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Last On Nothing Is Ever As It Seems

Nala and Marley went to war with words..........

Nala:Yeah some friend you are

Becca videotaped something on accident.....

Becca:It shows Skylar Wilson on here talking about cheating on his girlfriend,Cassie Nite.

Kendall got ready to confess to her sister.........

Kendall:It's Kendall.I.....I have to tell you something


Scene 1

Camille lay in her bed scruntizing her nails as Taylor slid his boxers on.She looked up to see his back was to her.She pouted;he sure wasn't pleased.

"You're in a foul mood." she noted

"Well, I'm forced to sleep with the devil." Taylor retorted,over his shoulder,"Not really something that excites you."

Camille rolled her eyes at his remark.She was just trying to make conversation.

"You could have took my other offer." she reminded him bitterly

"You mean the one where you lie on me and Ms.Marc and get us in a lot of trouble?" Taylor still didn't turn around,"That option was no better."

"Regardless," Camille shrugged,"The offer stands."

"Whatever." Taylor replied,"I'm out of here."

"See you tomorrow?" she asked in a cheery voice

"Is that an order?" he teased

Camille raised an eyebrow.She didn't find his humor at all funny.She knew he was only doing it to get back at her.Well, two could play the game.

"Don't make jokes." she answered,"You aren't and never were funny."

"Yet," Taylor turned around,"You use to always giggle when I...."

"Get out." she cut him off, crossing her arms

"Just trying to get you to remember the good times." he raised his hands up innocently

"You mean before I knew you existed?" she snorted

"Your humor is classic." he lied

Camille rolled her eyes as he slipped his shirt on.He was always full of it.

"I'm out." he said grabbing his keys off her dresser

"Bye lover." she teased making lover sound sexy

Taylor didn't answer just exited her bedroom.Camille waited until she heard her door close to jump out of her bed.She went and locked the door and slid to the bottom of the floor.

Yes, she still hated him.No,they would never be what they were.But sex was fun and had no strings attached.And Camille Ross could live with that.

Scene 2

Monday Morning

Cassie didn't want to walk up the steps and go in the building.She wanted to go back home and hide.She wanted to forget Friday night ever happened.She wanted to forget that she found out that the guy she was in love with, cheated on her multiple times.

It was like everything she knew was a lie.She didn't know the difference from what was real and fake.She felt like she could trust no one.She felt ruined.Like the happiness that had filled her heart was just burned with acid.

"Sweetie." she heard someone say next to her

She then felt a pair of arms wrap around her.She slightly turned her head to see Lillie.She felt hot tears sliding down her face.She didn't even realize she had been crying.

"Cassie." Tanya ran up and joined the hug

Cassie sniffled as the two released her from the hug.She knew she looked a mess.But she didn't care.She didn't care about a lot of things anymore.

"Honey, I feel terrible." Tanya told her

"We both do." Lillie agreed

"I just don't get it." Cassie whimpered,"I mean am I that terrible?"

"No." Tanya and Lillie in unison answered,shaking their heads

"No, honey." Lillie replied softly,"You just fell for the wrong guy."

"Cass,we all thought Skylar was a stand-off guy.We were all played." Tanya reminded her

"Yeah,but I'm the one it hurt the most." Cassie argued,weakly

"Of course you are." Lillie nodded

Cassie looked down at her shoes.She tried her best not to think back to that night.The night her world crashed down around her.She felt like a fool.A fool in front of everyone.

"Cassie..." she heard a male voice say

The three girls turned to see Skylar standing there apologetic.Lillie and Tanya instantly glared.Cassie's face was blank.She almost didn't know what to feel.

"One word,Skylar." Tanya said in clenched teeth,"Leave."

"Yeah, I think you hurt Cassie enough." Lillie spat

"I just want to talk to Cassie." he looked at Cassie

"How about instead you talk to my sister." Lillie seethed

Skylar could tell Lillie was pissed too.Millie was Lillie's twin sister after all.Skylar just stood there in silence.He couldn't form words.

"Let's go." Tanya directed

Skylar watched as the three girls walked off.Tanya and Lillie were on each side of Cassie.It was like they were trying to protect her from everyone.More importantly him.

Scene 3

Kendall walked down the stairs in her pajamas.She knew she looked horrible.This was due to the fact that she had not got much sleep.How could she? She finally decided to trust Violet and tell her secret.Which went from Violet lecturing her to both of them crying. Then there was Savannah, who gave a long lecture which broke Kendall to tears.It got even more emotional when Savannah starting crying.Then it was two sisters sobbing on the phone. In the end, Savannah and Violet both swore to support Kendall with dealing with her pregnancy.

Stella and Brooklyn turned to look at her.Their facial expressions proved that she was correct about her appearance.

"Honey, you're in your PJs." her mother noted

"Yeah," Kendall replied weakly,"I don't really feel well."

Brookyln rushed over and placed her hand on Kendall's forehead.To Kendall's surprise it was actually hot.Not that hot where it could be serious, but slightly warm.She looked at Kendall, caution in her eyes.

"You don't have a fever, but you look terrible." Brooklyn noted,"And your eyes, they're all....."

"Please don't tell me that I look terrible." Kendall weakly protested,"I already know."

"Honey." Brooklyn pulled her into a hug,"You don't look terrible.You just look a little ill.But one look from a teacher and they'll be calling me or your father to pick you up.So you go back to bed."

Before Kendall could respond,Franklin came down the steps,prepared for work.He stopped when he saw Kendall not dressed for school.Then he saw her face.

"Yikes." he blurted out,"What's wrong with you?"

Kendall's eyes widened.She looked at her mother who she could tell was more pissed than she was.She turned to look back at her father who had realized his blunder.He ran a hand through his hair.

"She's sick." Brooklyn deadpanned to him

"Oh,right." Franklin nodded and walked over to Kendall,"Yeah, I see that."

"Glad to know I look......'yikes'." Kendall quoted him

"I didn't mean that." Franklin kissed her forehead

"Yeah, yeah." Kendall mumbled

She then headed back upstairs. Franklin turned to see that both Stella and Brooklyn had eyes on him.Brooklyn placed her hands on her hips and shook her head.

"What?" he shruged


Scene 4

"Alexis, I can walk into the building on my own." Nala reminded her sister

Nala found it weird this morning when Alexis told their parents, that she was going to drive her and Nala to school.Being the person that Alexis was, it was not like her to be so lenient with Nala riding in her car.Now Alexis was acting like Nala was a precious china plate.

"I know." Alexis told her, acting like there wasn't a problem

"It's just that you have been acting really strange...." Nala noted

"I'm sorry, how am I supposed to act?" Alexis vented,"My little sister got knocked up by the football player that cheated on his girlfriend!"

Nala's eyes widened when she heard Alexis mention Cassie and Skylar.How did she know that?

"What did you just say?" Nala said in shock

"Oh, I didn't tell you." Alexis crossed her arms,"You know how Becca had that video where she videotaped the school before the big game."

Nala nodded in response.She didn't get what this had to do with Skylar and Cassie.She knew Skylar was on the football team and Cassie was a cheerleader, but she didn't see how it connected to Skylar's betrayal.

"Well on accident she caught footage of Millie and Skylar talking about them sleeping together and stuff.Becca showed me the tape and I told her to get rid of it.She told me she would, but somehow it got stolen and it got leaked at the game."

"Where everyone could see?" Nala's eyes widened

"Yep." Alexis nodded solemn

Nala shook her head in surprise.She had threatened to tell, but she was kind of relieved she didn't have to.She wantd Cassie to know, just not that way.

"You should have seen Cassie.She was heartbroken." Alexis told her

"I bet." Nala murmured

"I can't believe you let him knock you up." Alexis told her in a hushed tone

"Thanks for the support." Nala said sarcastic

"It's what I do." Alexis shrugged

Nala shook her head and then began walking into the building.She heard Alexis walking in step with her.

"Wait," Alexis tugged Nala's arm,making her stop,"I have a question."

"You're not about to ask me some pregnancy question are you? Because I'm not that far along...."

"No." Alexis shook her head,"Does any of your friends know?"

"No." Nala paused,"Except for Kendall."

"And Kendall didn't lecture you?!" Alexis raised her eyebrow,"What a shocker."

Nala felt her face turn hot pink.Alexis didn't know half of it.The truth was Kendall was in no place to judge.

"I mean I know she told you how stupid...."

"Kendall understands what I'm going through." Nala cut her off

Alexis paused and looked at Nala for a moment.Nala turned even redder when she realized that Alexis was searching her face.Nala hoped she didn't give it away.

"Oh my stars!" Alexis exclaimed, figuring out the secret

"Shh!" Nala scolded her

Alexis grabbed her arm and dragged her into the girls' bathroom.Nala hoped Alexis wasn't thinking, what she thought she was.

"You mean Kendall is pregnant too?!" Alexis whispered

"Okay, Alexis you have to promise to be quiet.Kendall will freak if she knows that you know."

"So I'm gonna take that as a yes." Alexis nodded

Nala sighed,Kendall was going to kill her.

Scene 5

"I can't believe it." Violet said shaking her head

Mark,Violet,Marley,and Jeff were all discussing what happened at last night's game.Jeff was feeling relief but also sadness at Cassie's pain.

"I can't believe it.He's such a jerk to do that." Mark told them

"It's just I thought he was better." Marley spoke up

Jeff could tell Marley was deeply confused about what was going on.She didn't want to believe that Skylar had did that to Cassie,but she believed it.Jeff knew her heart ached for her friend.

"Anyone seen Kendall or Nala?" Jeff finally said something

Violet felt her stomach turn.Kendall's confession had Violet's mind doing somersaults.She didn't how to handle it.Kendall didn't seem like the person to sleep with Taylor Brooks.She didn't seem like the person to get pregnant either.

Violet tried really hard this morning to pretend like everything that happened Friday night wasn't real.But it was.And she was still reeling from it.

"Vi?" Mark called her name again

"Huh?" she looked at them

"I asked did you make up with Kendall, yet." Marley told her

"Oh,yeah." Violet nodded

"So she should be here today,right?" Mark followed up

"Yeah, I guess." Violet answered quickly

She realized that all eyes on her.Which didn't exactly make her happy at the moment.It just made her nervous.Which led to her being upset.

"I have to go." Violet said before walking down the hall

Marley and Jeff turned their eyes towards Mark who simply shrugged.He had no idea what was going on.But when it came to Violet, that was usual.

Scene 6

"I've tried calling and texting and even tried to speak to her this morning." Skylar vented as he and Corey worked on their assignment,"She won't answer.And then if I try to talk when Tanya or Lillie is around they threaten to cut me!"

"Can you blame them?" Corey skimmed pages in the textbook,"You basically butchered their best friend's heart."

"It was a mistake." Skylar argued, with a sigh

He could tell everyone judged him.When he walked down the hall, girls looked at him like he was the devil.Some guys even shook their head in shame.He saw Millie this morning and all she did was bow her head and shake it.It was like she was judging him and she was just guilty!

"A mistake that according to the video,you made many times." Corey pointed out

"Okay." Skylar accepted that,"Maybe I did.But shouldn't I be allowed to make up for my mistakes?"

Corey finally looked up.He didn't speak for a moment.Skylar knew that just like everyone else, Corey was disappointed in him too.

"Before I answer that, answer this."

Skylar nodded, awaiting the question.

"Remember when you told me you cheated on Cassie during Fall Break?" Corey asked

Skylar nodded.For a second his mind flashed back to Nala.She was probably relieved she didn't have to keep the secret anymore.Part of him was mad that he had made her cry yesterday.

"Was Millie the girl?" Corey asked,hoping for the answer to be yes

"No." Skylar said looking down in shame

Corey let out a breath of disappointment.He went back to looking through the textbook.Skylar could tell that Corey was considering whether to talk to him or not.

"So you......" Corey began but decided not to finish

Skylar already knew what he was thinking.He had cheated on Cassie twice.Cassie loved him and he treated her horribly.

"Corey,I'm human." Skylar tried to defend himself,"I make mistakes."

"I'm not the one you should be telling this too." Corey said before getting up to throw something away

Skylar sighed and looked down.He was losing people he cared about as the clock ticked.

Scene 7

Kendall let the silence of her bedroom engulf her.On one hand the silence was peaceful;on the other hand it was killing her.She laid back on her bed and tried hard to clear her head.She took deep breaths.She even thought of old childhood memories.Nothing worked.

Her pregnancy stayed plastered in her mind.It was like it was chiseled in her brain.It wouldn't go away.In a way, she felt stupid for thinking that it would.She knew sooner or later, the truth would become hard to avoid.There was only a certain amout of time you could hide pregnancy.

She was already showing some symptoms according to the pamphlets, Nurse Allison had given her.That and the info she found online.There was sickness.The thing that she hated the most.Luckily she only puked when everyone at her house was asleep or when she was at school.No matter that was not fun for her.

She had  realized that now the smell of bananas make her want to hurl.She made the discovery when Brooklyn brought home a banana creme pie the other night.She lasted two seconds before she had to run upstairs and puke.She also realized that she craved ham and cheese sandwichs.Kendall had woke up every night this week to have a snack. And it was always the same thing. A ham and cheese sandwich with pickles,mayo,and jalepenos.She couldn't help it.It was what the baby wanted.Just saying it to herself made her feel weird.

Then there was the weight gain.She wanted to cry when she couldn't fit a pair of skinny jeans on the other day.It was one of her favorite pair.No matter,the jeans wouldn't come up over her stomach.All due to the fact that her belly was growing,whether she liked it or not.

She hated the way she acted earlier.She should have stayed cool and collected when her father reacted to her appearance.She knew he didn't mean it.But she didn't and she knew that made her mom even more upset.Kendall tried to keep her parents from fighting as much as possible.But she felt to blame when she saw how upset her mother was at Franklin's reaction.

The arguments between her parents were hard and she wanted to cry,knowing that they would only get worse.Once they found out that there precious Kendall wasn't so special anymore.She was pregant and she was going to change all their lives forever.They didn't deserve that and she knew it.

"What have I done?" Kendall said to herself, sadness filling her soul

Scene 8

"So you're sleeping with him?" Camille asked Millie

"Well I was." Millie explained,"I mean he hasn't said anything to me since yesterday.Plus, after last night I doubt he will.Too busy pining over broken-hearted Cassie."

"And here I thought I was the evil one." Camille gave Millie a look of pride

Millie rolled her eyes.Millie wasn't particulary evil.She just know what she wanted.It was the end of the year and she was bored.So she wanted to have some fun.Skylar wanted the same thing.Which led them together.Millie would say she regretted it....but that would be a lie.

"You blasted your affair to the school.Millie,you broke up the high school power couple." Camille pointed out,"You're basically a bad b*tch at this point."

Millie looked at her and raised her eyebrow.Camille was making it seem like she was the Angelina in the Brad and Jennifer relationship.

"Says the one that wanted to ruin two peoples' lives over a hunch." Millie debated

"Okay one, I know what I was talking about." Camille defended herself,"And two, you already ruined one person's life.We all saw Cassie at the game last night.Girl is destroyed.."

"Not my problem." Millie answered, closing her locker

Scene 9

Taylor found it hard to focus on anything.There was Camille and her threat to report Ms.Marc.Taylor had insisted it was a lie, but Camille thought he was lying.But that wasn't the thing that was really set in his head.It was Kendall.He was confused by the way she acted.One thing was for sure, he knew she was lying.

He was glad that  Ms.Marc had gave him the open inviation to come in her room and talk anytime.Because he had a lot on his mind and he wanted to talk.Sure, he could text Freddie, but Freddie was a goofball and had his own concrete opinion,which would do no help to him.

"Okay,Taylor." Ms.Marc said walking into her office

"Ms.Marc." Taylor awknowledged her as she sat down

She paused before saying anything.She looked at him,raising her eyebrow.

"No comment about my appearance,today?" Ms.Marc asked,surprised

"Not today." Taylor shook his head,but then looked her up and down,"Unless you really want me to..."

Ms.Marc rolled her eyes as Taylor wiggled his eyebrows.

"No,thanks." she told him sitting back in her chair,"So what brings you here?"

"See,my friend knows this girl."

He decided not to tell that it was him, not yet.He knew Ms.Marc wasn't the one to judge.But he wanted to tread carefully.He also didn't want Ms.Marc to bring Kendall down here.Because then it could turn ugly.

"Okay." she nodded, allowing him to continue

"And he was kinda interested in her.But she kept pushing him away.So he was finally about to let it go."

"Because he was tired of chasing after her."

"Exactly." Taylor nodded,"But then like he heard talking to her friends about him.And the stuff she said has gave him a lot of suspicion.And he came to me and I told him to confront her."

"And did he?" Ms.Marc questioned

"Yeah.And apparently, it didn't go well." Taylor informed her

"What happened?"

"He told me that she went off on him and called him delirious.But you should have seen him when he told me she was talking about him.He made it seem like she was hiding some valuable information."

Ms.Marc nodded and looked down at her desk.This was some story.She wanted to ask if he was the "friend" but she decided not to.

"Is there some reason that the friend would be worried? Did your friend and this girl,you know...."

"Are" Taylor cleared his throat,"Asking me if they"

"Sexually Involved." Ms.Marc stated

"Why?" Taylor answered a little too quick

"Taylor,you know the consequences of having unprotected sex." Ms.Marc shrugged,"If they had unprotected sex, I mean I don't know."

"What if they had sex and she was a virgin and he wasn't?" Taylor asked,really not liking where this was going

"Considering, she was just a virgin, and I believe she was, because I mean in our day and age,girls are honest about that.Then it kinda all depends on him.How much sex he had and whether he was careful and then there's always the obvious."

"What?" Taylor asked not knowing

"Pregnancy." Ms.Marc replied

Scene 10

Cassie was walking to class when she heard someone call her name.She sighed and stopped.She waited for the person to catch up.It was Becca.Cassie didn't even try to smile.

"Cassie." Becca awknowleged

Cassie didn't reply back.She was tired of talking to people.Everyone had an opinion.She just wanted to be left alone.

"I never meant for that tape to be leaked." Becca swore,"Someone stole it from my bag.I promise you.I am so so sorry."

Cassie nodded as tears threatened to fall.She remembered the frantic state Becca was in when the video played.The video that changed the way she saw life.

"I want to believe you." Cassie finally responded

Becca's facial expression proved that wasn't the answer she had been hoping for.

"Please don't take this the wrong way." Cassie began,"But after last night, I don't know what way is up or down.The person that I loved and trusted wasn't even real.He was a fake."

Becca watched and listened as Cassie struggled to talk with crying.Her voice constantly wavering.

"And now I don't know who to trust." Cassie explained,"But when I look at you, I see earnesty.Forgive me, but I don't know what's right and what's wrong."

Becca nodded at her answer.She understood that Cassie was having a hard time dealing with everything.She just hoped Cassie didn't think she let that video be leaked on purpose.

"I understand.I just wanted you to know the truth.That I didn't do anything malicious to you." Becca said before walking off

Cassie watched as Becca walked down the hall.She took a deep breath.

"Yeah." Cassie whispered,"But someone did."

Scene 11

Nala wanted to get through this class as soon as possible.Not just this class....the whole day.She was worried that Kendall wasn't at school.Kendall didn't even text her to tell her why.She just didn't show up.Which was not like Kendall.

Kendall was a perfect student.No matter how she felt, she usually was at school.She just valued her eduction that much.

It scared Nala,because it must have meant something was wrong.Nala shook her head.She always jumped to the worst conclusions,she couldn't do that.She had to think positive.Maybe the morning sickness had became too much for her.Kendall had often complained of it.

"I hate this!" Kendall screamed into the toilet

"Yeah, it is pretty bad."

"Pretty bad?" Kendall turned to face her,"I can't keep anything down!"

So maybe Kendall had decided to stay home.But the thing was Kendall had been having morning sickness.And she still came to school.So what if that wasn't it.

Nala decided to calm her head, to sneak out and call Kendall on her cell phone.Kendall would tell her she was fine and Nala's heart would stop beating out of her chest.

Nala walked down the hall and slipped into the bathroom.She was on the way to one of the stalls when she saw Cassie in front of the mirror.Her eyes were red and puffy.It was obvious she had been crying.Nala immediately felt guilty.

"Cassie." Nala murmured walking up to her

Cassie turned to look at Nala.Nala could see the sadness in her eyes.It was like she didn't have a soul anymore.All she had was just pain.Nala gulped down her shyness.

"I just want to say I'm so sorry." Nala apologized

"So am I." she said.

Her voice was so weak and fragile,Nala thought she might burst into tears herself.

Nala imagined how Cassie would be if she found out she was pregnant.Cassie was already broken now.Finding out that the guy she loved not only cheated on her but got knocked up another girl.It just might seen Cassie over the edge.

Nala excusexd herself and ran into one of the stalls.She closeed the stall door and locked.She then sat ont the toilet and silently sobbed.For Cassie and for herself.

Scene 12

Kendall sat up in her bed and yawned.She had fell asleep and didn't even know.She felt good though.Compared to what she endured last night,that nap was well needed.Kendall flipped over to the side of the bed and hopped out.She stretched and let out another yawn.

Kendall was feeling one of the symptoms of being pregnant.Crazy cravings.

She opened the fridge and then closed it back.She then opened it again.She didn't know whether she wanted peanut butter or a deli sandwich.She finally decided on a deli sandwich.She went to the pantry closet and got the subway bread.She could have gotten the regular bread.But she thought the baby would enjoy the other bread better or she would anyway.

She put the bread in the oven to heat it up.She then opened the fridge and pulled out everything that made her stomach growl.Which was cheese,ham,salami,roast beef,jalpenos,banana peppers,lettuce,onions,pickles,and onions.Weird combination for a sandwich,but it was what she wanted.

Once she had finally got the sandwich fixed and cleaned up,Kendall decided it was time to please herself and the baby by eating.Kendall felt weird in a way when she thought of feeding the baby she was carrying,but there was no way around it.The best thing for her to do at the moment was accept it.She poured herself a glass of rootbeer and was about to go back upstairs when she heard someone knock at the door.

Kendall sighed and turned to face the door.It was probably one of her parents.Either way she wasn't hoping to see them until after school was out.She sighed and put her sandwich and drink on the table.

She heard the knock again and decided not to respond.She just kept walking to the door.She sighed and opened the door to see someone standing there with a suitcase.Kendall's mouth dropped open and her eyes widened.

"Savannah." Kendall uttered

Scene 13

Becca sighed and looked down at herself in the mirror.She knew she was innocent but she still felt like a traitor.She felt like she had done the worst thing possible.She felt like she had caused Cassie's downfall.She felt like she was the one to blame for everything.

"I knew you'd be in here." Alexis said walking in the bathroom

Becca didn't turn around.She turned the water on and splashed the cold water on her face.Alexis watched her in sympathy.

"Becca,it's not your fault." Alexis told her

"Isn't it?." Becca wiped the water out of her eyes

"No,Becca.It's not." Alexis repeated

"Cassie's world is ruined." Becca turned around and exclaimed,"Because of that stupid video.The video that I lost."

"Which was leaked by someone cruel and hurtful." Alexis reminded her

"I put the video in." Becca murmured

"No,you put in your video.The right one." Alexis argued,"Someone else switched videos."

"Does it matter? It all comes back on me." Becca told her

"Because you're blaming yourself." Alexis replied

Becca sighed and walked up to Alexis.Alexis noted how stoned cold Becca's eyes were at the moment.This was really hurting her.

"Alexis." Becca looked her dead in the eyes,"If you were Cassie.If your boyfriend's dirty laundry had been spread around the whole school,crushing your whole world.Think about it for a moment.Wouldn't you put some of the blame on me,too?"

 Scene 14

Skylar walked to his locker.He wanted to get his books and get to class as soon as possible.He didn't want to linger in the hallway for too long.

He began doing the combination when he felt someone tap his shoulder.He sighed and didn't turn around.He didn't feel like talking.

"Go away." Skylar said over his shoulder

"Aren't you upset?" the voice purred behind him

Skylar banged his fist on the locker and turned to see Millie standing there.She had a smirk on her face.Skylar wanted to make her disappear.Of course she found what was happening funny.

"Get away from me." he growled

"Oh, you're tense." Millie noted,"I can help that.."

"No.You can't."

"What's your deal?" she asked like she didn't know

"My deal.." Skylar mocked,"Is that my girlfriend found out about my mistakes and now she hates me.My deal is that everyone sees me as a traitor and a jerk.That's my deal."

Millie raised her eyebrow at his rant.She stood there for a second,letting what he said to her sink in.

"So your little relationship is over." Millie shrugged,"You two were having problems anyway.That's the reason you came to me."

"Don't remind me." Skylar muttered

Millie was getting annoyed by his actions.He was being a little too dramatic for her taste.So their affair had been publicized.Did he honestly think it was gonna stay secret forever? Everyone knows you can't have your cake and eat it too.Obviously,not him.

"You take things too seriously." Millie complained

"Why are you even talking to me?!" he asked her angrily

"I wanna know that too." someone said nearby

The two turned around to see Millie's twin standing there.She was obviously pissed off.She glared at the both of them.Skylar sighed,who knew what Lillie would go back and tell Cassie.

"Lillie." Skylar pleaded,"This is not what you think.I'm not with her anymore."

"Not that it is any of your business." Millie rolled her eyes mumbling

"You know what." Lillie walked up to her twin sister,"You made it my business when you did that to my best friend.You made it my business when you starting screwing my friend at our house.Now it's my business, because you're desperate to get in anyone's pants!"

Millie couldn't form words.Her sister usually didn't get that upset.

"The school sees you as trashy and that's because you are trashy.You're trashy and have no life." Lillie seethed,"You hang out with Camille for pete's sake.You waste your life on sleeping with endless dudes for fun.And when you get knocked up or get an STD, mom and dad ought to kick you out on your sorry ass."

Millie and Skylar just looked back at her.Both blinking in shock.This wasn't like Lillie at all

"Now excuse me I have to get Cassie's textbooks." Lillie walked over to Cassie's locker

Millie couldn't admit how much her sister's words stung.It was one thing to think those things about someone,but when you told them those things straight up in a person's face.It changed everything.She took a deep breath and swallowed.She then turned around and walked down the hall.

"Look Lillie..." Skylar walked up to her as she got out textbooks,"Tell Cassie...."

"What?" she turned to him

"Tell her that you're sorry.Tell her that you didn't mean it? Skylar, you didn't just sleep with some girl.You slept with my sister! I'm Cassie's best friend and you slept with my sister.And yet you want me to tell her you're sorry." Lillie looked at him,shrugging her shoulders,"Sorry for what? Sorry for sleeping with her or sorry that you got caught and that everyone has realized the unthoughtful jerk you are."

Skylar said nothing just looked down in silence.

Lillie nodded at his response.

"That's what I thought." Lillie closed Cassie's locker,"Everyone knows the real you now,Skylar.Especially Cassie."

Scene 15

Nala was standing by her locker,solemn.She had a thousand things in her head.Everything continued to just replay over and over in her head.Meeting Skylar.Sleeping with Skylar.Taking the pregnancy test.It all was having an effect on her.To make things worse,Kendall wasn't gone and she had witnessed Cassie 2 steps away from breakdown.

Nala noticed her face was wet.She quickly wiped her face.She inhaled and exhaled to turn around to see Violet standing there.

Nala blinked at her before saying anything.She was first of all surprised that Violet was coming this close to her.They had both left on unfriendly terms.However, Violet looked like she didn't even care about their previous argument.Her eyes were filled with disbelief and concern.

"I know the secret." Violet murmured looking her in the eyes

"What?" Nala asked,wanting to throw Violet off

She didn't think Violet was lying but she wanted to be careful.Just in case.

"That Kendall slept with Taylor Brooks at that camp and is pregnant.I know." Violet lowered her voice

Nala looked at Violet for a split second,before turning to see Freddie Jones standing there with his mouth and eyes wide open.

Scene 16

Becca sighed as walked next to Alexis' locker.Alexis gave her a smile of support.Becca smiled back weakly.

"You okay?" she asked

"Yeah." Becca slowly nodded,"I spoke with Cassie."

Alexis nodded,not expecting that.But she knew it was what Becca needed.

"How'd it go?" Alexis asked

Becca bit her lip before answering.She didn't know how to tell Alexis what Cassie had said.She took a deep breath and shortened it.

"She said she believed me." Becca breathed out

"And you?" Alexis followed up

"I'm working on it." Becca answered

Alexis smiled and pulled Becca into a hug.Becca breathed out and wrapped her arms around Alexis.Becca smiled and removed herself from the embrace.

"I'll find a way to deal." Becca swore

"Well if it helps, what I'm dealing is much worse." Alexis thought aloud

Alexis' eyes widened as Becca's eyebrow raised.Becca crossed her arms and looked at her best friend.What was she hiding?

'Well,what are you dealing with?" Becca questioned

"Nothing." Alexis pushed it aside

"Tell me." Becca said to her

"It's nothing." Alexis started walking away

"Alexis.Tell me." Becca insisted,catching up

"I can't." Alexis confessed

"Why not? I'm your best friend." Becca reminded her,"If you can't tell me a secret and believe I will keep it by now;then we have some issues."

"Fine,in the bathroom." Alexis grabbed Becca's arm and dragged her into the bathroom

"Make sure the coast is clear." Alexis ordered

Becca checked the stalls and gave her the thumbs-up sign.Alexis started pacing around the restroom should she tell or not.Nala told her not to,but this was Becca.Becca cared for Nala too.She could be trusted.

"Just tell me." Becca insisted at Alexis' constant pacing

"Promise not to...."

"I promise not to tell." Becca held up her hand,"Scout's honor."

Trish was minding her own business and was on her way to the bathroom when she heard two girls talking and stopped.She couldn't help it.She was nosy.

"Nala is pregnant." Alexis confessed,wrapping her arms around herself

"What?" Becca asked,hoping she heard wrong

"She slept with someone in Manhattan during Fall Break and now she's pregnant.She confessed it last night and showed me the test."

"Oh my....." Becca pulled Alexis in a hug

Alexis took inhaled and exhaled before wrapping her arms around her best friend.Saying it out in the open made her realize how much it was affecting her.

"Do you know who the guy is?" Becca whispered

"Yeah." Alexis walked to the sink

It was one thing that her little sister was pregnant.But she was pregnant by Skylar Wilson.Who was not on her favorite's list or anyone's for that matter.

"Do you at least know him?" Becca asked,touching Alexis' back

"Yeah." Alexis said,"We all do."

Becca looked at her confused.Alexis didn't speak for some time.She wondered if Alexis would ever get the courage to say it.She couldn't fathom how afraid she was.

"It''s Skylar Wilson.He's the father of her baby."

Trish tried to choke back the gasp that she wanted to release.She ran out of the bathroom.She didn't know what to do with the info she had just received.Skylar Wilson............Cassie Nite's Skylar Wilson,the guy that had just been blasted around the whole school as cheater........had got a girl pregnant?!

She wasn't a big fan of Cassie,but she didn't hate her or anything.But she couldn't help but feel like she deserved this.

"I don't see why I can't kick while she's already down." she said slyly

She pulled her phone and began texting.Cassie thought her world was shattered now,wait til she found this out.

Scene 17

Skylar saw Cassie walking to lunch.He checked to see if anyone was around luckily nobody was.He ran over calling her name.She slightly turned and stopped immediately.She waited for Skylar to catch up.

"Cassie....." Skylar breathed out,"I've been wanting to....."

"What are you doing here?" Tanya broke in the conversation

Behind her was Lillie,Corey,and Grant.Skylar sighed and shook his head.Everytime he tried to explain it always got ruined.

"Look guys," Skylar halted them,"I just want to talk to Cassie."

"And I think I made it clear earlier,that you're kinda out of things to say." Lillie snapped at him

Skylar glanced at Grant and Corey.The two weren't making any moves to jump on any sides.However, Skylar could tell they wouldn't pick his.

"You two aren't Cassie's mother." Skylar directed at Tanya and Lillie

"And you're not a good boyfriend." Tanya fired back

Skylar turned to see Cassie staring at Lillie and Tanya.He could tell she was deeply torn and confused.It was like she just wanted out.

"Cassie." he turned towards her,"Tell them to leave so that we can talk."

Cassie just looked at him for a moment.She then turned back to look at her friends.Then,it was like it all became too much for her.She didn't say anything.She just stormed away from all of them towards the cafeteria.

Skylar called after her and prepared to chase him.But he was stopped by Tanya and for a cheerleader she was strong.

"Pretty sure that means she doesn't want to talk." Lillie informed him

"You two girls really don't....."

"Maybe you should go,Skylar." Corey interrupted him

Skylar looked at Corey in surprise.Now Corey wasn't on his side.Corey simply just put his hands in his pockets.

"Really,Corey?" Skylar asked him

Corey said nothing.Lillie and Tanya looked at all three of the boys.Skylar turned towards Grant.

"You two,Grant?" Skylar looked at him

"Just go,man." Grant told him

Skylar nodded his head.He understood he made a mistake.That didn't mean his friends could just turn their back on him like that.They were supposed to be bros.

"Fine." Skylar nodded and started walking away,"I'm outta here."

Scene 18

"I have some happy news for you." Camille teased Freddie

Freddie didn't turn around.He was not in the mood for Camille's antics.He had to get to Taylor.

"What? You already know?" Camille kept pestering

Freddie still didn't speak.He just grabbed books out of his locker and threw books in.Camille raised her eyebrow at how urgent he looked.Camille couldn't help but smirk.

"You know, I told you it would happen." she pressed,"But you didn't want to believe me.You taunted me even."

Freddie sighed and slammed his locker.Camille jumped at the loud noise it made.She was caught off guard when he whirled around to face her.His eyes were filled with something she was unknown to from him.

"Look,I don't have time for you." he warned,"Leave me alone."

He started walking only to be followed by a curious Camille.She wasn't taking it.He had bothered her plenty of times.Now that it was on the other foot,she got to look like the bad guy? Not on her watch.

"What's your deal? Girl refused to let you hit it?" she asked, with a smirk

"Why don't you leave.You don't want to know what I have to say." Freddie warned her again

"I bet I do." Camille disagreed

Freddie shook his head frustrated.He should tell Camille to throw her off the edge.But he wasn't going to.Taylor deserved to hear this first.

"Must be really bad if it has you this worked up." Camille kept bothering him.

"Shut up." he growled a warning

"Look." Camille grabbed him by shoulder and stopped him,"There is nothing that bad that you can have you stomping around like the Hulk.Stop being a baby."

"Oh yeah!" Freddie yelled,"How about the fact that Taylor got a girl pregnant!?"

Camille stood there as she felt like the wind had been knocked out of her.Her eyes widened as her face turned white.Her biggest nightmare when it came to Taylor,had just happened.

Scene 19

Violet was still confused on to why Nala ran off after she confessed she knew about Kendall's pregnancy.It was weird to her.But it was nothing she could control.Nala hadn't even shown up to lunch.

"You okay?" Mark nudged her

"Yeah." Violet nodded, and picked up a fry of his plate

"Anyone else find things weird going on." Marley blurted out

Mark and Jeff looked at Marley confused.Violet just waited for Marley to explain.

"What do you mean?" Mark asked

"Well Kendall isn't here and Nala just skipped lunch.Not to mention I haven't talked to both of them in like days."

"Maybe they're busy." Mark  reasoned

Violet decided to keep her mouth shut.She didn't want to give anything away.

"And then what happened to Cassie last night at the game...." Marley began

"That was just the work of some cruel person.People at this highschool were bound to find out about him cheating on her anyway." Jeff said a little too quickly

Everyone turned their eyes toward Jeff.Jeff felt a shiver run up his spine.Maybe he shouldn't have said anything.He tried to avoid Marley's questioning eyes.

"You had a secret you were gonna tell me..." Marley began

Mark and Violet looked at Jeff curious.Jeff looked down as Marley continued thinking.

"And you didn't want Cassie to work with us..." Marley reminded him

"Because I thought we were work better by ourselves." Jeff told her,hoping she would stop

Marley kept looking at him.She was obviously searching his face.Jeff ran a hand through his curly,black hair.He was hoping she would let it go.

"Did you know that Skylar......." Marley began

But before she could reply all four of their cell phones buzzed.They all looked at each confused.It was out of the blue and a little weird.

"Please don't tell me we're in an episode of PLL." Marley blurted

No one answered just pulled out their phones.Their mouths all dropped open when they read what their phone said.

"Oh my goodness." Violet gasped

"Skylar Wilson gets girl named Nala pregnant."Violet read the text aloud

Scene 20

"Oh my gosh." Tanya said putting her cell phone down on the table

"What is it?" Lillie asked her

Tanya showed Lillie her phone.A gasp escaped Lillie's lips.Her eyes darted to Cassie who was eating in silence.

"Do you think it's true?" Lillie whispered to her

"If he could cheat on her with Millie,who knows what else he's capable of." Tanya whispered back

"Holy cow!" Grant exclaimed,looking at his phone

Corey simply shook his head in disappointment.Grant and Corey looked at Cassie.Tanya and Lillie exchanged glances.

"Okay,what is it?" Cassie spoke up

All of her friends' eyes darted to her.Cassie hadn't spoken the whole lunch period.They didn't think she'd speak at all.

"What are you talking about?" Lillie played it off cool

"You guys have been acting weird since Tanya checked her phone." Cassie informed them

"No matter that," Lillie dismissed it,"You're talking."

"Yeah,sweetie, that's amazing." Tanya touched her shoulder

"I can talk."Cassie deadpanned

"But you hadn't been." Lillie reminded her,"We're just happy you feel comfortable to talk."

"What are you hiding?" Cassie asked them

"Hiding?" Tanya mocked

"Yes." Cassie nodded,"You guys know something.All of you."

Cassie's eyes darted toward Grant and Corey.The two didn't say anything just looked down at their trays.

"Guys." Cassie pleaded,"I love you guys.All of you.But I can't handle any more secrets."

Tanya and Lillie looked at each other.Grant and Corey both breathed out unsure of what to do as well.

"Cassie, I just want you to know that we love you regardless." Lillie reminded her

"And we're gonna be here for you no matter what." Tanya added

"I know that." Cassie replied,"Now tell me."

Lillie opened her mouth,but Corey spoke before she did.

"Lillie,Skylar's my idiot god-brother.I should tell her." Corey said to her

Lillie nodded as Grant patted his back supportively.

"Cor," Cassie looked at him,"What's going on?"

"Skylar got a girl pregnant." Corey told her solemn

"What?" Cassie's eyes widened,"Huh?"

Tanya gave Cassie her phone.Cassie read it as her eyes started tearing up.

"Apparently,Skylar slept with some girl during Fall Break and she got pregnant." Lillie said

Tanya and Lillie kept talking but Cassie's mind had zeroed in on two words that Lillie had said to her.Fall Break.That was back when they both agreed to break up to see if they both really loved each other.She asked him did he meet anyone else.He told her no.She remembered it perfectly

"Did you meet someone?" Cassie asked sitting in his lap

"What?" Skylar asked her,rubbing his hands up and down her back

"You heard me." Cassie leaned down to look him in the eyes,"Did you meet anyone."

"Are you kidding? No one compared to you." Skylar said quickly

"Are you sure?" she pressed

"Cassie,why is it so hard to believe I love you?" he asked

"You're right." she breathed out,"I trust you."

"Really?" he raised an eyebrow

She raised his chin up and kissed him softly.

"Yes." she smiled

"Did you say Fall Break?" Cassie said stopping Tanya from talking

"Yeah." Lillie replied

Cassie's eyes went from being made of sadness to anger.She felt her blood begin to boil.She nodded and threw her trash away.

"Cass," Lillie stood up before she walked away,"Are you okay?"

Cassie nodded and smiled.She actually was okay.Or about to be anyway.

"Actually,Lillie." Cassie answered,"I am."

Scene 21

"You're going to hate me." Freddie said sitting next to Taylor on the stairwell

"Freddie,I could never hate you." Taylor told him,"Even with all the dumb things you do."

"Well I shouldn't have done this one."

Taylor turned to look at Freddie.He looked serious.Like he really messed up.

"What'd you do?" he finally asked

"I told Camille before I told you." Freddie looked at the ground


Freddie was known for not making sense.And to be honest,Taylor really wasn't in for it today.He just wanted to clear his head.But after his talk with Ms.Marc he couldn't.

"I gotta tell you something."

"I think we've established that." Taylor replied

"And I mean it's some deep stuff." Freddie continued

"Just tell me..."

"I mean I don't even......"

"Tell me." Taylor urged

"I heard these two girls talking and apparently you got some girl named Kendall,pregnant."

Taylor's face went blank white.He remembered what Ms.Marc said to him.

"Considering, she was just a virgin, and I believe she was, because I mean in our day and age,girls are honest about that.Then it kinda all depends on him.How much sex he had and whether he was careful and then there's always the obvious."

"What?" Taylor asked not knowing

"Pregnancy." Ms.Marc replied

Suddenly it all came back to him.The reason Kendall kept pushing him away.Kendall saying he couldn't find out.Kendall was trying to hide her pregnancy from her.


Taylor got up and grabbed his stuff.He was about to run up the stairs when Freddie stopped him.

"Where are you going?" Freddie asked

"To go find Kendall." Taylor said moving past him and running up the stairs

Scene 22

"I'm so disappointed." Millie said walking next to Skylar

Skylar looked at her like she was stupid.Who was she coming to him talking about disappointment?! He had disappointed the girl he cared about the most.......Cassie.

"About what?" Skylar asked,not caring

"You lied to me." Millie answered,with a fake pout

"When?" Skylar stopped and looked at her

"I thought that I was your first." Millie confessed,putting her hands on her hip

"What does have to do with anything?"

"You know what I'm referring to." Millie replied rolling her eyes

She could understand that he was trying to pretend it was fake.Being a teen father was no dream.

"No,I don't." Skylar admitted

"Here,see for yourself." Millie pulled out her phone and shoved it in his face

Skylar's eyes widened at what the phone said.Nala was pregnant by him.This couldn't be true? Could it?

"Looks like you're a daddy." Millie said smirking

Skylar didn't answer just took off at the other end of the hall.And just when he thought his day couldn't get any worse.

Scene 23

Nala barely made it out of the school doors when Mark,Violet,Marley,and Jeff bombared her.She looked at them in confusion.What was the deal.

"Is it true?" Marley asked first

Nala looked at them confused.Was what true? Nala looked at Violet.Violet didn't spoil the secret,did she?

"Nala,I am so sorry." Alexis ran over to her

"Huh?" Nala began

"I don't know how it happened and if I ever found out who did this, I will kick their ass." Alexis told her

"Wait,what?" Nala looked at her confused

She had no clue what was going on and she didn't like it.She had her friends wanted to interrogate her and then she had Alexis apologizing like she had committed a crime.

"What are you talking about." Nala asked cutting off Alexis' apologies

"They know." Alexis murmured

"They know?" Nala repeated until it finally set in

They knew she was pregnant.The school knew she was pregnant.

"How do they....." Nala began but then she was cut off by Taylor running up to them

"Where is she?" Taylor asked them

"Who?" Alexis asked confused

"You knew, didn't you?" Taylor directed at Nala

Nala looked back at Taylor.This was becoming too much.

"What are you talking about?" Jeff spoke up

"Don't act like you're all blind to what I'm saying." Taylor said, annoyed

"That's because we don't." Marley told him

"But she does." Taylor looked at Nala,"I know she knows."

Nala bit her lip and looked down.She really wanted to run away and hide.She felt to urge to run off and hyperventilate in silence.

"What's going on?" Mark asked

"Your friend." Taylor said to them,"The one that you were all trying to protect.She slept with me a couple of months ago and she's pregnant." Taylor turned to Nala,"Isn't she?"

Nala looked up to see everyone's eyes on her.The secrets were finally out.

Scene 24

"You didn't have to come home." Kendall said to Savannah again

Kendall still hadn't came to terms with the fact that her sister was here.She thought that when they had ended their phone call the other day, things were at least okay between them.Perhaps she was wrong.

"I think I did." Savannah disagreed sitting back on the couch

Kendall sighed and looked at her feet.She should have known her sister was going to be difficult.

"There's no need for you coming home." Kendall protested,"Mom and Dad are gonna think something is up."

"Something is up." Savannah clarified,"You're pregnant.You're having a baby."

Kendall grimaced at the phrase,'having a baby'.She had heard that phrase enough.

"Can you stop saying it like that? 'You're having a baby.' Stop saying it like that." Kendall complained

"Oh,I'm sorry." Savannah crossed her arms,"Does that make you uncomfortable? Perhaps, you should have considered that when you got in bed with someone at Musician's Camp!"

Kendall rolled her eyes at her sister's sarcasm.Not that what she needed at the moment.

"I know the someone is,thank you very much."

"You do?" Savannah's eyes widened,"That's good news."

"Again with the sarcasm." Kendall muttered,"But yes, the father goes to my school.His name is Taylor."

"Okay." Savannah nodded,"So what's he like?"

"Ugh." Kendall groaned,"Not the father material."

"News flash,sweetie." Savannah informed her,"No teenager boy is."

"Anyways," Kendall let that slide,"He has a rep."

"What type of rep?" Savannah raised her eyebrows

"A juvenile deliquient/player rep." Kendall breathed out

"Your baby's father is gonna be some criminal who spends his time banging every girl he meets?" Savannah blurted out

"Look,you don't get him." Kendall heard herself defend him

"And you do?" Savannah questioned her

"I mean the juvy part,yeah." Kendall answered,"I didn't know he was a player until afterwards...."

"One question before I move on:you slept with him during fall break.Didn't you see him any at school."

"I thought he looked familiar." Kendall shrugged,"Just didn't pay attention to it."

"Yes,because you were too busy letting him see your promised land." Savannah replied

"You know stressing out your nephew's mother isn't gonna help your nephew." Kendall snapped

"Nephew?" Savannah looked at her,"It's a boy?"

"Oh." Kendall realized she heard herself say 'nephew',"Oh I don't know.I haven't even seen a doctor."

"Which is why you're telling our parents." Savannah informed her

Kendall just let out a deep breath and looked down at her feet.She played with a loose string on the blanket she had on her lap.

"I know it's gonna be hard." Savannah told her,"I mean I've been there....."

"You were pregnant?" Kendall cut her off

"No, but I've had scares..." Savannah admitted,"And you the things that went through my head were insane.I imagined telling Mom and Dad that I was pregnant and it scared me.Believe me, I know a little about your fear."

"I just don't can't believe it."

"You kind of don't have a choice but to believe it." Savannah pointed out

Kendall was about to open her mouth to reply when she heard the door open and footsteps.

"Kendall,we're here." she heard her mother call

Stella being the runner she is spotted Savannah first.

"Savvy!!!" Stella exclaimed

"Stell-Belle." Savannah stood up and allowed Stella to run in her arms,"I've missed being called that nickname."

"Savannah?" Brooklyn blinked at her hugging Stella,"What are you doing here?"

"Hey mom." Savannah walked over and hugged her,"I've missed you guys so much."

"We've misses you too,sweetie." Brooklyn smiled at her,"But what are you doing her?"

Savannah released Brooklyn and turned towards Kendall.

"Kendall." Savannah called her name,"Why don't you tell why I'm here?"

Kendall's face turned pale as she saw her mom's eyes on her.

Scene 25
Even through the darkest phase
Be it thick or thin
Always someone marches brave

"How could you do this to me?!" Nala screamed at her sister

Here beneath my skin
Constant craving ( Constant craving)
Has always been (Always been)

Alexis and Nala's parents weren't home.Not that they cared,they were busy having a scream match.Nala didn't know who was to blame for Kendall's pregnancy leaking out or so she thought she didn't know but she did know that Alexis was responsible for her secret.

Maybe a great magnet pulls
All souls towards truth

"I don't what happened." Alexis confessed very apologetic

"Everyone knows now! And not just about me but Kendall!" Nala yelled

"I didn't tell anyone about Kendall." Alexis argued

"But you told about me!" Nala protested,"You're my sister! You're supposed to have my back!"

Or maybe it is life itself
That feeds wisdom
To its youth

"I know and I'm so sorry." Alexis apologized

Nala felt tears begin to fill in her eyes.She turned around and stared at the wall.Alexis looked Nala who had her back to her.

Constant craving (Constant craving)
Has always been (Always been)

"I was dealing with the fact that I had to tell one day." Nala said,her voice shaking,"And I was preparing for it in my mind."

"I'm so sorry,Audriana." Alexis said her whole name

"Yeah, I am too." Nala replied,wiping her face

Has always been

Alexis opened her mouth to speak but shut it when she heard her mother come throught the door.Nala was still staring at the wall.

"Girls,I'm home." they heard their mom say in a cheery voice

She came in the kitchen to see Nala's eyes puffy and her facing the wall.She turned her head to see Alexis eyes filling with tears.Her brows furrowed in confusion.

"What's going on?" she asked

"Nothing." Nala answered before running up the stairs

Alexis winced as she heard her slam her door closed.Alicia looked up the stairs.She then turned back to Alexis.

"Alexandria," she called her by her full name,"What's wrong with Audriana?"

Alexis bit her lip and looked at her mother.

"There's something you should know...." she began

Constant craving (Constant craving)
Has always been (Always been)
Scene 26

Kendall was upstairs in her room laying on her bed.Upon Savannah's return,Brooklyn decided that she wanted to cook a big dinner.Savannah had tried to corner Kendall into telling that she was pregnant.Luckily,Brooklyn's phone rang.By the time, she had got off the phone,she was more focused on dinner.Which was good news to Kendall.She knew she had to tell soon,but she wasn't ready yet.

Constant craving has always been
Ah ha
Constant craving

She sighed as she heard someone enter her room.It was Savannah....of course.

"What do you want?" Kendall asked letting her annoyance with her show

'Why so cranky?" Savannah asked sitting on her bed,"Hormones?"

"You know why!" Kendall sat up on her bed,"You almost outed me!"

Has always been
Has always been
Has always been

"I was trying to help you!" Savannah defended herself

"I don't want to tell that way!" Kendall argued,"Stella was right there!"

"Okay." Savannah nodded,"Maybe you're right.But Kendall,you're gonna have to tell them."

"But I don't want to be forced!" Kendall said,"I should have the right to tell on my own."

Has always been (Aaalways been)

"You're right and I'm sorry." Savannah nodded

"Look,I'm going to tell." Kendall promised,"I have no other choice.But I'm just not....."

Kendall was interrupted by her phone buzzing.Savannah and her turned to look at it.

"Your phone." Savannah pointed

"Yeah, I need to charge it." Kendall stood up and went charge her phone

She plugged her phone in and watched as it light up.She then saw that she had many text messages.

"Wow,people missed me at school,today."

She opened one of the messages and was surprised by what she read.She clicked on some more and they all read the same thing.Kendall's face turn pale.Her fear had just happened.

"Oh my gosh..." Kendall dropped her phone on her carpeted floor

She then instantly dropped to the floor.She felt her mind become clouded with fear.

Has always been (Aaalways been)

"Kendall." Savannah rushed and knelt beside her

Kendall felt her heart beating out of her chest.She felt like she was losing oxygen.She began struggling to breathe.Savannah watched for a moment as her sister began to hypervenatilate.

"Kendall,do you need your inhaler?" Savannah asked getting frantic

Has always been (Has always been)

Kendall bobbled her head yes.Savannah grabbed her inhaler off the dresser and gave it to her.Kendall took two puffs and began to calm a little.She pulled her knees into her chest.She felt hot tears cascading down her face.

"Kendall,what's wrong...."

Has always been

"They know." Kendall murmured

"What?" Savannah asked her,"Know what?"

Kendall looked at Savannah with scared,brown eyes.

"The school." Kendall murmured,"They know I'm pregnant."

Has always been