Chapter 2:It Doesn't Have To Be You is the second episode of the pretend story, Nothing Is Ever As It Seems. 

It Doesn't Have To Be You
Season 1, Episode 2
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Chapter 1:School's In
Chapter 3:Do You Know What I Know


Kendall tries to forgot her problems.Nala can't get what's wrong with her out of her head.Kendall worries about Nala.Trish and Cassie butt heads.Taylor sets his sights on someone new.Cassie and Skylar got into an argument.Skylar hooked up with Millie.Franklin and Brooklyn start to battle. You can find it here!

Characters That AppearedEdit





  • Skylar claimed to be heart-broken over Cassie but went to Millie anyway.
  • Skylar and Millie slept together in this episode.
  • Kendall hypothetically let her mother know her situation.
  • The problems in Franklin and Brooklyn's marriage appears to have started before the episode.
  • This was the second time Nala almost told Kendall her secret.

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