pushed her to continue

Kendall squeezed her eyes shut,taking deep breaths.She started remembering everything that happened.It made her feel sick.

"He started flirting with me.And talking.And like I tried to leave.So he grabbed my arm and pulled me back.And we kissed.And I liked it so much."

Nala inhaled and exhaled sharply.She had a feeling she already knew where this was headed.But why was Kendall so distraught?

"And next I know we went back to the rooms where we all slept.And..........."

"You had sex with him." Nala concluded

Kendall nodded as tears streamed off her face.Nala hugged her tightly.

"Kendall,I'm sorry......."

"That's not even the worse part." Kendall cut her off

"It's not?"

"No,see I've been late."

"Late?" Nala asked

"On my period.And I one time heard my aunt talking about she knew she was pregnant because she was late."

"Oh my...." Nala began,"Kendall are you......."

"Pregnant? Yeah, I am."

Nala looked down as Kendall cried softly.Since Kendall was being open and honest,she might as well be too.

"Well,Kendall, you're wrong." Nala informed her

"What do you mean?" Kendall sniffled

"When you said your situation was worse." Nala replied

"What do you mean?"

"Well, looks like we both did the same thing over Fall Break." Nala informed her

"What?" Kendall's eyes widened

"Wanna know why my mind has been on Skylar lately?" Nala asked

"You slept with Skylar?" Kendall asked shocked

"Guilty." Nala confessed

"Nala.He has a girlfriend.Cassie." Kendall informed her

"I know.But I swear I didn't know it was him.He looked totally different.Not to mention he completely lied to me about everything.I thought I'd never see him again.And he made me feel like........"

"I get it." Kendall answered,"But at least you're not.........."

"Wrong." Nala shook her head

Nala then pulled a box out from under bed.She digged through the box and then pulled out the pregnancy test.Similar to Kendall's it had a big fat plus sign on it.Kendall shook her head looking at it.Tears starting streaming down her face and then she started laughing.

"What's so funny?" Nala asked taken back

"It's just.Nala,our whole lives everyone has told us we're the same.And we use to always say we're totally different.But look at us." Kendall pointed out,"We both lost our virginity during Fall Break to guys who probably could care less and now we're both pregnant."

Nala couldn't help but laugh a little too.Kendall and Nala spent about 5 minutes just laughing.Finally,Nala stopped laughing and got serious.

"But Kendall, what do we do now?" she asked concerned

Kendall got silent.She said nothing.She wiped the tears off her face.

"I mean we're pregnant.We're both gonna give birth to babies." Nala exclaimed,"We're going to be mothers.In high school.Teen moms!"

"Nala." Kendall hushed her,"We're gonna figure something out."

Nala nodded as Kendall grabbed her into another hug.Nala sighed and leaned her head on Kendall's shoulder.

"You know this isn't what I was expecting?" Kendall confessed

"What to tell me that you were pregnant? Or getting pregnant?"

"Both." Kendall answered

"Yeah me neither." Nala admitted

"You have to promise me something." Kendall said to her


"We're gonna stick together through this.No matter what."

"Of course." Nala swore

Nala and Kendall wrapped their pinkies around each other.They used to do the same thing when they were little.

Yet since we found out
Since we found out

"So what happens now?" Kendall asked

That anything could happen
Anything could happen

"I don't know." Nala admitted,"But something tells me we're gonna find out soon enough."

Anything could happen
Anything could happen
Anything could happen
Anything could happen