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Here is a list of quotes made by one of the main characters, Camille Ross.

Season OneEdit

Chapter 1/School's InEdit

Chapter 2/It Doesn't Have To Be YouEdit

Chapter 3/Do You Know What I knowEdit

Chapter 4/Why Is It So HardEdit

Chapter 5/Wait Til You Find OutEdit

Chapter 6/RumorsEdit

Chapter 7/Talk,Talk,TalkEdit

Chapter 8/DealingEdit

Chapter 9/Confrontation TimeEdit

Chapter 10/LeavingEdit

Chapter 11/What To Do,What To DoEdit

Chapter 12/What Happens NowEdit

Chapter 13/All These DecisionsEdit

Chapter 14/Everyone Has A ThoughtEdit

Chapter 15/Out of SchoolEdit

Chapter 16/So Hard To Move OnEdit

Chapter 17/One More OptionEdit

Chapter 18/The Final DecisionEdit

Chapter 19/The Baby ShowerEdit

Chapter 20/Baby PreppinEdit

Chapter 21/One Night At Camp.......Edit

Chapter 22/Can Change EverythingEdit

Chapter 23/Adjusting To The NewEdit

Chapter 24/It's Almost TimeEdit

Chapter 25/A Night In ManhattanEdit

Chapter 26/Arrival TimeEdit

Chapter 27/Hellos and GoodbyesEdit

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