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Last On Nothing Is Ever As It Seems.

Taylor confessed something to Kendall.....

Taylor:Something just tells me me and you aren't over.Like we're bonded by something

Cassie bragged to Jeff and Marley....

Cassie:But I mean he's so sweet and respective

Violet grew tired of Kendall and Nala.........

Violet:Because she knows what you're hiding and I don't


Scene 1

"You're welcome." Freddie said to Taylor as they walked into the school building

Taylor turned to Freddie and gave him a confused look.He shook his head and finally decided to question him.

"What are you talking about?"

"I told Camille you were with someone.I also said the girl was way out of her league."

"Oh really." Taylor didn't hide his smirk

"Yeah,you should have seen her.She was super pissed off.Then she came around here yesterday questioning me and stuff.Talk about paranoia."

Taylor just laughed and opened his locker.Of course,Camille was upset.She was only happy when Taylor was with her.She claimed to not to care,but Taylor knew Camille way better than that.

"So any luck with that girl you're trying to score?" Freddie asked

"Nah." Taylor shook his head,"I think I'm gonna give up on her."

"I'm surprised you went on for this long." Freddie confessed,"But you have to admit......she was a cute thang."

"Yeah." Taylor answered,thinking of Kendall's curly,brown, hair,and big, brown eyes,"Yeah she was."

Scene 2

"Hey,Mars." Jeff called her name as the two walked into the school building.Their hands were laced into one anothers.

"Yeah." Marley answered

"What if you knew a secret,but it was none of your business."

"Then I guess you stay out of it." Marley answered, as they kept walking

"What if you knew someone that it could affect really bad, though?" Jeff followed up with another question

"That does change everything,doesn't it?" Marley started pondering

"Yeah,you see....."

He was cut off by Mark walking up to them.

"Hey Mark." Marley smiled

"Hey,Marley,Jeff.What's going on?"

"Another day at school." Marley replied

"Have you guys seen Violet by chance? Or maybe talked to her?" Mark asked them

"Not recently." Jeff answered

"Me neither.Why what's up?" Marley asked

"She left school yesterday pissed off.She wouldn't tell me why." Mark explained,"I think I know why,though."

"Kendall and Nala." Jeff predicted

"Yep." Mark nodded

"I'm guessing she talked to Kendall." Marley said to them

"It must not have went well." Jeff assumed

"I'm guessing not." Mark flicked toward Violet storming in the building

Scene 3

Millie blinked at her best friend.Camille had just gave her a big lecture on how she was done with Taylor.How she never wanted to go back and how she deserved so much better.And that no matter who he got with, he would never treat them right.Not that Millie hadn't heard conversations like this before,but the way Camille was sitting and acting,she was almost starting to believe that she was really.........serious. "So you're just through?" Millie asked

"Yeah." Camille answered,solemn

Millie studied Camille for a few minutes.She was surprisingly calm.Like something had been sucked out of her and left her just mellow.And it wasn't the peaceful kind of mellow.It was the I-won't-cause-a-problem-with-you mellow.Like she just above arguing and everything.

"Did something happen?" Millie asked her,"What did Taylor do?"

"Taylor did nothing." Camille answered quickly,"I'm done with Taylor.That's the past."

Sure,Camille could delve into what she saw with Taylor.She could tell her what she had planned.But at the moment,she had nothing planned.Plus,Millie would try to convince her that nothing was going on.

"Are you sure? You just sound......."

"Fine.Because I am.However,if you keep bothering me,I will have a problem." Camille told her

Millie raised an eyebrow and said nothing.She knew how Camille was at moments like this.Even though,she knew that Camille was being affected by something,she decided to not push her.

"Okay.I'm sorry." Millie apologized

"Thanks." Camille muttered before sipping some of her orange juice

"Well whatever you do." Millie swore to her,"I support you."

"Thanks." Camille smiled,"So tell me what have you been up to?"

Millie opened her mouth to speak but her eyes then drifted to Cassie and Skylar walking in the cafeteria.Their hands were laced together and they looked like modern day Troy and Gabriella.She wanted to puke a little.She turned back to Camille and raised an eyebrow.

"Something juicy." she replied

Scene 4

"Really?" Nala asked Kendall

Nala and Kendall were standing outside the entrance doors talking.Kendall was filling Nala in on the argument that she and Violet had got into.

"I texted her like 12 times last night and she didn't even answer once!" Kendall continued

"So let me get this straight,she thinks we're both hiding some huge secret from her?" Nala asked

"Well not exactly." Kendall explained,"She thinks I am hiding something and have chose to tell you and not her."

"Why is it a big deal? You two are like best friends."

"Yeah,but you're my best friend too.I think she's jealous because of how close we can be."

"That makes no sense." Nala pointed out,"I consider Marley my best friend and I'm close with you.Do you see her upset?"

"Well,Marley has Jeff." Kendall reminds her

"Violet has Mark."

Kendall nodded."Yeah,you're right.I just can't believe she thinks I'm not her best friend.I mean I love all you guys."

"Kendall,she just doesn't understand.I mean...." Nala lowered her voice,"We're pregnant.Not exactly you tell someone during Biology class."

Kendall sighed and crossed her arms.The word pregnant made her feel terrible to her stomach.She didn't know if it was morning sickness or the fact that she was having a hard time coming to accept the fact that was pregnant.

"It's just........I care a lot about her.And I just..........I'm not ready to lose her yet.When people hear I'm pregnant, I'll lose enough friends." Kendall confided

"You won't lose me." Nala smiled

"That's because you're in the same boat." Kendall replied blunt

"And because I love you so much that I couldn't possibly ruin our friendship because of a stupid mistake." Nala told her

Kendall smiled and pulled her into a tight hug.At least one of her best friends wasn't angry at her.

Scene 5

"Becca!" Alexis scolded,"We just got here, enough with the video-taping."

Becca rolled her eyes and turned off the video-camera.She carefully placed it in her bag.

"Where's your spirit? Today is the last game of the year! Not to mention, everyone knows we're gonna win." Becca gloated,"And I get to go around and video-tape people's thoughts about the game tonight and other stuff.This is a big deal to me."

"Yes,but it's like 7:30 in the morning.People right now are cranky and tired.Do you really think they'll be polite to someone up in their face with a videocamera?" Alexis asked her

"Good point." Becca nodded,"But still I need a lot of footage."

"Not as much as you think you need." Alexis mumbled under her breath

She loved Becca to death but she took some stuff to heart a little too much.And when it came to journalism of any sort,she overobessesed.It was her thing.

"Trust me,this video will be epic." Becca promised her,"You coming to the game right?"

Alexis sighed and rolled her eyes.If Becca asked her one more time,she was gonna pull her hair out.

"Yes,Becca.I will be there."

"Okay." Becca raised her hands up,innocently,"Just making sure."

"Let's just get to class." Alexis replied picking up her pace

"Okay." Becca smiled,following her

"Don't get that camera out." Alexis called over her shoulder in a warning

Becca gulped and close her bag.She snapped her fingers.Busted.

"So close." she muttered

Scene 6

"Cassie,calm down." Lillie grabbed her best friend by her shoulders

"I'm sorry." Cassie said beaming

Cassie loved football games.Not just because she was dating one of the school's best football players and because she was a cheerleader.But because it brought the whole school together.

"Cassie." Lillie called her name,"You're still doing it."

"Come on,Lil." Cassie smiled,"Tonight is the last game of the year.And I get to watch my man on the sidelines and cheer him on."

Cassie and Lillie turned their heads to see Skylar hanging with the rest of the jocks.Cassie felt so lucky.

"Yes, I know." Lillie replied,looking back at her,"But don't you remember? I'm a cheerleader too."

Cassie playfully rolled her eyes.She loved Lillie to death.She just wished that Lillie would share her excitement.Cassie wanted to bounce off the walls,while Lillie was just content.

"Did you have caffefine today?" Lillie asked her serious

"What?" Cassie looked at her

"I'm joking." Lillie admitted

Cassie stuck her tongue out.Lillie replied by doing the same.

"I'm excited,too." Lillie admitted

"See.." Cassie poked her,"You can't not be excited about the game." "However your excitement stems from the fact that your boyfriend is on the football team."

Cassie opened her mouth innocently.She hated when people used that against her.Which was why Lillie did it to push her buttons.That and because Lillie knew Cassie wouldn't jump on her.

"My boyfriend has nothing to do with this." Cassie crossed her arms

"Really?" Lillie raised an eyebrow

"Of course not." Cassie shook her head

" Right,so I  guess your reason is because cheerleading is lots of fun and you have a love for school football games."

Cassie rolled her eyes at the sarcasm in her best friend's voice.Lillie simply smirked in response.

Scene 7

Kendall went to class early to see if she could talk to Violet before the bell rang.After talking with Nala,she decided she would apologize.Kendall rushed over when Violet followed by Mark walked in.

"Violet..." Kendall said getting in front of her

"So now you want to talk to me." Violet retorted in a bitter tone

"Vi...." Mark said quickly,nudging her

Kendall tried to hide how taken back she was by how harsh Violet was being so early in the morning.She was still pissed off?

"I see you're still upset." Kendall noted

"Obviously." Violet replied

"Well," Kendall said taking a deep breath,"I decided that I wanted to apologize."

"See," Mark nudged Violet again,"She is apologizing."

"Yeah." Kendall agreed,"I never meant to hurt you and I'm sorry."

"Really?" Violet asked

"Yeah." Kendall nodded

"Okay." Violet nodded

Mark and Kendall immediately smiled. Just as Kendall was about to speak,Violet cut her off.

"Now tell me the secret." she ordered

"What?" Mark said speechless

Kendall simply blinked.Once again,Violet was bringing up that secret.

"Violet.I've told you,there is no secret."

Violet shook her head and rolled her eyes.Mark placed his face in his hands.So close,yet so far.

"Kendall,if you really were sorry,you wouldn't be keeping a secret from me!" Violet explained to her,"We're supposed to be best friends."

"We are best friends." Kendall told her

"No,because best friends would tell each other their secret.If you really were my best friend you'd tell me and would know that you could trust me.You should already know you can."

"Okay,Violet....." Mark tried to break it up

"Why are you so convinced that there is a secret?" Kendall asked her

"Because I know you as well as anyone." Violet reminded her,"I've been with you through practically everything.Best friends don't lie! When you truly trust me and can tell me you're secret......we can best friends again.Until then we're just......."

The teacher came in and ordered everyone to get their seats before Violet could finish.Violet simply grabbed Mark's hand and led him to their desks.Mark turned his head and mouthed an apology to a stunned Kendall.Kendall said nothing as she walked to her desk and sat down.

She couldn't believe it.She had already lost a friend and she didn't even know the worst part yet.

Scene 8

Nala watched as Skylar and his friends went into his classroom.She hated the affect that seeing Skylar could have on her.She gulped and went to her room.She really wanted to tell him,but Kendall had convinced her not to.But she was still had doubts.

Not that she didn't have doubts about his reaction.She didn't expect him to be happy and to break up Cassie,profess his love for her,and want to raise the baby with her.That was a crazy idea.She didn't know what she expected him to say or do.She didn't even know if he was the same person.As far as she knew,he could be one of those arrogant jocks.

But he wasn't like that when she met him.He was sweet and kind.He made her feel special.

"This is really amazing." Nala gazed around the scene Skylar set up for their date

"I wanted to do something special." Skylar informed her,"Something that you'd have to remember me by."

Nala smiled at him.It really was special.She had never been so smitten.She was knocked out of reality when Skylar placed his hand on hers and smiled.Nala felt 10 million butterflies flutter in her stomach.

"I'm happy to be here with you.Even if I know that next week,we'll never see each other again."

"Then...............let's make this night the best." Nala smiled

"I'm so happy you said that." Skylar replied,holding up his glass

It was funny.He still wanted to toast even though it was simply sparkling water.Nala lightly giggled and held up her glass.

"To making this night,the best night ever." Skylar toasted

"And to never ever forget." Nala added

Skylar and Nala locked eyes and smiled.The two clinked glasses.Nala barely had time to set her glass down when Skylar leaned in to kiss her.Nala felt her insides melt.His lips were so soft.She kissed him back.When they released,Nala took a deep breath.Skylar laughed at how she was breathing.

"Wow." Nala complimented out of breath

"That was just the first kiss." Skylar replied

Nala still had butterflies sometimes when she thought of everything that happened that night.Sometimes it made her smile and then others it made her shiver.It made her feel like she was weak and stupid.A feeling she didn't like having.And sadly,she was afraid that it would never go away.

Scene 9

"Tonight is the night." Skylar cheered in a whisper to Corey

Skylar was totally hype and rejunvated for tonight's game.He was ready to go hard and win the game.His head was clear and he had nothing but positive energy surrounding him at the moment.He felt like everything was going in his favor.

"I know man,I'm pumped." Corey stated

"The game is ours." a friend of Skylar and Corey's, named Grant added

"As long as you and Corey do what you need to do." Skylar told them

"Would you stop that?" Corey snorted,"Grant and I have our parts under control.You,need to make sure you have your head in the game."

"As if I never have my head in the game." Skylar remarked

"Yes because lately,your mind has been on only the game." Corey said in a sarcastic tone

Skylar rolled his eyes.So he had been focused on other things.Cassie and Millie for instance.But all that could wait til another day.The main thing right now was that the won the last game of the year. And they would win.

"Trust me.Just like Grant said earlier the game is ours." Skylar promised,"I always deliver when it's time."

"He's got a point." Grant agreed,"Skylar almost never lets us down."

Corey looked at Grant and then looked at Skylar.He still wasn't convinced.Skylar's mind had been on other topics lately.Not that his had not been.He hoped he had finally got it through Camille's head, that he wanted nothing to do with her.

"Whatever." Corey said to them and then turned to look at Skylar,"Sky,here, has always been good at talking the talk.But let's see you prove it."

Skylar scoffed and looked at Grant who chuckled.He then turned around and looked back at Corey.The two just looked at each other for a moment.

"I've known you since we were born.You know that everything I say, I can back up."

"Let's just wait and see." Corey shrugged

"Yeah you wait and you'll see." Skylar told him

"Oooh." Grant butted in,"It just got real."

Corey and Skylar turned towards him.They gave him weird expressions before smiles crept up on their face. If anything, Grant may not be the smartest,but he could make you laugh.

Scene 10

"Hey Jeff." Marley poked him

Marley and Jeff were in class together,taking notes, when Marley remembered something from earlier.

"Yeah." Jeff turned and looked at her

"What was it that you were going to tell me earlier?" she asked, interested

Jeff gulped and his eyes darted to Cassie at the front of the room.She had looked happy all morning.He knew that if he told Marley,her being the person she was,would tell Cassie.That would ruin Cassie's whole day.He wanted Cassie to know the truth,but he didn't want to hurt her.

"What are you talking about." Jeff whispered,pretending to be confused

"You know what.When you were talking about hurting people and secrets....." Marley bega

"Nope." Jeff shook his head,"Don't remember."

Marley frowned.How he could forget.He seemed really engulfed in it earlier.

"Are your sure because you seemed really serious about it earlier...."

"Mars,I'm sorry." Jeff lied,"I don't know what you're referring to."

Marley frowned again and sat back in her desk.She was super confused.This wasn't like Jeff.He usually remembered.That's what she loved about him.He would never let her forget anything.

Jeff hated lying.It was something that he simply didn't understand how anyone on the face of the earth could do.And the fact that he had just lied to Marley made him feel even worse.Especially since they both swore they would never lie to each other.

But it was not like he lied to hurt Marley.He lied to protect someone else.So it wasn't really that wrong......right? Jefff looked at Cassie in the front of the classroom,she was deep in taking notes.He then turned to look at Marley was looking at her notes as well.

He sighed.He really hoped this would go over well.

Scene 11

Taylor was staring into space when Camille came over.He raised his eyebrows when Camille took a seat in a desk next to his.He didn't take his earphones out.Camille rolled her eyes and did it for him.

"What,Camille?" Taylor looked at her,bored at her presence

"A little birdie tells me you're dating someone new." Camille filled him in

"And you care because....."

"I don't.I'm just wondering do you realize what you are doing."

Taylor looked at her before shaking his head.Did he realize what he was doing? What was she some counselor or something? For someone,who didn't care she sure did have a lot of comments and questions.

"You know I would act like I appreciate your opinions....but honestly I could care less." Taylor responded

Camille tried to hide her irritation with a forced smile.She wanted to get him to admit he was seeing the school counselor.She didn't know why yet.

"You know what you're doing can get you in trouble,right? A load of trouble." Camille pointed out

"You know I'm not gonna act like I understand what you're saying." Taylor expressed,"So how about you go back to your desk."

Camille rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

"Believe it or not, I'm trying to warn you." she explained

"And I take your warning......." Taylor paused to think,"Actually, I don't care about your warning."

Camille raised an eyebrow.He really was smug,wasn't he? Something that she used to find atttractive,but at this day and moment,she wanted to slap him.Did he have to be such a bastard?

"You know I don't even know why I even care." she snapped

"Me either,Goth Barbie doll." he retorted,raising his eyebrows

"You know,you're first to throw insults,but none of those mattered when we slept together time after time after time." Camille told him with a cluck of her tongue

"True, and sadly, the doctors have not found the medication I was on when I slept with you repeatedly." Taylor winked,"Must have been something strong."

Camille felt her skin become hot.She now knew that any feelings she had for Taylor were over.All she had was pure scorn.Taylor said nothing but watched as her eyes became daggers.He had seen this look before.He had ultimately pissed Camille off.

"You have yet to feel my rage." she warned in a low tone

"Love hurts." she heard him call as she went back to her desk as students filled in the classroom as the bell rang

Those words were pierced in her mind.Love Hurts.He had no idea.She tried to keep calm in class but her rage was slowly building up.

Love (love), hurts (hurts)
Love (love), hurts (hurts)
Love (love), hurts (hurts)
Love (love), hurts (hurts)

While she should have been focusing on her assignments, instead she played back all the wrong Taylor had did to her.

All your lies, all you're cheating
I done tallied up your score boy your winning
You done defeated me, fall down gracefully
Now I'm down for the count tell me what this pain about

When he called her a slut or whore.

Is this necessary, you could of been straight up with me
Or come straight if you didn't want me
If ever there was a bitter story of a woman scorned
(Turn up your radio) baby coz heres one

All the times he caused her to have emotional breakdowns.

Love (love), hurts (hurts)
Love (love), hurts (hurts)
Love (love), hurts (hurts)

When she heard that girl in the hallway bragging about having sex with Taylor the night before.

Love (love), hurts (hurts)
Love (love), hurts (hurts)
Love (love), hurts (hurts)
Love (love), Love (love),
hurts (hurts), oohhhlove hurts

Him turning her down and making her feel like an idiot.

All of your lies, all your cheating
The games over, baby you're winning
I'm bowing out, Leaving the crowd
them other girls can have you now

Being rejected by Corey.Sure,Taylor had nothing to do with that,but she never would have looked for Corey's love if not for Taylor.

I never knew what pain was till I fell in love
I never knew that you were someone I could trust
So much for love, So much for we
So much for staying down
So much for diamond rings

For never loving her right.

I guess the question why, did I never leave when I had plenty oppertunities
Women alway think they can change a man
When changing my mind was the better plan
Everything I did I did for you and me

And the worst part of all.Seeing him with the school counselor.

Now you tell that theres no more you and me
Im just a girl standing here infront of a man
Asking him to Love her again

He was sleeping with school faculty.Yet when she did it a year ago,he made her feel like trash.

Love (love), hurts (hurts)
Love (love), hurts (hurts)
Love (love), hurts (hurts)
Love (love), hurts (hurts)

He treated her like a whore,yet she had always loved him.

Love (love), hurts (hurts)
Love (love), hurts (hurts)

And now he was trying to tell her that love hurts.

Love (love), Love (love),
  hurts (hurts), oohh love

Well he was right.Love did hurt.And it was about to hurt a lot more for him than her.

Scene 12

"She said that?!" Nala's eyes widened

Kendall was filling Nala in on what happened between Violet and her earlier.

"Kendall, I'm sorry." Nala told her,"But that's not okay."

Kendall shook her head trying to dismiss the thought.

"It's fine." she breathed out

"No,it's not." Nala argued,"She's making it seem like you're hiding a dead body!"

Nala loved Kendall with her soul.She would always have her back.And honestly,she felt like Violet was making a big deal of nothing.Not only that, but she felt like it was affecting Kendall in a bad way.

"Look, I'm not trying to play Dr.Holt or anything......" Nala lowered her voice,"But this...and I mean the situation with Violet seems to be stressing you out.Stress can cause a miscarraige.Do you really want  your parents to find out that you were pregnant,when you have a miscarriage?" Kendall blinked at her for a moment.She took a moment to let what Nala just said to her sink in.

"Maybe you're right.." Kendall finally answered,"But I'm okay. I'm not gonna let anything happen to this baby."

"I believe you.But the thing with Violet is crazy.Don't let her get to you." Nala warned

"She's my best friend." Kendall pressed

"So am I." Nala quickly replied,"And I know what you're going through.Kendall, no one gets you right now, in this moment in your life,more than me."

Kendall took a deep breath as her eyes began to water.Sometimes she felt like this was all too much for her to handle.It was all becoming harder and harder for her to deal with.

"Kendall.." Nala touched her arm

"It's just hard." Kendall began."Not to mention that Taylor is now always on my case."

"Taylor?" Nala mocked,"What's he's doing?"

"He told me the other day that he thinks that we're bonded by something."

"He has no idea." Nala snorted

Kendall looked at Nala to let her know she didn't find it funny at all.She found it the complete opposite.Nala dropped the smirk off of her face.

"Do you think he's on to...." Nala began to ask

"No." Kendall answered quickly,"He can't know.There's no way Taylor can find out."

"I mean won't he find out sooner or later?"

"We're gonna make it later or maybe never." Kendall retorted

"He can't never find....."

Kendall sighed and shook her head.She didn't know what she wanted to do for her baby.But she knew that whatever she chose, it would be easier if Taylor didn't know about the baby.She didn't even know her eyes had watered again until Nala called her name again.


"I'm fine." Kendall croaked,"I just............need to get to class."

Kendall then walked down the other end of the hall.She didn't even pause to say goodbye.She just left and didn't turn back.

Whether she liked it or not,Nala felt anger seeping in.She couldn't handle Taylor.Taylor was Kendall's problem.No matter how much she wanted to do something,she knew Kendall had to handle it.But Violet was a different story.Kendall was a good person.She didn't deserve what Violet was doing.Someone needed to set Violet in her place.Looks like it was going to have to be her.

Scene 13

There's no way Taylor can find out

It took all he had to burst in on their conversation.All he heard was his name and he was immediately involved.He listened to the rest of the conversation,hoping that they would leak more information.He caught nothing,though.He was confused.

What could he not find out? Why was it such a big deal? He could question Nala,but she would give him is smart ass replies and in the end tell him nothing.His only choice was to question Kendall,herself.Yeah,she made it seem like she hated him.But he deserved to know why she was talking about him secretly with Nala.

Even if he really didn't want to know.

Scene 14

"Trust me,everything will be perfect!" Cassie told her friend and another fellow cheerleader

"Of course." Lillie nodded,"We always o do well."

"Cassie,especially." the girl named Tanya added

"What?" Cassie turned towards Tanya,giving her a confused look

"Oh come on,Cass." Tanya nudged her,"When have you ever failed at something? Whether it be cheerleading or scoring Skylar Wilson's heart.Cassie,admit it you're a talented little chica."

Cassie blushed as Lillie started talking in agreement.Cassie never thought of herself as a Ms-Have-It-All.She really didn't even know how to feel about it.

"Cassie just has that luck.She was born with that special charm." Lillie boasted

"Guys." Cassie halted them,"I'm not some talented diva."

"Of course not." Tanya shook her head quickly,"You're far from a diva.You're like Kate Middleton!"

"You're like Cinderella just without the terrible life." Lillie added

"Skylar is your prince charming." Tanya clapped her hands together,cooing

"That I will admit." Cassie beamed

"Here we go...." Lillie whispered to Tanya as Cassie got a gleam in her eye

"Skylar is just....perfect." Cassie professed,"He totally sweeped me off my feet.I remember it like it was yesterday when he...."

"Stopped you at the foodcourt and offered to buy your curly fries." Lillie and Tanya finished for her

Cassie closed her mouth and turned to see Tanya and Lillie trying to hold back their giggles.Cassie smirked and raised her eyebrow.Believe it or not,Cassie had a habit of telling the story of how her romance with Skylar started.Over and over again.

"What? Cass,you tell that story so much, I can recite it perfectly." Tanya told her

"Yeah, but we still love you." Lillie told her wrapping her arm around her waist

"Of course." Tanya agreed,doing the same as Lillie

"The point is Skylar is one of the best thing that ever happened to me." Cassie said to them,"I feel like ever since we got together, I've been on Cloud 9."

"And you never want to get off." Lillie predicted

"How did you know." Cassie teased

The three girls laughed and then walked down the hall.

Scene 15

Millie tried her best not to vomit.She found Cassie's perfect little love for Skylar just nauseating.She didn't know whether she was jealous or did she just tire of hearing Cassie profess her love for Skylar.

As much as she tried to push it out of her mind,her mind couldn't help but fathom what Cassie would do if she found out that perfect Skylar wasn't all that perfect.Then Cassie would really have to chew her words.It was obvious that Cassie thought she had it all.Which there was nothing wrong with.But bragging about it every chance you get wasn't all that cool.It was like Cassie wanted everyone to see how perfect her life was.

But what if her life wasn't so perfect? What if someone finally pushed Cassie off that pedestal that she so loved to be on.Wouldn't that be just tragic?

"Not to me." Millie said quietly before walking down the hall

Scene 16

Camille stood a few inches away from the prinicipal's office.She had about 6 minutes before she had to get to class.She could easily use those minutes to go and request to talk to Prinicipal Barnes.Fill him in and all she knew.Tell him that she had a feeling that perfect Ms.Marc was fraternizing with one of the students.Then she could be even more cruel and tell the student's name.

Camille wasn't a good person.She had no problem slamming someone down to lift up her spirits.It was a part of life.Something that she did and had no problem doing.When Camille wanted something,she went for it.It was what she did.

So why couldn't she do it then?

Scene 17

Millie was skipping class again.There was nothing better for her to do.Sure, she could have went to class.But then she'd have to sit there and act like she cared about what was going on.Which she really didn't care to do.She stood in the bathroom,waiting for time to pass when out of the corner of her eye she saw Skylar past by.She raised an eyebrow and smirked.

Let the fun begin.She thought as she exited the bathroom.

She walked behind him down the vast hallway.When he stopped,she appeared on the other side of him.He looked up when he felt her caress his cheek.He backed away quickly.Millie gave him a sullen look.

"Don't be afraid of me." she purred

"Millie," he grabbed her outstretched hand,"Now is not the time."

"Oh come on." she looked at him,"Don't act like you don't want to have some fun with me."

"Millie.....I can't....." he told her,"Not today."

Millie looked at him and saw the seriousness in his eyes.She didn't like it.She didn't like it at all.She let out a quick frustrated breath.

"Stop pretending that you don't want this." she murmured in a seductive voice

He dropped her hand and tried to turn and leave when she pushed him lightly against the locker.He said nothing as she started kissing his neck.


He was cut off by her planting her lips softly on hers.He replied by kissing her back softly.The two kissed for a couple of moments until he heard a loud gasp.Millie having not heard it made no reaction.Skylar,on the other hand,broke the kiss off abruptly.Millie gave him a confused look.

Skylar walked to the middle of the hallway and saw Nala standing there by the girls' bathroom.Part of him was surprised to see her.It'd been a while since their last encounter.But that wasn't the matter at the moment.The matter was what all had Nala seen.Skylar could tell by the look on her face that she had saw just enough.

Scene 18

"I'm telling you,she basically went off on the girl." Mark told Jeff and Marley

Violet just stood there with her arms crossed,rolling her eyes.Mark was making it sound like Violet just chewed Kendall out and didn't give her a chance to speak.Which was far from the true.

"Vi!" Marley scolded,"How could you be like that to Kendall?!"

"Yeah, I thought you wanted to save your friendship....not wreck it." Jeff added

"It wasn't even like that." Violet told them defensive

"Really?" Mark crossed his arms,"Because you two were almost on the right track until you brought up this secret thing!"

Mark ran to the net and shot the ball.Violet watched as it whoosed throught the net.

"All I did was ask her to tell me what the secret was!" Violet argued

"Even though,she told you there was none." Marley replied

"You guys don't know Kendall like I do." Violet told them

Violet was getting tired to telling them the same thing.Yeah, they were her friends,but they did not get it. Kendall and Violet went way back.Violet knew her best friend.Maybe even better than she knew herself.

"We all love Kendall." Jeff insisted

"I know.So do I."

"We just trust her more than you." Mark simply replied

Violet glared at him.He took a couple of steps back getting the point.

"Violet." Marley walked towards her,"I hate saying this,but have you considered the fact that maybe you're wrong?"

"Excuse me?" Violet blinked

"I mean you say you know her but what if you don't know her as good as you thought." Marley suggested

"What are you saying?" Violet accused

"That maybe you're just wrong and jumping to conclusions." Jeff said looking at Marley, who nodded

"I mean maybe you're just jealous..." Marley shrugged

"Jealous?!" Violet mocked

"Yeah..." Marley said quietly

She grabbed Jeff's hand for support.Violet looked at all of them.Jeff focused on Marley and Mark refused to meet her gaze.

"And what would I be jealous of?" Violet crossed her arms

"Maybe because you're aren't as close with Kendall as Nala is." Marley suggested

Violet looked taken back what Marley had just said.Violet turned towards Mark and Jeff who both looked at their feet.Violet looked back at Marley who simply smilled weakly.

Violet nodded angrily and bit her lip.She then threw the ball she had in her hands on the ground and stormed into the girls' locker-room.

Scene 19

Nala's head was filled with a different things.She had just saw Skylar cheating on his girlfriend with another girl.She was trying to process it but she was having a hard time doing it.It was like her brain refused to accept it.

She was interrupted by Kendall walking over and sitting down next to her.Kendall looked like she was trying to clear her head.Nala wished she could do that.But her head was filled with all she had just saw. "Nala,wanna split this sandwich with me?" Kendall asked her taking the sandwich off her plate

"Uh,yeah I guess." Nala mumbled

Kendall was about to say something else when Jeff and Marley came and sat down.They exchanged glances and then looked at Kendall.Weird to them,she looked totally unaffected.

"Kendall,we heard about what happened." Jeff began

"And we totally think Violet was wrong." Marley continued

Nala's mind suddenly flashed from Skylar to Violet.Nala was still angry at what Kendall told her Violet did.

"I don't want to talk about it." Kendall tried to end the subject

"Sucks to know that some friends can't really be friends." Nala said out of the blue

Just in time too,when Violet and Mark came and sat down.Kendall sighed and looked at her lunch.She could tell that Violet was upset and now it looked like so was Nala.This wouldn't be good.

"Kendall." Mark awknowledged

Kendall simply nodded at him.Mark looked at Violet who simply began eating her chicken tetrazinni.Marley and Jeff exchanged glances.The table was silent for a long time.Nala decided to end the silence.

"So it seems to me that some people at this table are trying to accuse others of keeping secrets." Nala said aloud

Everyone grew even quieter.Kendall looked up to see Nala shooting daggers at Violet.

"Nala," she began

"No." Nala shook her head,"I want to hear what Violet has to say."

Marley,Jeff,and Mark turned to look at Violet.Violet placed her fork down and looked back at Nala.She simply shook her head before talking.

"All I said was that I think that Kendall is hiding something.And I think you know what it is.And I don't think it's fair that she would tell you, but not me." Violet explained, and then looked at Kendall,"Because I thought we were best friends."

"So even though she told you, nothing was up.You decided to act like Ms-Know-It-All and keep bringing it up." Nala retorted

Jeff shook his head as Marley squeezed his hand.He turned to see Mark looking at Violet nervously.Violet's face was turning red.

"Really? I'm Ms-Know-It-All,because it seems to me, like you're the one that knows everything." Violet snapped

"Clearly I know Kendall better than you." Nala replied

"Guys...." Marley tried to intervene

"Just because you don't run things doesn't give you reason to be a b*tch." Nala cut off Marley

Kendall just shook her head as the two girls quarrled.She rather be anywhere else at the moment.

"How am I being a b*tch?!" Violet argued,"I was just looking out for my friend!"

"By accusing her of being a liar and going off on her?! Yeah some friend you are."

"You think just because you're known for your attitude that you can talk to people however,but not to me." Violet said to Nala

Mark tried calm Violet,but she simply pushed him away.She and Nala glared at each other,fury in both of their eyes.

"You're just jealous because Kendall and I have been friends longer." Nala pushed Violet's buttons,"And maybe she does trust me more.But can you blame her?"

"Okay enough!" Kendall exclaimed

Everyone grew quiet and looked at Kendall.She looked really upset and like she wanted to just run away and hide.

"Look,I love all of you.And I don't like to see you guys fighting." Kendall lectured,"True friends don't argue.True friends don't accuse their friends of lying.They automatically trust the other.I have enough going on in my life, that I can't deal with all of this drama.Violet, if you don't want to be my friend, then fine." Mark,Marley,and Jeff looked at Violet.Violet was quiet and listening to Kendall.She looked as if she didn't know how to process what Kendall was saying.

"Nala,thanks for having my back.You're always doing that and I love it.But I told you that I could handle my own problems." she turned to look at all of her friends,"And I can.My problems are mine.And I will handle them on my own."

Nala felt terrible.It was obvious, that Kendall was dealing with a lot.Nala looked at her friends and can tell they had the same reaction as she did.

Kendall sighed and shook her head."I can't deal with this right now." she picked up her stuff,"I gotta go.No one follow me." She ordered

She then walked out of the cafeteria with all of her friends gazing at her.

The whole table was quiet.No one dared to look up or even talk.Finally,Marley broke the long silence.

"We're terrible friends."

"You're not." Violet told her,"But I am."

Nala and Violet both glumly looked down at the table.Because they both knew that they were the ones at fault.

Scene 20

Skylar decided to skip lunch with Cassie and the gang to look for Nala.He didn't know whether she was going to keep what she saw to herself.He wanted to find her and make sure she did.

Instead of finding Nala,he was surprised by Millie.He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.Not what he was expecting.

"Millie,I can't.Someone saw us." he told her

"So." Millie shrugged

"So." Skylar mocked more serious,"What if Cassie finds out?"

"Then she finds out." Millie deadpanned

"Okay,clearly,you don't get how much she means to me." Skylar tried to explain,"I love...."

"I get it!" Millie exclaimed,loudly,"You love her.You're always saying that.And then she's always prancing around talking about how much she loves you and acting all perfect.But you know what the truth don't love her."

Skylar tried to speak but Millie cut him off.

"I know love okay.Love is what my parents feel for each other.You and her." Millie pointed at him,"You aren't in love with her.Now don't get me wrong,she's in love with you.But you aren't with her.Want to know the truth.You're just along for the ride.You have always been.You saw how in love she was with you and you thought hey dating a cheerleader would boost up my status.And it did;and now you're the most popular guy in school.But you got bored and that led you to me."

Skylar shook his head,refusing to believe what she was saying.

"You don't know what you're talking about." Skylar said hoarse

"Really." Millie raised an eyebrow,"If I don't know what I'm talking about,then why are we sleeping together? Huh, if you are so in love with her,then love should have kept you with her. Yet, you've been sleeping with me."

Skylar felt his throat begin to choke up.He desperately tried to force himself that what Millie was saying was false.That she was just jealous and was trying to piss him off. He looked at Millie and saw her face was straight serious.He looked her in the eyes.

"You're wrong." he stated

"Am I?' she said just as serious

He didn't answer, just walked away.Millie watched as he left.She thought with him,she'd feel something.Instead,she felt........nothing.

Scene 21

Becca wished she wasn't so nosy.She also wished that she had decided to go filming students before the big game at the other end of the hallway.But when she heard voices,being as snoopy as she was,she had to lean in see what was going on.She just didn't expect to hear what she heard.

She had also got so used to holding up her videocamera,that it wasn't until afterwards,she realized she had shot the whole thing on camera.Her eyes widened in surprise as she popped out the tape.Luckily,she had enough time to catch brand new footage.The only thing was:what to do with the tape.

On one hand,she wasn't besties with Cassie Nite.Cassie was a sweet and bubbly cheerleader.Becca was.......a junior.They might not be in the same social circles,but she knew her.She also knew that Cassie loved her boyfriend very much.Also that,no girl deserved to be cheated on.Not even Cassie.

So what would she do? Keep her mouth and nose out of it or help Cassie.

Scene 22

Kendall's head felt like it was containing way too much information.First there was the fact that she was pregnant;which should be the only thing on her mind,except it wasn't.Then there was her parents' arguing and their constant need to let her know everything is fine.Next came Violet being pissed off at her.It was like Kendall couldn't catch a break if she tried.

It was all a lot to process and honestly she didn't want to process it all.She wanted to run away and pretend that it wasn't true.She wanted to push all of the bad into some other place,and just live with the good.

Kendall sighed and went back to working on her classwork.Why couldn't her daily life be as easy as her school life? She was excellent in academics.All her teachers favored her.She had a perfect record,she had never done wrong.

Kendall was just getting back to doing her work when she saw Taylor walk in the classroom.She looked down and tried not meet his gaze.He walked over to her math teacher and talked to him for a couple of moments.She was just about to go back to minding her own business when the teacher called her name.


Kendall looked up.Instead of looking at her teacher, she looked at Taylor.Her eyes then darted to her teacher.

"Apparently, the counselor needs to see you." the teacher informed her

Kendall nodded as she felt bile rise up her throat.She put her pencil down and walked out of the classroom followed by Taylor.She was on her way to the counselor's office when she felt a tug on her arm.She whirled around to see Taylor's hands on her forearm.

"The counselor didn't want me." she said it as a question more of a statement

"No." Taylor nodded,"She didn't."

"What do you want?" she asked him in a hushed tone,irritation full in her voice

"What are you hiding?" he questioned her

Kendall felt like the wind had been knocked out of her.She gulped and avoided his questioning,brown eyes.

"I....I..I don't know what you're talking about." she stammered,still not meeting his eyes

"Yes,you do."

"No." she shook her head,"I don't."

"You should be a little bit more quiet, when you're confiding in others." Taylor told her,"I heard you and Nala talking.You two said my name a couple of times."

"I'm sure you heard things.And why were you eavesdropping?" she finally looked up at him

"Stop dancing around the question." he told her

"I'm not." she argued,"I don't know what you're talking about.What I do know, is that you have nothing better to do than bother me and apparently eavesdrop on other people's conversations."

"Kendall." he lowered his voice,"We had sex.You may have a hard time admitting it,but it's true.Believe it or not, you're not like any other girl I've slept with before.In fact, sometimes I've found myself thinking...."

"Stop." she croaked,"Taylor,you're right.We did have sex.But,you have sex with a lot of girls.So just like with me, it means nothing to you.My life is none of your business.So do what you did before you had sex with me.Pretend I don't exist."

Taylor couldn't help but look a little taken back by what Kendall had just told him.She took a long moment to just stand there and look at him.She then walked away and tried her best to forget it never happened.

Scene 23

"You want to do what?!" Millie looked at Camille like she was crazy

"Could you be any more dramatic?" Camille scolded Millie

Millie took a moment to look at her best friend.She was really hoping that what she had just said was not true.She knew that Taylor wasn't exactly first on Camille's love list, but this? She didn't even know what this was.

"I didn't say I already did it."Camille reminded her,"I just said I was considering it."

"Your body language on the other hand says differently."

"You act like I'm thinking of robbing a bank." Camille rolled her eyes

"No,but you're thinking of doing something that could affect two people tremendously.I mean Ms.Marc could lose her job and Taylor could get expelled.Not to mention,you aren't even sure whether or not they're fraternizing."

"First of all, don't say fraternizing.Second of all,I know that they are.You should have seem them.The sexual tension was oozing off them."

"Excuse me." Millie snorted,"Taylor has sexual tension with any girl. Plus we're talking about Ms.Marc.She is one of,if not, the hottest female faculty worker here."

Camille sighed and looked at the students in the hallway.She really wished that Millie would shut up and be on her side.Camille was so okay with doing this until Millie started getting in her head.

"I know what I'm doing." Camille said, turning back to face her

"All I'm saying is that this is a big decision." Millie explained,"And you need to think about all that this could affect. And then what if it's not true."

Camille breathed sharply.She hated it when Millie is right.

"You better be careful." Millie said closing her locker,"If this goes bad,the tables will turn on you."

Scene 24

Skylar and Nala just stared at one another. Nala had the urge to run out.But Skylar had practically forced her to listen to him.

Clearly,the two of them was sullen.Apparently,over different things. But Nala was hurt more. Nala couldn't believe what was happening to her. Everything she thought she knew about Skylar was just a lie. He was never who she thought he was. He was just a lie.

First by lying to her over fall break and acting like he lived in another state and that he was single.Not only that but today she caught him cheating on Cassie with another girl.Like who was Skylar Wilson.

"Nala, I know...."

"You're cheating on your girlfriend." Nala cut him off

"You don't understand..."

"Yeah, I don't." Nala interrupted,"And you know what I don't want to know."

Nala turned and tried to leave when he grabbed her arm and stopped her.She sighed and turned to look at him.She really didn't want to be here.

"I know you probably really hate me,but what did Cassie do?"

Nala lifted her head and anger began to fill over her whole body. Cassie?What about her?

"She doens't need to know about Millie."

"Are you going to stop cheating with her?" Nala asked

"Of course." Skylar lied


Nala then turned around and proceeded to walk away when he called her name stopping her.

"She doens't have to know we were together either.Ever.She deserves better." he continued

"I deserved better!" Nala yelled,turning around, tears in her eyes. Skylar was suprised by her yelling but didn't say a word. Tears begin to slowly slid down her face.

"All of it," Nala began to speak,"It was all a lie."

"I never thought to see you again." Skylar explained,"It was supposed to be just a summer love. You know? I never meant to hurt you and I definitely don't want to hurt Cassie."

Anger boiled in Nala's blood when he mentioned his girlfriend's name. Because that's what they were. They had never broken up. They were still together and they were together when Nala thought he cared about her

"But you cheated on her with me!" Nala seethed

"Not exactly." Skylar answered

"What do you mean not exactly?" she quipped

"We were on a break when we slept together.So it's not like I really cheated on her.We weren't together."

"You think that makes it better?" Nala looked at him,"When fall break was over you were back with her. Like nothing ever happened."

Nala didn't even know how to process the words coming out of his mouth.So now, he was trying to make things better by saying they were on a "break".

"Okay, so maybe you get a pass with me.But you're still doing something wrong.You're cheating on her with Millie.And now just because you've been caught, you have come here.So what you're trying to shut me up now?!"

Skylar tried to avoid Nala's penetrating gaze.He could tell that she was angry.Whether at him and or someone else he had no clue.He just knew she was pissed off and he was hoping that she didn't go off on her emotions and ruin everything.

"You know what, maybe I should tell.She should know what you are."

"And you think she'll believe you?" Skylar challenged," I'm the hottest guy in school.Every girl wants me, do you think she'll believe you?"

That hurt Nala more than it should have. The fact that it might be true stung as well. What if Cassie didn't believe her. Then she would be humilated. All she was right now was ashamed and hurt. But it was different to be ashamed of yourself, then have everyone ashamed of you.

"This way no one ever has to find out. Your rep is safe." Skylar told her

Nala shook her head. She wasn't a fool. She knew what he wanted. He wanted his cake and to eat it too.

"No," Nala said, turning around," Your rep is safe."

She then walked away,because at that moment,it was the only thing she could walk away from.

Scene 25

Alexis was putting her books in her locker when Becca walked next to her.Alexis looked up to see her friend looking all high strung.

"I'm guessing you got all the footage you needed."

"Yes." Becca nodded, giddy,"But that's not all."

Becca held up a tape to Alexis's face.Alexis eyed the tape confused

"It's a tape." Alexis deadpanned

"Not just any tape." Becca corrected

"O.....kay." Alexis looked at her confused

"It has some juicy gossip on it." Becca told her

"Juicy gossip?" Alexis raised an eyebrow

"Yeah." Becca nodded

Alexis took a moment to look at her friend.Becca just stared back at her.Alexis finally rolled her eyes and gave in.

"Okay,Becca, stop the games." she sighed,"Tell me what you're talking about."

"This tape." Becca held the tape up,"Leaks confidental evidence."

"How confidental?" Alexis eyed the tape

"It shows Skylar Wilson on here talking about cheating on his girlfriend,Cassie Nite."

Alexis gasped to which Becca just nodded.Alexis took a moment to let that sink in.

"Skylar is cheating on Cassie?" she asked another question after Becca nodded,"And the proof is on that tape?"

"Yeah, but that's not all.Someone else is on this tape."

"Who?" Alexis' eyes widened

"His lover." Becca replied

"So not only is Skylar on this tape admitting that he cheated on his girlfriend with another girl,but the girl he did it with is on there too?" Alexis looked at Becca

"Yup." Becca nodded,"It's all here."

"What are you going to do?"

"That's where I need your help." Becca informed her,"What should I do?"

"You have to get rid it." Alexis decided

"But what about Cassie?"

"I know.But this has nothing to do with you.You can't just go stick your nose where it doesn't belong."

"So I should just push it aside?" Becca protested

"You kinda have to.You videotaped them on accident.It was not supposed to happen."

"But it did." Becca debated,"Maybe this was the way Cassie was meant to find out how much of scum her boyfriend is."

"No." Alexis shook her head,"You can't get involved."

Becca opened her mouth to speak but was silenced by Alexis shutting her locker and walking away.Becca sighed and started to run after her when she bumped into someone and fell to the floor.

"I'm so sorry." the other girl said helping Becca up

"It's fine." Becca said grabbing her bag

"Are you sure?" the girl asked

"Yeah, I'm fine.Thanks." Becca called over her shoulder before running after Alexis

The girl turned out to be Millie.Millie was walking to find Camille,when she overheard Becca and Alexis' conversation.Believe it or not,she was still pissed at Cassie and Lillie.And now she was pissed at Skylar.So when she heard that Becca had caught her ordeal with Skylar on videotape.......her head filled with ideas.

And it worked according to plan.Becca was so occupied in trying to get to Alexis,that she didn't notice she had dropped the tape.Now it was in Millie's hands.And what oh what would Millie do with it.

Millie pulled out her phone and dialed Camille.

"Hello." Millie said into the phone,"Come to the game with me;something tells me the game is gonna be killer."

Scene 26

Later That Night At The Game

Skylar lifted his head to look up at the score board. The game was almost theres.All they needed was one more touchdown.Skylar looked around to see the cheering crowd.He also saw the other team.One player had hungry and stone cold eyes.He knew he was good but he was having doubts.

He knew he was going to win the game.But he expected it to be an easier win.Not with this team.They were brutal and played hard.They weren't going down without a fight.

Which should not have been a problem.But with his earlier fight with Millie and his argument with Nala, he didn't have much fight in him.He was still doing good, but he knew he could be better.

Skylar looked at the coaches, in a few minutes it would be time to go back on the field.He hoped he could do it.Skylar closed his eyes and hoped for greatness.

This is the last time to get it right
This is the last chance to make it or not
We gotta show what we are all about (Team!)
Work together

Skylar imagined himself on the field.

This is the last chance to make our mark
History will know who we are
This is the last game so make it count
It's Now or Never

Skylar looked at the other player who was huge and ready to kill.


Skylar turned his head to see Cassie standing with the other cheerleaders except instead of cheering, she was singing.

Right now I can hardly breathe

He decided to communicate back by singing as well.

Ohh, you can do it
Just know that I believe

Skylar smiled at her.

And that's all I really need

Cassie smiled.

Then come on!

Cassie blew a kiss.

Make me strong
It's time to turn it up

Gonna tear it up
Yeah we're number one
We're the champions
East High Titans, hey
Yeah, we're putting up a fight
We'll never quit it, gonna win it
Let me hear you say


Skylar snapped back to reality when the coach yelled.He turned to see his players running out to the field.He turned to see Cassie looking at him and cheering.He smiled and ran out to the field.He got in the position and looked at his oponent fiercely.

This is the last time to get it right
This is the last chance to make it or not
We gotta show what we are all about (Team!)
Work together

The whistle blowed and Skylar focused on one thing:the touchdown.He ran, darting away from other players.Ran to the line and SCORE!

This is the last chance to make our mark
History will know who we are
This is the last game so make it count
It's Now or Never


Skylar jumped in the game as the buzzer made a long noise signaling that the game was theirs.Skylar looked to see everyone cheering for him.The cheerleaders and the football players ran out to the field.Corey and Grant hugged him and slapped him on the back.Corey lifted up a giggling Lillie.Grant kissed Tanya to her surprise.Skylar turned his head to see Cassie running towards him.He opened up his arms to which she jumped in them.He then spun her around to which she responded by kissing him.Victory was his and it felt sweet.

Scene 26
Life's too short to even care at all oh
I'm losing my mind losing my mind losing control
These fishes in the sea they're staring at me oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
A wet world aches for a beat of a drum

Cassie watches in tears as the video continues to play.Becca runs to get the video to stop playing.Skylar looks on in horror at the video.Corey shakes his head,disappointed at the scene.Cassie feels Lillie and Tanya wrap their arms around her.Everyone is silent looking between Cassie and the video.Millie tilts her head to see how crushed Cassie is.She then tells Camille they can leave.Skylar tries to talk to Cassie but she pushes him away.She runs out of the gym.Skylar tries to run after her but Lillie and Tanya forbid him too.They then run after Cassie.The video stops after Becca gets them to cut it off.

If I could find a way to see this straight
I'd run away
To some fortune that I should have found by now
Ch ch ch ch

After leaving the game,Camille drives to Taylor's house.Camille knocks on Taylor's door.Taylor opened his door and frowns when he saw her.Taylor reluctantly lets her in.Camille crosses her arm and starts talking.She tells him she knows about him and the counselor.Taylor tells her she doesn't know what she's talking about.The two start arguing.Camille stops the argument and threatens to turn him and Ms.Marc in to the principal.

Life's too short to even care at all oh
I'm coming up now, coming up now out of the blue
These zombies in the park they're looking for my heart
Oh oh oh oh
A dark world aches for a splash of the sun
oh oh

Violet opened her door to see Kendall.Violet invites her in.Violet and Kendall go to her room and they both sit down on the floor.Violet immediately apologizes;Kendall does the same.The two hug and forgive each other.Kendall confesses that Violet was right about her hiding something.

If I could find a way to see this straight
I'd run away
To some fortune that I should have found by now

Skylar runs out and sees Lillie and Tanya trying to comfort a heart-breaking Cassie.Skylar tries to talk to Cassie but she goes off on him crying.She tells him she never wants to see him again.She asks Tanya to get her brother to take her home.Tanya agrees.Lillie,Tanya, and Cassie walk away.Skylar keeps trying to talk to Cassie but is stopped by Corey and Grant.

And so I run now to the things they said could restore me
Restore life the way it should be
I'm waiting for this cough syrup to come down

Taylor asks Camille is she serious about telling.She tells him she might be.Taylor thinks about Ms.Marc and how she has always tried to help him.Camille lets him know that she might reconsider if he does something for her.He asks what she wants in disgust.She smirks and tells him sex.

Life's too short to even care at all oh
I'm losing my mind losing my mind losing control

Violet asks Kendall what she is talking about.Kendall makes Violet swear not to tell this promise.Violet agrees.

If I could find a way to see this straight
I'd run away
To some fortune that I should have found by now

Alexis arrives home and goes to her bedroom to see Nala in her room.Nala is sitting on the bed looking depressed.Alexis asks her what's going on. Nala tells her that she needs to tell her something.

So I run now to the things they said could restore me
Restore life the way it should be
I'm waiting for this cough syrup to come down

Kendall confesses to Violet that she slept with Taylor at the music camp.Violet thinks that's it.Kendall tells her it is not and then confesses that she's pregnant.Violet asks Kendall who all knows.Kendall tells her that only she,Nala,and the school nurse knows.Violet tells her that she has to tell her parents.Kendall tells her she can't.Violet convinces her to at least call her sister.

One more spoon of cough syrup now

Nala tells Alexis about what she did during Fall Break.She tells her that she's pregnant.Nala starts crying and Alexis comforts her.Nala tells her that's she afraid.Alexis swears to help her.

One more spoon of cough syrup now

Scene 27
Anything could happen

"It's ringing." Kendall tells Violet

Violet nods and squeezes her hand.

Kendall couldn't believe she let Violet convince her to call her sister.Kendall had the urge to hang up the phone.But as tight as Violet was squeezing her hand, she knew there was no way out.The phone continued to ring. Kendall felt like she was gonna puke.

'Hello?" she heard a friendly voice

Anything could happen

Kendall squeezed her eyes shut and took a deep breath.She then opened them and looked at Violet who nodded assuringly

"Hello?" the female voice said again

"Hi." Kendall said trying to steady her voice

Anything could happen

"Kendall?" Savannah said into the phone

"Savannah." Kendall paused and took a deep breath,"It's Kendall.I.....I have to tell you something."

Anything could happen
Anything could happen

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