Brooklyn Ariana Murphy
General Information
Age: 7 or 8 yrs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Address: San Diego,CA
Family & Friends
Family: Kendall Murphy (mother)
Taylor Brooks (father)
Brooklyn Murphy(adopted grand-mother)
Franklin Murphy (adopted grand-father)
Stella Murphy (adopted aunt)
Savannah Murphy (adopted aunt)
Quinn Brooks (aunt)
Colt Haynes (uncle)
Series Information

First appearance: Chapter 2:One More Option
Portrayer: Jaycee Willaims
Brooklyn Ariana Murphy (Future Version) is the future daughter of Kendall Murphy and Taylor Brooks.She makes an appearance in Chapter 2:One More Option.She appears to Taylor in a dream sequence,she tells him to fight for her to stay with her mommy and daddy.This convinces Taylor to fight Kendall's decision of adoption.


In Taylor's dream she is shown to have traits of both her parents.


Taylor falls asleep on his couch.He is woken up by a child in which appears to be a parallel universe.He asks her who she is and she tells him he knows who she is.He tells her he doesn't and asks her who she is again.She rolls her eyes and tells him that she's his daughter.Taylor is in disbelief and asks her what her name is and she refuses to tell him.She tells him that's not what matters.She asks him does he love her.Taylor,believing that she's real,tells her yes.She tells him to fight for her.Confused,he asks what she means.She says she wants to stay with her real mommy and daddy.She then says she has to leave but he knows what to do.Before she leaves,he stops her and asks if he's a good father.She smiles and says,"The best."


  • She wasn't an actual character.She was a figment of Taylor's dream.
  • First ever dream character.
  • Appeared before Kendall gave actual birth.

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