Chapter 1:School's In
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date TBR
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Chapter 2:It Doesn't Have To Be You
Chapter 1:School's In is the debut chapter of the pretend story, Nothing Is Ever As It Seems


In the debut chapter,Kendall and Nala worry about their recent revelations.Camille wants Taylor back.Cassie worries about her relationship with Skylar.Taylor denined Camille.Ms.Marc tries to get Taylor to get focused on exams..Nala almost tells her secret. You can find it here!

Characters That AppearedEdit





  • Cassie didn't know that Trish was Corey's cousin.
  • It's seems that Freddie likes Lillie,however he had a date with another girl,and thought Kendall was hot.
  • Taylor didn't want Freddie to go after Kendall.
  • Kendall is the first girl Taylor really had an emotional connection with.
  • It was revealed that Kendall and Taylor slept together at camp.
  • Skylar revealed that he slept with Nala in San Francisco.
  • Corey doesn't know that Nala is the girl Skylar slept with.
  • Freddie doesn't know about Kendall.

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