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Last On Nothing Is Ever What It SeemsEdit

Taylor caught on to Kendall.....

Taylor:You knew, didn't you?

Savannah returned to help Kendall whether she liked it or not....

Savannah:Why don't you tell why I'm here

The secrets were released.....

Nala:Everyone knows now! And not just about me but Kendall too!" 


Scene 1Edit

"What is it, Alexandria?" Alicia asked her daugther

Alexis stood there with her hand in her pockets.She felt another tear fall down her nose.She looked up towards the stairs.She had to do this.She knew Nala hated her,but she also knew that she might thank her one day for doing this.

"Alexandria." Alicia called her name,"I don't have all day."

"She's pregnant." Alexis blurted out

"What?" Alicia asked confused

"Nala." Alexis wiped her teary face,"She's pregnant."

"Alexandria,I don't know what's...." her mother began

"Mom,it's true." Alexis looked her dead in the face,"Nala's gonna have a baby."

"This isn't funny,Alexis!" Alicia scolded her

"Mom!" Alexis protested,"Do you really think I'd lie about this!?

"No sé lo que le estás tirando pero esto tiene que parar." (I don't know what you're pulling but it better stop) She yelled in Spanish

"Mamá, me dijo ella.No estoy mintiendo a usted." (Mom,she told me herself.I am not lying to you.) Alexis replied in Spanish

Alicia looked at her daughter and saw the honesty in her eyes.Alicia opened her mouth in shock.Alexis simply nodded and wiped another tear that was threatened to fall.Alicia's fall instantly turned white.In any second she would break.Before she could respond,Oliver came in the house.

"I'm home." he smiled walking in

He walked over and kissed his wife's cheek and then moved to his daughter's.Alicia and Alexis' eyes were still deadlocked on each other.

"Where's Nala?" Oliver asked

Alicia's eyes changed suddenly.Alexis noticed the change and talked fastly in Spanish to her mother.

"Mamá, aún no..." (Mom,not yet)

"Now what have I told you about speaking in Spanish so fast?" Oliver joked with Alexis

Oliver didn't give her time to finish;he had already walked into the living room.Alicia looked at her daughter stone coldly.Alicia walked over and started whispering.

"Not yet?"

"Mom,you confront her now,she'll crack.Everyone at school already knows and someone stole and spread it around school.She can't handle anymore tonight."

Alicia looked at her daughter and then turned to look at her husband.She sighed deeply.She didn't want her daughter to have a breakdown,but this was a big deal.Her baby girl was pregnant.Her kid was having a kid.She was only a freshman in high school.She wasn't ready for the real world!

"Okay." Alicia agreed,"But this charade won't last for long."

Suddenly,Nala walked slowly down the steps.She didn't even glance at her mother,she looked straight at Alexis.Alexis saw the pain in her red,puffy,eyes.

Believe me. Alexis thought in her head, I know.        

Scene 2Edit

The Next Day

"I know you don't want to do this." Savannah said,driving Kendall to school

Kendall said nothing just looked out the window.She somehow managed to fall asleep after crying.She wasn't even tired,she was just deeply sad.

"But you can't avoid school." Savannah continued

"When I said you could take me to school, I didn't mean so you could lecture me." Kendall finally replied,not looking at her

Savannah could have called her out on her attitude.She just didn't think it was worth it today.Kendall was going through a lot and Savannah was supposed to be helping,not harming.

"I know you're upset." Savannah just answered

"Well,the whole school knows I'm pregnant when I haven't even told my parents...." Kendall objected,"Kinda something that gets you upset."

"You know I hate to say this but you should have thought about this...."

Kendall clenched her small fists.She was so tired of what was about to come next.She didn't want to hear about how this would not have happened if not for sex.She wanted to know who was responsible for the school knowing that she was pregnant.

"Before I had sex, I know." Kendall interrupted her, turning around to face her,"You don't have to keep pushing that in my face.I already know."

"This isn't going to be easy for anyone." Savannah informed her

"Especially not me." Kendall muttered

Scene 3Edit

"Would you calm down?" Millie elbowed Camille on the bus

Ever since the news broke that Taylor had knocked up a girl at their school,Camille had been on edge.She always knew that one day this was going to happen.She just never thought she would actually see the day.

"No." Camille refused,"Taylor got a girl pregnant."

Millie rolled her eyes.She knew that Camille claimed she didn't care.But she was showing it poorly.

"Camille,you knew Taylor was sleeping with other girls." Millie reminded her

"Yeah, but he's always been doing that!" Camille pointed out

Millie was about to say something but she had a point.She always that Camille would be the one that Taylor got pregnant.However, it was no surprise to her that he had got someone pregnant.

"How could he be so stupid?!" Camille asked,upset

"We all know the consequences of sex."

"I bet the girl did it on purpose." Camille mumbled

"Really? You think a girl in highschool got pregnant on purpose by Taylor Brooks?" Millie looked at Camille like she was insane

"It's possible." Camille whined

"More possible that you're just jealous and don't want to admit it." Millie suggested

Camille glared at Millie with a scorned face.Millie gave her an innocent look and turned away.No need to make her more upset than she already was.

Scene 4Edit

"There's a reason I wanted to leave early." Alexis told Nala

Nala turned around in the car to notice that Alexis had turned the car off in the Starbucks parking lot.Nala sipped a cup of her mocha.Alexis had offered to buy it and Nala didn't want to turn down a good mocha.

There was a long moment of silence.Alexis was hoping that Nala would finally cave in and talk to her.Apparently,not.

"Nala,I'm sorry." Alexis succumbed to the silence

Nala didn't reply,just looked at her cup.Alexis took this as a response to keep talking.

"I don't know what happened.Maybe I shouldn't have told Becca.I just honestly thought she could be trusted.I regret the decision completely."

Nala said nothing even though she could hear the sincere remorse in her sister.She wasn't about to let up though.She should feel sorry.

"We all knew it was going to come out." Alexis followed up

Nala breathed out heavily,signaling her frustration.She put her cup in the cup holder built in Alexis' car.Alexis, at the moment, wasn't doing so good.She crossed her arms and looked at her feet.

"I know you hate me." Alexis told her,"And I hate me too.But it doesn't matter.You're pregnant and you need support."

"And who is gonna give me that support?' Nala turned to face her,"You?"

"Of course I will." Alexis was surprised by how Nala was acting

Nala huffed and didn't answer.She hated the whole situation.

"Nala,believe it or not,I love you." Alexis proclaimed,"And I'm your sister.I'm gonna be here for you whether you like it or not."

There was silence in the car for a few more moments.Nala looked up at her sister.Alexis waited for her to say something.

"We should get going." she murmured

Alexis noticed that Nala didn't say it with an attitude.It was as if Nala was conflicted.It at least meant Nala was considering forgiving her.Alexis nodded and cranked up the car.Trying to forgive is better than refusing to forgive.

Scene 5Edit

"Okay,talk." Tanya forced when she and Cassie got out of Cassie's brother's car

Cassie had changed completely from earlier.She looked calm and unaffected.Earlier she was sad and moody.Tanya had been through enough breakups to know that was not normal.Especially not when it came to Cassie and Skylar's relationship.

"What?" Cassie looked at her confused

"You've been acting weird." Tanya informed her

"Like how weird?" Cassie asked not affected by that statement

"Like not moody weird but awkardly calm." Tanya told her,"Did you do like 3 rounds of yoga last night or something? Been drinking green tea?"

"No," Cassie shook her head,"It's just it is almost the end of the year.I could spend the majority of my time being mad at Spencer.But I'm not going to."

"Are you sure?" Tanya raised an eyebrow,"I mean you just found out that he cheated on you twice and got a girl pregnant.Not something you bounce back from in a day."

Cassie closed her eyes shut and tried to shake what Tanya was saying out of her head.It was hard to get pass it,the more people brought it up.She just wanted to forget.

"Tanya,it's terrible,of course.I mean I love Skylar.I wanted to be with him." Cassie explained,"But the more I walk around like a sad puppy,the more pleasure I'm sure the girl Skylar knocked up and Millie will get."

"You know if it helps," Tanya linked her arm with Cassie's,"I always thought you were too good for him."

Cassie smiled and rested her head on Tanya's shoulder as the two walked in the building.

Scene 6Edit

"I just don't know what to say to them." Marley told Jeff at his locker

Marley was pacing back and forth,Kendall and Nala on her mind.She loved both of them deeply.She just didn't know how to act with the fact that they were pregnant.It was something she didn't see coming.

"Well could you at least stop pacing around?" Jeff grabbed a book out of his locker," You're making me skittish."

Marley ignored him and kept pacing.Jeff sighed as she kept talking 100 words a minute.

"It's just how do you act around them? I mean they're gonna show before the end of the school year.And then what about our parents?" Marley pondered

"It's not their business." Jeff responded

"But they'll know." Marley stopped to look at him,"We always hang out during the summer.You can't hide something like that."

"Teen pregnancy isn't something new to this century."

"I don't think you're getting it." Marley started twirling her ponytail

"Probably not." Jeff agreed,"But I know we should be there for them.They're gonna need support and we should be there to give it to them."

Jeff didn't believe on turning your back on the people you loved.And he loved all of his friends.He wasn't just gonna watch as they suffered for their mistakes either.He wanted to stand by them and he hoped the rest did the same.

"You're right." Marley said, agreeing with him

"They don't deserve to be labeled for their mistake." Jeff explained

"You know you have the kindest soul." Marley complimented him

Marley smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.Jeff smiled back and leaned in to kiss her.Marley moved her head away surprising Jeff.

"Just so you know we're not having sex until college." she teased

"Yeah...okay." Jeff said before kissing her

Scene 7Edit

"So you're not gonna talk to me either,now?" Skylar asked as Corey shut his locker and started walking

Corey didn't answer just kept on walking.Skylar let out a groan of frustration and followed him.Skylar picked up the pace to keep up.

"Don't tell me you believe this rumor?" Skylar asked him walking with him

Corey sighed and kept walking.Did Skylar always have to involve him in his problems? Was there nothing better for him to do?

"I mean who says it's true?" Skylar continued

Corey shook his head as Skylar kept talking.This was getting annoying for him and the day just started.

"Look," Corey stopped walking,"You told me you slept with someone during Fall Break."


"So?" Corey mocks him,"It's real funny how this girl is claiming that you slept with her during Fall Break in Manhattan.The same place you told me you cheated on Cassie."

"Dude,that means nothing."

"No,Skylar." Corey shook his head,"It means everything.Look,I'll always your back,but you need to figure yourself out first." Skylar blinked as Corey started walking again.This was insane to him.It wasn't like he had hurt Corey in any way.

"If you're mad at me,why don't you just forgive already." Skylar called after him

"I'm not the one you need to worry about being mad at you.Ask Cassie for forgiveness." Corey said over his shoulder

Scene 8Edit

Kendall felt like she could feel the stares burning through her.It was obvious that the secret was out about her pregnancy.She didn't know who all knew she just knew that people were aware and it nagged at her.

It wasn't that she was afraid of what people would say.She had to came to accept the fact that she would be labeled and forever looked at differently.That she was okay with.Life wasn't easy.And Kelly Clarkson said that doesn't kill you make you stronger.

She sighed and rolled her eyes.She tried to focus on what the teacher was saying.Even though she knew she didn't need to.She was usually very good in this class.She'd never made a failing grade.

She just didn't know how to handle all the thoughts flooding her mind at the moment.She was pregant.Not only did her sister know and had came down to force her to tell but her friends knew too because of someone.Which suddenly changed everything in her head.

Kendall wasn't at school when her pregnancy was leaked.So she knew she wasn't responsible.Someone had to inform someone else about her pregnancy.Only two of her closest friends (if she could still call them) that knew.So which one of them was it? Which one of them was mad at her for some unknown reason and decided to spill her secret to the school?

Kendall could feel her blood begin to boil.She looked down and saw that she had clenched her fists.She thought she was pissed off this morning in her sister's car...........but now she was livid.

Scene 9Edit

"I swear no one better not say anything to her."

"I know we're supposed to be all serious and stuff." Mark said,checking her out,"But I love it when you're all badass."

Violet rolled her eyes and kept walking.Did he have to be such a guy.She loved him and all......but now was the not the time.He could save his flattery.

"Thanks,honey." Violet said sarcastic,"But I'll pass on what you love about me right now."

"Don't worry." Mark advised Violet

"How could I not? Taylor is the father of her baby." Violet exclaimed, "I can only be nervous for her.Plus,you know how people are.Someone is gonna talk."

"And I bet you'll be right there to knock their face in when they do."

Violet took his sarcasm seriously and responded with a serious nod.Mark looked at her,seeing if she would budge.She didn't.Mark sighed and placed his hands on both sides of her face.

"You and I both love Kendall dearly." Mark said to her,"We both want to be there for her and we will be.We'll make sure no one bothers her.Just don't go crazy on me."

"Okay." Violet breathed out,"But I'm serious.I will go off on someone."

"Let's just worry about how Kendall is dealing first." Mark suggested,"Not to mention Nala is supposedly pregnant too."

"Yeah,but it's different with Kendall." Violet lowered her voice

Nala was a good friend.But Violet hadn't forgotten their previous argument.Plus,Nala and Violet had never had that chance to get close.It just wasn't their thing.She cared for Nala and of course wanted the best for her but Kendall was like blood to her.

"Still,we gotta be there for her too."

"You're always thinking of the right thing." Violet wrapped her arms around his waist

"That's me." Mark answered,before Violet pecked his lips with a kiss

Scene 10Edit

"Okay,what's going on?" Brooklyn asked Alicia sitting down

"What are you talking about?" Alicia asked sipping her coffee

Brooklyn had decided to take an early lunch break after Alicia asked if they could talk and keep up.However,Alicia looked closed and like she was dealing with something that was tearing every wall in her body down.

"Honey,something has you so shook up." Brooklyn told her

Alicia just took another sip of her coffee.She needed some wine.She was up late last night sipping wine and thinking back over her parenting skills.

"I'm a good mother,aren't I?" Alicia heard herself ask

"Of course." Brooklyn put her fork down

"I mean,"Alicia struggled to find words,"I always thought that I set the right example for both of my daughters."

"Alicia." Brooklyn placed her hand over Alicia's,"You're a wonderful mother.You do everything for them.They're so bright and talented.They know right from wrong."

"Maybe they don't." Alicia murmured

"What are you talking about?" concern in Brooklyn's voice

"Alexis told me last night that Nala is pregnant." Alexis let out

Brooklyn gasped.Alicia nodded and felt tears fill her eyes.She was still in shock herself.Her baby girl pregnant in highschool.

"Are you certain? Have you talked to Nala?" Brooklyn questioned

"Alexis told me to wait.Apparently,everyone at school knows and she's handling pretty bad." Alicia vented,"But I mean why didn't she come to me first? Why didn't she tell me that she had sex?"

"Sweetheart," Brooklyn tried to comfort her,"Nala is probably scared out of her mind right now.She made a mistake.But that has nothing to do with your parenting skills."

"But doesn't it?" Alicia asked

If I was a good mother.Alicia said in her head.Nala would have known not to have sex.She would have known better.She would have known to come to me.

"Honey,you need to stop worrying about how much of a wonderful mother you are,which you are an excellent one,and focus on helping Nala."

"Why can't teenagers focus on just being teenagers?" Alicia asked taking another sip of coffee

Scene 11Edit

"Nala,wait up!" Marley called

Nala stopped walking to see Jeff and Marley walking towards her.Nala forced herself to smile.She hoped this went well.

"Hi,we wanted to see how you were." Marley informed her

"I'm doing good.I'm pregnant." Nala clarified,"But I'm fine."

"Yeah,we heard." Jeff looked down at his feet

Nala noticed the long silence and how they both looked uncomfortable and confused.She didn't want that for them.She loved them.

"Hey," she nudged them,"I'm pregnant not dead."

"I'm sorry." Marley apologized,"I just don't know how to deal with this announcement."

"You promise to always be my friend." Nala told her,"And to stand by me no matter what."

Marley nodded and Nala could tell she was blinking back tears.Nala pulled her into a hug,her own eyes starting to water.

"I love you." Nala professed

"I love you too." Marley swore,hugging her best friend tightly

"You guys." Jeff complained,"You know how much I hate tear-filled,sappy,girl moments."

The two stopped hugging and looked at him.They exchanged glances and pulled him into the hug.Jeff sighed and then Nala felt him return the hug.Nala laid her head on Jeff's shoulder and breathed deeply.It felt good to have friends that cared.

"Okay." Marley released herself from the hug

Nala did the same as Marley wiped a tear that had managed to slide down her face.She smiled and looked at Nala.

"You have to tell me what happened during Fall Break."

"It's a long story." Nala breathed out,as the trio began to walk

"Well,you have 9 months to tell me." Marley teased

Nala nudged her as she felt Marley rest her head on her shoulder and Jeff wrap his arms around her waist as they walked down the hall.She had never felt more content.

Scene 12Edit

"You didn't answer me at all,last night." Freddie said to Taylor sitting by him on the steps

"I had a reason,obviously." Taylor muttered looking down at his lap

He felt like he was losing his mind.It all made sense.The reason Kendall didn't want him around.The reason she always got skittish when he brought up that night.It was because she was pregnant and he was going to be the father.Technically,he already was the father.It was just a lot to take in.

"Is it about that Kendall girl?" Freddie asked

Taylor sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose as Freddie said her name.He hadn't seen her yet.But he knew he had to talk to her.It was his baby after all.Not that he wanted to be a father.

"All jokes aside...."

"There is no way you could put this into a joke." Taylor cut him off

Freddie closed his mouth at Taylor's smart reply.He knew that Taylor was in a bad mindset right now and he needed to tread carefully.

"I'm just saying,man." Freddie began again,"Obviously,this is a lot to think about.You're having a kid.Camille's gonna freak...."

Taylor cracked his knuckles.He had a habit of doing that when he was mad.He felt anger surge through him.

"I don't care about Camille!" Taylor jumped out,"She's not the one pregnant."

Freddie stood up and faced him.Freddie knew Taylor better than anyone.He also knew that the only way Taylor would back off was if you refused to back down.

"I didn't say you didn't." Freddie said calmly,"But obviously she's gonna come around.I mean she has a habit of always doing so."

"What's it with you and always bringing Camille up?" Taylor argued

"You act like I'm lying." Freddie answered,"She's always around and now that she knows you got someone pregnant she's gonna be around even more."

"You know I get real tired of you acting like you know everything." Taylor seethed

"I'm just trying to help you act.Why don't you calm down?"

"And if I don't?" Taylor stepped up

Freddie didn't even flinch.He knew Taylor too well.They went way back.

"I don't think you wanna know." Freddie warned as he stepped up as well

The two just looked at each other for a moment.Taylor's expression was angry unlike Freddie's whose was blank.

"We go too far back,man." Freddie told him calm

Taylor sighed and stepped away.Freddie breathed out relieved.He was about to say something when Taylor stormed away.

Freddie sighed and looked down at his feet.Why did he have a feeling his friend was on the pathway to self destruction.

Scene 13Edit

"Hey." Violet heard someone say as she closed her locker

She turned her to see Nala standing there.She looked as if she had a lot of serious stuff on her mind.Violet tried to hide her surprise.She didn't know whether the situation with her and Kendall had brought them closer or not.

"We need to talk." Nala said to her serious

Violet raised an eyebrow and began walking.She was obviously confused.She wasn't going to ask her for tips about her pregnancy was she?

"About?" Violet asked as the two walked down the hall

"About Kendall." Nala answered

"Oh,yeah Mark and I promised to be there for her.We're gonna tell her later." Violet said before Nala could continue

"I mean we need to tell her how her pregnancy got out." Nala stated

Violet stopped and she turned a shade of pink.She let her eyes meet Nala.She crossed her arms.

"I don't see why." Violet shrugged,"We need to worry about other things."

As she walked down the hall,she heard Nala following her.Violet sighed as Nala began talking again.

"Kendall is gonna wanna know how the school found out." Nala told her,"I mean who knows if Taylor hasn't already confronted her by now."

"Hopefully,he won't." Violet shrugged,"But if he does,she'll have us on her corner."

"You really don't get this, do you?" Nala shook her head in disbelief

"What I get is that Kendall is pregnant and now everyone knows.It was going to come out anyway.But instead of worrying about it we should focus on helping her."

"Kendall deserves to know that we're the reason people found out."

"No,Kendall deserves to know we're gonna be here for her." Violet disagreed

"We can still be there for her.But she's smart enought to know that when she left school her pregnancy was under wraps and when she returned people knew."

"Look,you rat us out and she'll hate us.She'll never talk to us again." Violet warned,lowering her voice,"And she needs us more than ever right now."

"I guess I'm the only one that really cares about Kendall." Nala stated forcing Violet to stop in her tracks

Violet turned around and marched back to face Nala.The two looked at each other for a moment.

"Look,I get that you may be upset about people knowing about your pregnancy." Violet said to her,"But that doesn't mean Kendall feels that way."

"I don't care what you think." Nala justified,"I'm gonna tell her the truth.Whether you like it or not."

Violet breathed out angrily as Nala left her standing there.Nala was almost out of earshot,when she turned on her heel and marched back up to Violet's face.The two girls stared at each other.

"And let me tell you something." Nala warned her angry,"Don't judge me on my pregnancy,okay? I'll take a lot of things but you're not gonna talk about my unborn child.I suggest you get that clear."

Scene 14Edit

"She still hate you?" Becca asked as she and Alexis worked on their project

Alexis had been down all morning due to her argument with Nala.She was even starting to hate herself for telling her mother about her.

"Totally." Alexis replied,"She wouldn't even hear me out this morning.I mean I talked,but all she did was tune me out."

"Well you gotta think about how hard this all is for her." Becca rationalized

"Yeah," Alexis nodded,"But she could at least you know let me help."

"There's probably nothing you can do to help." Becca explained,"She doesn't want to hear anything you have to say and she's not gonna listen.You're gonna have to wait until she's ready."

Alexis sighed and nodded.She just hoped it would be sooner than later.

"I mean it's not like the school was never going to find out." Becca continued,"She'll realize that and forgive you.She's just in a hard place right now."

Alexis listened as Becca continued rambling until she blurted something out.

"I told our mom."

Becca stopped talking and looked at Alexis with surprise.Becca blinked at her for a couple of moments before shaking her head.It was like she was trying to shake the thought out.

"You told your mom?" she asked even though she knew the answer

Alexis didn't like the look Becca had on her face.The guilt had increased

"I had to." Alexis breathed out

Becca looked down at the table.She didn't know what to say.She knew that it was a mistake for someone overhearing them talk about Nala's pregnancy,but telling her mom.Even Becca wouldn't have done that.

"You see why I did it,don't you?" Alexis asked,basically pleading for a yes

Becca looked at her for a second and then looked back down at the table.Alexis frowned at her friend.

"Alexis,I love you." Becca said still looking at the table,"You're my best friend."

"And you're mine." Alexis professed

"But no." Becca shook her head and looked at Alexis,"I don't understand why you did that to your sister.And neither will she."

Alexis bit her lip and looked down at her lap.Had she done the wrong thing?

Scene 15Edit

Skylar checked his watch.He had to get to class.He was just hoping that maybe he would catch Cassie coming to her locker.He still wanted to talk to her.He thought that maybe if he could say something to her,anything,the world would be right again.

"Looking for someone?" he heard someone call out

It just wasn't the voice he wanted to hear.He turned to see Millie standing there with her arms crossed.He didn't hide his disgust at her presense.She was the last person he wanted to see.

"What do you want?"

"I was just hanging around." Millie shrugged

"Well do it somewhere else." Skylar fired back

Millie raised an eyebrow at his tone.She was getting tired of talking to her like she was the trash beneath his shoes.

"Whoa." Millie stopped him,"Don't get feisty with me because you're little love dumpling don't want you anymore."

"How about you keep Cassie out of this." he ordered

"You know how about you take some responsibility for your own mistakes?" Millie suggested,"Instead of acting like I ruined your life.Remember,you came to me that night."

"I rather not re-live it." he muttered,refusing to awknowledge what else she said

"Oh yeah." Millie scoffed,"Well how about the fact that you got a girl pregnant during Fall Break? That was before you and I ever slept together."

Skylar jaw twitched as Millie hit a nerve.

"Yeah,I said it." Millie pressed,"You want to act like the world did you wrong when you're just getting everything you deserve."

"I don't remember you turning me down either!" Skylar fired at her

"And I own up to that." Millie defended herself,"I admit that I had sex with you and I don't regret it.But you! You want to act like you were forced or something.Stop acting like you're Mr.Innocent and admit that you cheated on your girlfriend.The girl you so call 'love'."

"I do love her." Skylar clarified,"And you don't anything about Nala or Fall Break."

"I know it's true." Millie answered

"Oh yeah,how? Were you there?"

"No," Millie shook her head,"But I can look at you and tell that all of it is true.You did sleep with that freshman girl.You are the father of her baby and now you're doing the same thing you did when the truth about us came out.You're running away."

"I guess you don't know me so well after all because you're lying." he informed her

"Am I?" Millie mocked

Skylar didn't answer.He just looked at the ground.He was obviously pissed off.His jaw was twitching and his fists were balled up.

"Do yourself a favor.Cut the crap out and be honest for once." Millie advised,"Don't ya think that Cassie,the girl you knocked up, and your future child deserve it?"

Skylar didn't answer just took off in the direction of his next class.He was going so fast and not paying attention that he didn't see Cassie walking by.She stopped and watched as he ran to class.She sighed and turned to see Millie standing there.The two looked at each other for a moment and then Cassie walked into her next classroom.That was one confrontation,Cassie would never be ready for.

Scene 16Edit

Taylor didn't even get to shut his locker when he saw Camille standing there.She looked conflicted.One emotion was clear,she was pissed off.

"You didn't come over,last night." she looked down at her nails

She was afraid what would happen if she met his gaze.

"The last person I wanted to see yesterday was you." Taylor replied,harshly

"What has you so upset?" she pretended to be oblivious

"Don't play dumb." he said not in the mood,"You know the truth and so do I.I finally knocked a girl up."

Camille felt different emotions surge through her body.She looked at up him and could tell that he was just as conflicted as he was.Maybe even more.

"Some freshman girl,really?" Camille berated him,"You slept with some freshman?!"

"You know,I don't need your opinion." Taylor snapped,"I don't care how you feel anymore.I've told you a long time ago.I'm done with you.Maybe now you'll finally get the message."

Taylor started to walk away when Camille fired back.

"So what getting this girl pregnant was to get back at me?" she asked,"Are you that stupid?"

"Are you serious?" Taylor turned back,facing her,"You really think this about you?"

"I'd be lying if I said I knew what to think." Camille folded her arms

"How about you worry about you." Taylor warned

"I don't get it,Taylor." Camille shook her head,"How could you be so immature? You've screwed up your life!"

"How about you shut up!" Taylor yelled,his jaw twitching

Camille's eyes widened as she saw how close Taylor was.His eyes were filled with anger.She looked to see that they had caused a scene.Students were stopped watching what was going on.

"Walk away." he seethed,"And leave me alone."

Camille opened her mouth to respond,but was cut off by Freddie rushing over and grabbing Taylor.She watched as Freddie forced Taylor away from her.She turned back to see everyone's eyes on her.

"Well,what are ya staring at?!" she glared at them,"Get your sorry butts to class!"

The crowd shuffled and moved to their respective locations.Camille barely had a moment to recollect her thoughts before Millie was there beside her instantly.

"What happened?" she searched Camille's face

"Nothing that can be fixed." Camille mumbled before walking away

Scene 17Edit

"Okay,we can't keep doing this." Marley broke the silence at the lunch table

No one had dared say anything when they sat down.Kendall was the last one to the table and she kept her eyes glued on her plate.Violet was watching Nala's every move and Nala was watching Kendall.

"Doing what?" Violet took a bite out of her apple

"Acting like there's nothing going on." Jeff looked at all of them,"We all know what's going on."

"Since you guys know,then there's no need of us telling, now is there?" Kendall asked, still looking at her food

Everyone noticed the acid in Kendall's tone.She was pissed off and barely keeping it under wraps.Nala winced as she stabbed a fork into her green beans.

"Kendall,we want to help." Marley volunteered,"You and Nala.We want to be there for you."

"Yeah and we're gonna be." Violet swore,"We're all friends,remember."

"Are we?" Kendall said, looking up from her food

"What?" Marley asked confused

"Are we all really friends?" she repeated,"Because I know that my real friends would never betray me."

Kendall turned to look at Nala and Violet.Both of them felt their hearts beating wildy.Nala bit her lip.She turned to look at Violet.Violet looked at Nala with an expression that meant she didn't want her to tell.

"Kendall," Violet spoke up,"Don't you think you should focus on your pregnancy? And not you know...."

"How people found out?" Kendall retorted

Violet didn't reply.She just looked back down at her food.She started fiddling with her hair.

"Someone told." Kendall continued,"And only two people at this table knew.And I really don't think that Nala would tell that I was pregnant when she's going through the same thing."

"Are you saying it was just me!?" Violet asked

"Come on,Violet." Kendall replied,"You were freaked when I told you and you wanted me to tell."

"That doens't mean I told!" Violet defended herself

"Yeah,that's not like Violet." Mark agreed

"Maybe someone else knew." Jeff guessed

"Yeah,Nala.Nobody else knew.So someone knows the truth and I want to know it now." Kendall commanded

"Kendall,it doesn't matter..." Mark began

"Like hell,it doesn't!" Kendall cut him off,"This is my life here.When I left school no one knew I was pregnant.So tell me why last night my phone was getting blown up with texts about me being pregnant."

No one said anything.They all just looked down at their plates.

"Kendall....." Violet bega

"It was me." Nala blurted

All eyes turned to Nala.But the only ones Nala was looking at were Kendall's hurt,brown ones.

"Wait,what?" Kendall stammered

Nala met Violet's eyes.Violet was scared and didn't know what was going on.Nala gulped and decided to sacrifice herself.

"Kendall,I'm so sorry."

Violet watched as all of Kendall's faith in Nala diminished.Violet felt her throat clog up.She looked down at her plate.

"It wasn't supposed to happen." Nala's eyes brimmed with tears

"But it did." Kendall said solemn

"It was a mistake." she swore

"No,the mistake was telling you." Kendall corrected

"Kendall,please..." Nala pleaded

"No,I wanted the truth and I got it." Kendall stood up,"Just know I would have never done this to you."

Kendall walked away from the table and out of the cafeteria as Nala sat there silently.She felt tears sliding off her face.

"You didn't really tell her secret did you?" Marley asked

Nala looked up as more tears continued to slide down her face.She could tell that Marley was debating whether she wanted to be her friend or not too.

Before Nala could answer,Marley stood up and left the cafeteria.She was obviously upset.

"She'll be fine." Jeff told them as he got up to follow her

"I think you should go with them." Violet nudged Mark

"But..." Mark began

"Go." she pressed

Mark nodded and left to go after them.Nala looked down at her feet as more tears fell.She felt a pair of arms wrap around her.Nala looked up to see Violet sitting next to her.

"Why'd you do that?" Violet asked,her voice wavering

"Because I thought that she'd forgive me faster." Nala sniffled,"But maybe I was wrong.Maybe she'll never forgive me."

Scene 18Edit

"This whole complete calm thing is weirding me out." Lillie informed her

"Hmm?" Cassie wasn't paying attention

Lillie watched as Cassie continued jotting down notes in the classroom.Cassie had suggested they skip lunch and get work done.At first Lillie was against it,but Cassie had promised they'd go to Dunkin Donuts afterwards.So Lillie had bit her tongue and agreed.

"Cass,don't play dumb." Lillie put her pencil down and looked at her

"Okay,I won't." Cassie replied,looking at her work,"So tell me what you're referring to."

Lillie rolled her eyes and raised her best friend's chin up where their eyes were level.Cassie rolled her eyes.Lillie could be so dramatic sometimes.

"What is it,Lil?" Cassie moved Lillie's hands from her face

"You just aren't yourself." Lillie noted,with a casual shrug

"I'm fine." Cassie swore

"No,you're faking." Lillie read her face

"As your bestie,I'm offended." Cassie crossed her arms,pretending to be hurt

"Cass,I've known you since you joined my gymnastics class at the age of 7." Lillie reminded her,"I know you better than anyone."

"Than you should know that the only thing is wrong with me is that I can't do my work because you're distracting me." Cassie smiled sweetly

"Tanya told me what you said to her this morning." Lillie sat back in her chair,"I say it's bull."

"Harsh much?" Cassie raised an eyebrow

"Harsh,no?" Lillie shook her head,"Honest,entirely."

"I'm fine." Cassie insisted

"Then why I am going to get to your textbooks?" Lillie deadpanned

"Because you offered and.....I don't feel like doing it." Cassie shrugged

"How ironic." Lillie replied,not buying it

"Look." Cassie breathed out,"I'm fine.If this thing is true about Skylar getting a girl pregnant than........"

Lillie watched as Cassie tried to form words.She knew that Cassie was pretending to be okay,because she was tired of people checking up on her.But Cassie had right to be upset.

"Cassie." Lillie placed her hand on her shoulder,"You have every right to be upset.Skylar cheated on you,twice.There's no way you can just bounce back from that and be okay."

"Why not?" Cassie asked,"Is there some rule book about how long you have to grieve?"

"No,but there is a such thing as being rational." Lillie replied,"Cassie,you were heartbroken all last weekend and yesterday and now you're acting like it never happened.You can fool everyone else,but I know you better."

"Can't you just allow me to be okay?" Cassie asked,growing annoyed by the conversation

She loved her friends tons.And she was grateful for their support,but this was going too far for her.She was trying to deal;she was trying to accept it all and move on.Not that it was easy,but they were making it even harder.


"No,"Cassie cut her off,"I am entitled to my own feelings.And if I don't care,then I don't care."

Lillie opened her mouth to respond but Cassie cut her off by continuing to talk.

"As your best friend,you should support me.But all I'm getting is the opposite."


"No,you know what I need  is a breather."

Cassie then got up of her desk and stormed out of the classroom.Lucily,the teacher wasn't in there to hear their spat.Cassie stormed out of the hallway and couldn't help that her eyes were watery.She was walking so fast that she didn't where she was going.She suddenly bumped into someone making her crash to the ground.

"Ow." she uttered on the ground

"I'm sorry." someone extended their hand,"Really.It was my bad."

Cassie looked up to see Freddie standing there with his hand out.Cassie blinked in surprise.Freddie Jones was being a gentleman? Not something you saw everyday.

"Uh,do you want help up?" he asked looking down at her

Cassie shook her head as if she was trying to come to reality.She nodded and took his hand.

"Thanks." she said

"No problem." Freddie replied,"By the way,I really am sorry."

"I believe you." Cassie replied

The two of them just stood there for a moment looking at each other.Cassie couldn't help but stare.She finally smiled.

"I'll just go." she told him


She nodded and then proceeded to turn around and leave.She breathed in and out.She just couldn't shake the feeling.She didn't know what it was,but she felt something.Something she'd never felt before.

Scene 19Edit

"Are you okay?" Kendall turned to see Violet standing there

"I will be." Kendall shrugged and blew a strand of hair away from her face

Violet hugged Kendall tightly.Kendall returned the hug tightly,taking deep breaths.

"I'm sorry." Violet apologized

"Why?" Kendall looked at her,"You didn't do anything."

Violet gulped and forced herself to smile.She felt terrible about what happened at lunch.She had assured Nala that Kendall would come around,but even she was uncertain.

"I think you should know that I think what happened was an honest mistake." Violet defended Nala,"I honestly don't think Nala would ever try to hurt you."

"I wanna believe that too." Kendall admitted,"But I just don't know."

"Kendall,you need friends right now and so does she." Violet continued,"Just try to forgive her."

"I...." Kendall closed her mouth at the sight of Taylor standing there

Violet turned to see Taylor standing with his hands in his pockets.Violet turned back towards Kendall.Kendall sighed deeply and nodded,motioning Violet to go ahead and go.Violet breathed out not pleased and nodded.She was about to leave when she walked up to Taylor.

"I'm a lot tougher than I look." she warned,"Don't hurt my best friend."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

Violet didn't turn back around to face Kendall;she just walked down the hall.Kendall looked up to see Taylor distanced away from her.Kendall sighed and decided she should talk first.

"What do you want?" she asked

"I know you're pregnant and I know the baby is mine." Taylor informed her

Kendall just looked down at the ground.She really didn't know what she was supposed to do at this moment.She couldn't deal with him right now.She hadn't even told her parents.

"Look,obviously you're in a tough situation right now." Taylor noted,seeing how distraught she looked,"But we're gonna have to talk sooner or later.So,I'll be seeing you around."

Kendall looked up to see him walking away.She gulped and leaned back against the locker.She wasn't ready for what lied ahead.

Scene 20Edit

"We need to talk." Skylar said walking up to Lillie

She rolled her eyes and let out a tired sigh.Seeing him did nothing but just dampen her mood.She didn't want to hear what he had to say.She wasn't even sure she cared. "If you want to sleep with her too,I'm pretty sure she'll say no.Unlike her sister,she's not that eager to jump in bed." Tanya walked up

"You know Tanya," Skylar directed at her sarcastically,"I always loved your ability to burst into other's conversations."

"I wouldn't have to if I still had trust in you."

"I don't need your trust." Skylar pointed out

"You don't need mine either." Lillie snapped,"Now what do you want?"

"Could you just ask Cassie to talk to me?" Skylar pleaded,"She won't even come to her locker."

"If she wanted to talk to you,she would." Lillie shrugged

"Maybe you should give her what she's giving you...distance." Tanya suggested

"I just want to talk to her."

"Why don't you focus on your pregnant girl?" Tanya suggested

"She's not my girl."

"Whatever." Tanya rolled her eyes

"Tanya's got a point.Have you even talked to her?" Lillie asked

"That is not my problem." Skylar dismissed it,"I want to talk to Cassie."

"Well,too bad,Skylar!" Tanya answered,harshly,"Cassie doesn't want to talk to you.Why don't you focus on what's really important!"

"And you know what's really important?" Skylar scoffed,shoving his hands in his pockets

"Yeah,it's your baby." Lillie clarified

"I don't know if you've noticed or not." Skylar replied,"But I could care less about that girl or that baby."

"Wow." Tanya said shaking her head

"And just when I thought you couldn't be any more of a dog." Lillie spat

The two then gave him looks of digust and walked away.Skylar groaned and hit the locker.He turned to see Nala standing there.His face went blank at her standing there.

"Thanks for letting me know how you feel." she replied

Skylar watched as Nala stormed off.He let out a sigh of frustration,leaning back against the locker,against the locker.He was getting real tired of striking out.

Scene 21Edit
You take a deep breath and you walk through the doors
It's the morning of your very first day
You say "Hi" to your friends you ain't seen in a while

Kendall walked out of the school building to see everyone gathered in their own social circles.She sighed and folded her arms across her chest.She used to have friends to walk outside with,now she felt so alone.Her eyes darted down to her stomach.

Try and stay out of everybody's way
It's your freshman year and you're gonna be here
For the next four years in this town

Nala walked to her locker and started throwing books in her locker.She didn't even care about the loud noise it made.She turned her head to see Marley and Jeff walking down the hall.Instead of taking their usual route,they turned down the corner.Nala sighed and bowed her head.

Hoping one of those senior boys will wink at you and say
"You know, I haven't seen you around before"

Camille crossed her arms as she waited for Millie to get her stuff.She semi-hoped she'd see Taylor and Freddie walking down the hall.To her misfortune,she saw nothing.

'Cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you
You're gonna believe them

Alexis in a sullen state walked over to her locker.She didn't expect Becca to barely talk to her for the rest of the day.She opened her locker and pulled out some of her workbooks.She closed her locker to see Becca standing there with open arms for a hug.Alexis smiled wide and hugged Becca tight.

And when you're fifteen
Feeling like there's nothing to figure out

Skylar opened his locker and threw his books in.He heard footsteps and hoped that it would be Cassie.Maybe she had finally let up.He turned to see it was only Corey.He frowned as Corey opened Lillie's locker and got out a textbook.Skylar gave him a look like he couldn't believe Corey was playing along with the act.Corey simply shrugged,closing her locker.Skylar watched in disbelief as Corey walked down the hall.

Well count to ten, take it in
This is life before you know who you're gonna be

Violet stood against the lockers as Mark was talking to one of his teachers.Out of the corner of her eye,she spots Nala walking down the hall.Violet notices how sad Nala looks.She has her arms folded and her down.Violet felt guilt crawl over her body.She turns away to avoid seeing Nala's sullen state.

You sit in class next to a redheaded Abigail
And soon enough you're best friends
Laughing at the other girls who think they're so cool

Marley sees Kendall out of the corner of her eye as Jeff hugs her goodbye.She notices how sad Kendall looks.All it does is piss her off more.She couldn't believe that Nala would do such a thing like that.She was having a hard time believing Nala would do anything anymore.Maybe she didn't know her that wel,after all.

We'll be out of here as soon as we can
And then you're on your very first date and he's got a car
And you're feeling like flying

Kendall waits for Savannah to come and get her when she sees Taylor exit the building.She pulls her bag to her chest and looks at her feet.She can practically feel him gazing at her.It didn't feel good.She beamed when she saw her sister pull up.She instantly ran to the car.She met Taylor's eyes as she got in.They were filled with something she didn't even know.

And your mamma's waiting up
and you're thinking he's the one
And you're dancing 'round the room when the night ends, when the night ends

Cassie looked down the hall to see if Skylar was by her locker.She smiled in relief when she saw he wasn't.She began to walk down the hall when she was tapped on the shoulder.She whirled around to see it was only Corey with her stuff.She grinned,grateful and took her things from him.She noticed him searching her face.She gulped and on impulse turned and walked down the other end of the hall.

'Cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you
You're gonna believe them
When you're fifteen and your first kiss makes your head spin around

Skylar walked outside anything but pleased.This whole day had pissed him off.Cassie was avoiding him like the plague.Corey was treating him like some type of traitor.Lillie and Tanya basically wanted him dead.Millie told him off.And now he had hurt Nala which believe it or not was not what he wanted to do.It was like the world was just not in his favor.He was walking so fast that he didn't see that Nala was walking past him.Not that she noticed she head her down.The two kept walking not watching where they were going only to knock each other down.

But in your life you'll do things greater than dating the boy of the football team
But I didn't know it at fifteen

Nala shook her head when she saw it was him.She immediately hopped up and dusted herself off.Skylar stayed on the ground as if he couldn't believe his day had gotten worse.She looked at him and then back at the sky.She looked like she was about to consider helping him up when Alexis called her name.Skylar and Nala turned to see Alexis in her car with Becca in the passenger seat.Nala immediately walked over and got in the car.Skylar watched as Alexis took a second to glare at him before driving off.

When all you wanted was to be wanted
Wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now

Freddie desperately wanted to say something to Taylor.The dude looked like he had the world is on his shoulders.Except not in a good way.It was like he couldn't handle it.When he saw Taylor staring at that girl that walked over to the car; he knew it was her.The same girl that he was once interested in.The one that Taylor had told him not to get with.The one girl that managed to end up pregnant.

Back then I swore I was gonna marry him someday
But I realized some bigger dreams of mine

Taylor didn't know how to feel or how to react.He wondered what was going on in her head.What she gonna do next? He then thought about how much Quinn would hate this if she found out.Colt would probably go over the edge.But for some reason,that wasn't the only thing that bothered him.He had created a life.He was known for affecting others' lives, but this was different.This child was a part of him.It changed everything and that scared him.

And Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind
And we both cried

Camille fiddled with her thumbs on the bus.She was still surprised that Taylor had said those things to her.She didn't expect Freddie to come in out of nowhere and break things up.It was like he knew something was going to happen.She wished she knew what was going to happen.

'Cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you
You're gonna believe them
And when you're fifteen, don't forget to look before you fall

The scene first shows Kendall in Savannah's car looking distraught.The scene then intercuts to Nala in the back of Alexis' car with teary eyes.The scene then shows Taylor looking conflicted.Next it's intercuted to Violet feeling guilty as Mark talks to her.

I've found time can heal most anything
And you just might find who you're supposed to be
I didn't know who I was supposed to be at fifteen

The scene then shows Marley in her father's car thinking over everything.The scene then shows Cassie thinking about everything Tanya and Lillie said to her.She also thinks about Skylar.

La la la la la
La la la la la
La la la la la

Nala sighs and walks into her house.She sees that it appears her mom is upstairs.Nala is almost up the steps when Alexis calls after her.

"What?" Nala turns around

"There's something you should know." Alexis admits

Your very first day
You take a deep breath, girl

Nala rolled her eyes,placing her hands on her hips.She didn't want to talk to the person she was forced to call family.She'd rather be by herself where she could sulk alone.

"Whatever it is,I know it can wait." Nala deadpanned

"No." Alexis was urgent,"It honestly can't."

"Fine,what is it..."

"Alexis." their mother walked in,"I need to talk to Nala.Alone."

Alexis' eyes widened and filled with fear.Nala, not knowing what was going on, looked at her mother.But Alicia wasn't looking back.She was deadlocked on Alexis.Alexis slowly shook her head no.Alicia just crossed her arms,firm.


Alexis sighed and ran upstairs.Nala looked at her mother who on the inside was fretting this conversation.

"Everything okay,mom?"

"We need to talk,Nala." she finally answered

Take a deep breath as you walk through the doors.
Scene 22Edit

"You gotta tell her." Savannah persisted

Kendall and her family had just got done eating dinner.Well,Kendall,Savannah,Brooklyn,and Stella had finished eating their dinner of pizza because Brooklyn had a long day at work.It hadn't been until 5 minutes ago when Franklin finally contacted Brooklyn, telling her he wouldn't be home until late.After seeing how displeased her mother was,Kendall openly offered to do dishes.Savannah just decided to tag along.

"I will." Kendall insisted,"In time."

"There is no time." Savannah reasoned

"This baby won't be here for like another 6 or 7 months." Kendall shrugged

"Oh,and you plan to look like that the whole pregnancy?" Savannah crossed her arms,"Your baby's gonna come out looking like a cabbage patch doll....all flat and stuff."

Kendall growled lowly.She was getting tired of doing this.Everyone was on her case.She didn't know who she could trust.It was too much.She wanted out.

"Kendall,you need to be mature about this." Savannah advised

"Would you stop it?!" Kendall finally reached her breaking point

Savannah was obviously surprised by her sister's outburst.Not something Kendall usually did.Kendall balled up the dishtowel and threw it on the counter.She turned to face Savannah,piping mad.

"I'm tired of it all.The advice,the talks,the apologies......just stop it!" Kendall complained

"Ken...." Savannah began,but Kendall kept ranting

"I need to be able to breathe." Kendall ranted,"But I don't know who to trust and it's like everyone thinks they know what I should do.Or they're asking me what I'm gonna do? I'm still dealing with this myself!"

"What is going on here?!" Brooklyn asked walking into the kitchen

Savannah looked at Kendall intently.Kendall groaned and threw her hands in the air.She couldn't take the atomsphere anymore.

"I need some air." she declared

"Kendall..." Savannah began

Kendall just stormed out of the kitchen.Kendall stomped up the stairs,appearing to get something,and then proceeded to exit the house.Savannah winced as Kendall slammed the door.Brooklyn looked at Savannah confused.

"What was that about?" she asked,puzzled

"She should be the one to tell you." Savannah answered

Scene 23Edit

"Okay,what is it,mom?" Nala sat on the couch

Nala tried to calm her nerves.She didn't want her mom to notice how frazzled she was.It'd lead to just more questions and she couldn't handle that right now.

"How have things been with you?" Alicia asked sitting on the couch

"One word,hectic." Nala tried to lighten the mood with the joke

Alicia didn't budge.Nala noticed and looked down at her lap.She was suddenly,uncomfortable.

"Does this go for things inside and outside school or...."

"Mom." Nala looked at her,"My life has always been hectic.I've never been a sit down and relax girl.I'm in the fast lane."

"But you know the fast lane can be dangerous..."

"Sure." Nala shrugged

Alicia sighed and looked down at her coffee cup.There wasn't actual coffee in it though.She had been on and off drinking glasses of wine today.Trying to set herself up for this ordeal.All the wine in the world couldn't prepare her though,she soon realized.

"I just hope that before you do anything rash." Alicia picked up her cup and took a sip,"You'll think of all the consequences."

"I'm aware that the choices you make can affect you for the rest of your life." Nala replied,not meeting her eyes

"Are you?" Alicia questioned

"Yes." Nala whispered

"Audriana,there use to be a time where you could tell me everything." Alicia thought back,"And now I just wonder if you're still aware that you can.Even the most worst thing to you,I still need to know.I'm your mother and I'm gonna love you no matter what you do.And I refuse to judge you over loving you."

Nala gulped and looked down at her lap.She felt her palms get sweaty.She didn't like what was happening here.She wanted to run out,but she couldn't.Her mom could just be playing a mind game with her.Time could only tell.She had to play it out.

"I love you very much,mom." Nala answered,"And I know you love me too."

"So my question is." Alicia cleared her throat,"Would you tell me if you had a life changing secret?"


"I know you're pregnant,Audriana." Alicia confessed,looking into her cup

Nala's face went pale.She felt like someone was stepping on her ribcage.Her eyes immediately began to fill tears.

"How'd...." she began

"I'm your mother." Alicia gulped,deciding to keep Alexis out of it,"I know my daughters.Better than they know themselves."

Nala's lip quivered as tears began to fall down her face.Alicia tried her best to hold her composure,but she had the urge to do something other than stand tall.

"Audriana,I am....."

"Mom,wait!" Alexis ran down the stairs

Nala and Alicia looked at her.Alexis looked like she had to get something off her chest.Nala folded her arms,waiting for her to speak.

"Nala,I'm sorry." Alexis apologized,"I shouldn't have...."

"Alexandria!" Alicia scolded,trying to shut her up

But it was too late,the wheels had already began to turn in her head.Everything went dark for Nala.She looked from Alexis to her mother.She felt rage swarm all over her petite body.

"You told her?!" Nala shrieked

It sparked shocked expressions on both Alicia's and Alexis' face.


"No!" Nala snapped,"Shut up! You're supposed to be my sister! And you betrayed me twice! Twice! You told the school and mom! You told mom!"

Alexis felt tears pool her eyes as tears spilled out of Nala's red,puffy,ones.Alicia,seeing the tense and emotional moment between her daughters,tried to break it up.

"Audri...." she tried to speak

"No!" Nala shook her head,"I'm leaving."

"Audriana!" Alicia scolded,"Don't you dare!"

"I'm pregnant,mom." Nala spat,"I'm an adult.I make my own choices."

Alicia and Alexis watched as Nala stormed out slamming the door.Alexis ran to the door,but was pulled back by Alicia.Alexis looked at her like she was insane.

"Have you lost it?! She's emotional and all alone!" Alexis reminded her mother

"She won't go far." Alicia promised,"She'll be back tonight."

"How do you know?" Alexis asked shaking her arm free

"I know my daughters." Alicia replied

"Oh yeah." Alexis raised an eyerbrow,"You didn't know Nala get pregnant."

Alicia didn't get a chance to respond,because Alexis stomped up the stairs.Alicia sighed and plopped on the couch.She placed her head in her hands and silently screamed.Oh,what a night.

Scene 24Edit

Skylar took a big breath of air and knocked on the door.Skylar had a mixture of different things going through his head.He felt like this was last resort.He had tried calling and texting Cassie,but to no avail.She wouldn't talk to him at school,so maybe she would talk to him at his house.

Finally,after what felt like decades,the door opened.He hoped it was Cassie.He frowned when he saw it wasn't.But the person that it was put fear in his eyes.It was her older brother,Hunter.Skylar gulped.

"Hey,Hunter." Skylar felt his palms become sweaty

"Skylar." Skylar could practically hear the anger in his voice

Skylar beging secretly wishing Hunter didn't pummel him right there.He took a deep breath and kept talking.

"Is Cassie here?" he asked

"Nope." Hunter answered,"She's with one of her friends.She needed to be somewhere away from home.She's been depressed lately,know why?"

Skylar felt his heart pound as Hunter looked at him with cold,black eyes.Skylar felt like preparing for the punch coming his way.

"No." he lied,"No,I don't."

"Oh really?" Hunter raised an eyebrow

"Yeah..." Skylar forced himself to say

"Anyways,she's not here." Hunter told him

"Oh,okay." Skylar nodded

Hunter looked down at the flowers in Skylar's hands.

"Are those for my sister?" he asked


"I'll give them to her." Hunter grabbed the flowers

"Really,thanks." Skylar eased up a bit

"So she can throw them away." Hunter followed up

He grabbed Skylar by his collar so quick,Skylar thought he was gonna pee his pants.

"Listen here,Wilson." Hunter warned,"I heard about what you did and you won't believe how much seeing my sister cry pisses me the hell off.Ever come near my sister again,you're gonna be unable to play football for a long time.Because I'm gonna break every bone in your body."

"Yes....yes sir." Skylar croaked

"Now get away from my house." Hunter commanded

Skylar ran to his car so quick,you would have thought he was a marathon runner.Hunter grunted and walked back in the house,closing the door behind him.

"Who was that?" Cassie asked,walking in the kitchen

"Who do you think?" Hunter threw the flowers on the table

Cassie felt herself shake a little as she thought of Skylar.She picked up the flowers and threw them in the trashcan.She felt her brother wrap an arm around her supportively, as she stared at the flowers in the trashcan.

Scene 25Edit

Nala folded her arms across her chest and continued walking.Part of her wished,she'd simply stomped up her stairs.Instead,Nala decided to storm out of her house.She wasn't even aware of where she was going.She just knew that once she walked off her house's porch,she didn't want to stop walking.

It wasn't until later that she finally realized where she was going.She was walking to the park.She remembered when Kendall and her were finally allowed to walk there together at like 14.Tears filled her eyes as she thought of all the fun memories the two had together there.

"Can we please go by ourselves?" Nala begged

"Yeah,we're 14.We can do it." Kendall persisted

"I don't know." Alicia pondered

"Please." Nala pleaded

"What do you think Brooke." Alicia turned to her

"Hmmm." Brooke debated

"Please,mom.Dad is always saying how mature I am."

"And mom you say that me and Kendall are exactly alike." Nala told her,"So if Kendall's mature,than so am I."

Alicia and Brooklyn exchanged glances.Brooklyn let out a breath and finally nodded.

"Oh,okay." she agreed

"But be back 30 minutes before dinner." Alicia instructed

"And expect phone calls from us." Brooklyn told them

"Your fathers are police officers.So don't think we won't have the team search for you two if you scare us." Alicia warned

"We promise." Nala and Kendall locked pinkies saying

Nala smiled thinking back.She wished she and Kendall were on good terms now.She missed her terribly.But Kendall made it clear that Nala was the last one she wanted to see.And all because she had decided to be the bigger person and take up for Violet.

Nala continued to walk to a nearby park bench when she heard guitar chords.Nala raised her eyebrow.Who would be playing music in the park.....especially at this hour?

Kendall:I am not a child now
I can take care of myself
I musn't let them down now,
Mustn't let them see me cry

Nala knew that voice anywhere.It was Kendall.What was she doing in the park.And she had her guitar and was singing.Not something Kendall would do.

Kendall:I'm fine
I'm fine.

Nala looked around to see if anyone was nearby.She was content to hear nothing but hear birds chirping,the guitar stringing,and Kendall's song.Which sounded so familiar.Nala decided to keep walking towards Kendall.

Kendall:I'm too tired to listen
I'm too old to believe
All these childish stories
There is no such thing as faith and trust and pixie dust

Nala decided that before she would approach her,she would wait and try to figure out the song first.She crept quietly and hid behind a tree.She felt like some peeping tom.Not her best moment.

Kendall:I'll try, but it's so hard to believe
I'll try, but I can't see where you see

The more Kendall sang and played the guitar,Nala fought to remember the song.Finally,she thought she got it.

Kendall:I'll try
I'll try
I'll try

When Nala and Kendall were little.They used to love Peter Pan II.Nala remembered how much Kendall loved the songs in the movie.This one was her favorite.She remembered she use to have beg Kendall to stop singing.

Nala:My whole world is changing
I don't know where to turn
I can't leave you waiting

Nala had no idea what she was doing.Why she had opened her mouth and started singing.Kendall turned around to see where she was coming from.She finally decided to come out from behind the tree.

Kendall:But I can't stay and watch this city burn
Kendall and Nala:(Mmm) Watch it burn.

Nala was surprised to see Kendall's lips turn up in a smile.Nala smiled too when she kept playing and singing.That encouraged Nala to sing along too.

Kendall':Cause I'll try, but it so hard to believe

Nala:I'll try, I can't see where you see

Nala walked over and sat down next to Kendall.Kendall smiled faintly and looked down at her guitar as she played.

Kendall and Nala:I'll try
I'll try

Nala noticed when Kendall looked back up that she was crying.This set tears to Nala's own eyes.

Kendall:I'll try and try to understand
The distance in between

Nala scooted closer to Kendall.Kendall didn't move.

Nala:The love I feel
The things I fear

Nala wrapped an arm around Kendall's shoulders.

Kendall and Nala:And every single dream.

Kendall  rested her head on Nala's shoulder.Yeah,Nala had pissed her off.And she should still hate her for it.But Nala was the only one who understood what she was feeling.

Kendall:I can finally see it
Now I have to believe
:All those precious stories
All the world is made of faith and trust and pixie dust

Kendall and Nala:So I'll try 'cause I finally believe
I'll try 'cause I can see where you see

Kendall:I'll try
Nala:I'll try
Kendall:I will try
Kendall and Nala:I'll try

Kendall and Nala looked at each other and smiled as they sang the lost note together.

Kendall and Nala:To fly

Kendall let out a breath and put her guitar down on the bench.She turned around to say something but Nala beat her to it.

"Kendall,I know you hate me.I hate myself too.But you have to believe me when I say I'm sorry and that I didn't mean for any of this to happen.But you're my best friend and I love you." Nala rambled

"Nala..." Kendall tried to but in

"And I just really need a friend right now because Marley hates me too,I think.And now my mom knows I'm pregnant because Alexis went off and told.She's the same one that told everyone about my pregnancy and I....." Nala continued rambling

"Nala!" Kendall shut her up,"I forgive you."

"How many times do I have to apologize....Oh wait." Nala realized what Kendall just said,"You forgive me?"

Kendall reluctantly nodded.

"I mean sure,I'm mad.But you're the only one I feel I can really talk to." Kendall admitted

"I feel that way too." Nala confessed

"Savannah's trying to force me to tell my mom." Kendall confessed quietly

"Alexis already told mine." Nala informed her

Kendall noticed how hurt Nala looked.The betrayal she felt was evident.

"I'm sorry." Kendall grabbed her hand in a comforting manner

Nala smiled and looked down at the grass.She felt like she couldn't put words to how she felt.It was like no matter what she did.She couldn't end the stress that was mounted on her.

"I just feel like I can't win no matter what I do." Nala confessed

"Well no one said life was gonna be easy." Kendall said to her

"Well it certainly isn't right now." Nala muttered

Kendall looked around.A thought popped in her head.She smiled and nudged her shoulder.

"You'll always have me for a friend no matter what happens." Kendall swore

Seeing her smile brought a smile to Nala's face.She saw Kendall holding up her pinkie finger.

"Promise." she asked

"Promise." Kendall recited

Nala and Kendall locked pinkies and smiled at each other.They hugged each other and just as they leaned back,they heard a car horn.They turned to see someone run out of their car towards them.Fear suddenly took over them.They held hands tightly,unaware of what to do.

"I should have known you'd be here." Savannah said walking up to them

"Savannah?" Kendall called her name out surprised

"What are you doing here?" Nala asked

"Your mom called me telling us you ran out.I told her you were probably with Kendall." Savannah told her,"I also said that when I found you two,I'd drop you off."

"Oh." Nala looked down

"Hey," Savannah placed a hand on both of their shoulders,"You're not gonna get through anything alone."

"I know." Kendall muttered

"But I just don't want to go back." Nala confessed

"Nala,you should have heard your mom on the phone.She was devastated." Savannah informed her

Nala sighed and looked down at the grass.She didn't want her mother to be hurt.But she was hurt too.She just didn't know if she could face her parents.

"Believe it or not,you two think life is hard now." Savannah explained to them,"Think how much harder it would be if you were on your own."

Nala and Kendall exchanged glances.For a couple of moments,there was nothing but silence.Nala finally nodded.

"Okay." she finally murmured

"Ready to go home?" Savannah asked

"Yeah." Nala confirmed,"I am."

Savannah nodded and the trio hopped in Savannah's car.Kendall and Nala both sat in the back.The two squeezed each other's hands for support.It wasn't until Savannah stopped at Nala's house that she noticed she was trembling.Nala thought she was gonna faint as she slowly got out of Savannah's car.

She was almost up her steps when she heard a car down shut.She turned to see Kendall running towards her.She then felt Kendall basically jump on her.Kendall had hugged her.Nala smiled and wrapped her arms around her friend.

"Call me okay." Kendall whispered in her ear

"Okay." Nala murmured

"I believe in you." Kendall told her

"You too." Nala told her

Kendall let her go and watched as Nala walked up her step.She smiled and waved.Kendall waved back as Nala entered her door.Kendall turned around to see Savannah waiting in the car for her.Kendall took a deep breath and then walked down to the car.

Scene 26Edit

Savannah and Kendall walked through the doors only to be nearly mauled by a worried Brooklyn.

"Where were you?!" Brooklyn exclaimed to Kendall,"I was worried sick.I almost called your father."

"I needed space." Kendall replied quietly

"You want space,you go to your room." Brooklyn quipped,"Not outside to the great unknown!"

"Mom,that's not important right now." Savannah butted in

Brooklyn looked at Savannah confused.Kendall placed her guitar done and started wringing her hands.She wanted to disappear and go anywhere but here.

"Savannah,Kendall took off.Went somewhere no one knew about." Brooklyn informed her,"What could be more important than that."

"Mom,I'm pregnant." Kendall confessed

Oh, why you look so sad?
Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now

Kendall didn't expect to say it that way.She wanted to sit her mom down the two of them talk alone.But she didn't want her sister to get chewed out for her.She couldn't handle it.

"What?" her mom croaked

"I'm sorry." Kendall apologized,as tears filled her eyes

"Kendall,I don't know what's going on right now,but you don't have to lie by saying this." Brooklyn told her

"Mom,it's true." Kendall replied

"I saw the test." Savannah spoke up,"I even bought her another one to make sure.And it's true."

Brooklyn looked like she was wrecking her brain.She started pacing back and forth.Kendall felt Savannah grab her hand.Kendall felt ashamed that she was doing this to her mom.

Don't be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through
'Cause I've seen the dark side too

"Kendall,I don't get it." Brooklyn finally stopped pacing,"I......I taught you better than that."

"I know and I should have known better." Kendall confessed,"But mom I'm scared."

"I just......" Brooklyn struggled to find words

Kendall felt her heart break.This was what she was afraid of.It was like the life was being sucked of her.

"I know you're mad." Kendall cried,"But please don't hate me."

When the night falls on you
You don't know what to do
Nothing you confess
Could make me love you less

"Kendall." her mom grabbed her hand and sat her down on the couch,"I don't hate you."

"You don't?" Kendall sniffled

"No," her mother said teary eyed,"I just don't think you understand what you've got yourself into."

"I'm so so sorry." Kendall apologized

"I believe you." her mom told her her

"So is this the part where you send me to the foster system?" Kendall asked,tears sliding down her face,"Because you can't handle what I've done?"

I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you

"Ken...." Savannah began

"No," Kendall cut her off,"It's okay.I shouldn't have messed up you guys' life like this.I'm no more than the crack whore you adopted me from.So you should send me away,just like they did her."

"Kendall,no." her mother shook her head,"You're not like your mother.You're smart and talented."

More tears slid down Kendall's face as her mother talked.Savannah sat down next to Kendall and grabbed one of her hands.

"Your mother was just like mine.She didn't care about us." Savannah said, her voice cracking

So if you're mad, get mad
Don't hold it all inside
Come on and talk to me now

"And I'm gonna end up just like her." Kendall murmured

"No,Kendall,you won't.You are my daughter." Brooklyn said to her,"And I refuse to send you into the foster care system.We're a family.And we're gonna work through this like one."

Hey, what you got to hide?
I get angry too
Well I'm a lot like you

"We don't give up on each other." Savannah told her

"You guys really still love me?" Kendall asked,choking back a sob

"Of course." Savannah answered

"Kendall,I'm gonna love even if you go to jail." her mom professed

"Really?" Kendall asked

"Yes,sweet-heart.You made a mistake.We all make them.What matters most is where you go from there.I don't know what to think emotionally.But I will not let you feel alone.You're never gonna be alone."

"But don't go to jail." Savannah teased

This caused Brooklyn and Kendall to smile.

"Yeah,don't go to jail." Brooklyn repeated with a smile

When you're standing at the crossroads
Don't know which path to choose
Let me come along
'Cause even if you're wrong

"I love you,mom."

"I love you,too." her mom professed

Kendall hugged her mom tightly.Brooklyn felt tears well up as she hugged Kendall back.You wouldn't imagine the feeling Kendall got when her mother kissed her head.She didn't know if her tears were due to that or how scared she was.

"Mom,I'm scared." Kendall confessed

"We all are.And maybe we should be." Brooklyn admitted,"But as long as you know you're not alone."

I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you

Savannah wrapped her arms around the two of them.She rested her head on Kendall's shoulders.

"You'll never be alone,Kendall." Savannah murmured

"She's right." Brooklyn agreed,"We're all in this together."

Take me in into your darkest hour
And I'll never desert you
I'll stand by you
Scene 27Edit

"You scared the heavens out of me." Alicia informed her

"It doesn't compare to how scared I am." Nala said looking down at her feet

She didn't know what was going through her.But for some reason,the last thing she felt was remorse for how she made her mother feel.She didn't know why,but it just wasn't in her.

"Audriana,I know you're scared." Alicia informed her,"But what did running out do? You should have stayed here so we could talk."

"It seems to be you and Alexis did enough talking!" Nala stood up,getting upset

And when...
When the night falls on you, baby
You're feeling all alone
You won't be on your own

"She told me something you should have told me weeks ago!" Alicia said still sitting,"You should have told me the moment you had sex."

"But I didn't.So that gives you right to talk with Alexis behind my back!" Nala argued,"People at my school are probably already trash-talking me.Do you know how it feels to know that my own family is gossiping about me too?!"

Alicia said nothing as Nala continued to rant.

"Well let me tell you.It hurts." Nala clarified

"Okay,so maybe we went about the whole thing wrong.But you have to own up to your faults."

"And I am." Nala told her,"You act like I'm proud of this.Mom,for the last few weeks I've been waking up hating myself!"

"Do you think I wan that?!" Alicia asked standing up,"I don't want that for you.I want better.I want you to be happy in life."

Nala said nothing.It was her mother's turn to rant.And that she did.

"I was afraid out of my mind! Alexis begged me not to get your father on the phone." Alicia explained,in a yelling matter,"Nala,it wasn't just about you.It was about my unborn grand-child too."

Alicia paused for a moment.Nala placed her hands to her face as she sobbed.Alicia wiped a tear that slid down her own face.

"No matter what mistakes you made,I will always be there for you." Alicia swore,"I carried you,you're a piece of me.Do you really think I'm just gonna abandon you? Just like that."

Nala didn't answer.She wrapped her arms around herself.She knew talking with her mom was tense and emotional.It wasn't until now that she realized how ill-prepared she was for it.

"When have we ever abandoned family?!"

I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you

Alicia walked over to her daughter.She sighed and took both of her hands.Nala looked into her mom's own teary eyes.

"You have to make some tough decisions,now chica." Alicia informed her,"Decisions that could affect you forever."

"I know." Nala murmured

"No,chica,I don't think you do." Alicia shook her head,"But I refuse to allow you to do this all by yourself."

"Do you hate me?" Nala asked looking down

"Audriana,I didn't hate when you were 5 and told me you were running away.I didn't hate when you were 13 and chopped off half your hair forcing me to take you to a salon."

Take me in, into your darkest hour
And I'll never desert you
I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you

Nala didn't look up.Alicia breathed out and made Nala look her in the eyes.

"And I don't hate you now." Alicia promised

"You should." Nala admitted

"Maybe," Alicia replied,"But I don't."

"Would you be believe me if I told you that I'm scared and I'm sorry?" Nala asked her

Alicia pulled her daughter into a hug.Nala wrapped her arms around her mother and rested her head on her shoulder.They were quiet for a long time.Nala listened to her mother's steady breathing.

"Nala." her mother said her name softly


"Would you believe me if I told you that I was too?"

Nala smiled faintly and hugged her mother tightly.

"I love you,mom."

"I love you,too."

And I'll never desert you
I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you