Audriana Holt
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Address: San Diego,California
Occupation(s): Student


Aliases: Nala Holt (by everyone)
Ms.Attitude (by Taylor)
Family & Friends
Family: Oliver Holt(father)
Alicia Holt
Alexis Holt
Milo Wilson (unborn son;currently expecting)
Sexuality: Straight
Relationships: Skylar Wilson (sexual;ended)
Friends: Kendall Murphy (best friend)
Marley Sun (best friend)
Jeff Bridgeport (friend)

Mark Dallas (friend)
Violet Connor (friend)
Cassie Nite (sort of friend)

Enemies: Camille Ross
Other Information
Education: Monton West High School
Strengths: Friends


Weaknesses: Pregnancy
Series Information

First appearance: Chapter 1:School's In
Portrayer: Naya Rivera
Nala Holt is a main character featured in the story,Nothing Is Ever As It Seems. She's the best friend of Kendall Murphy and Marley Sun. She's also the daughter of Alicia and Oliver Holt and the younger sister to Alexis Holt.She had a one night stand in San Francisco with Skylar Wilson and is currently carrying his baby.


Prior To Chapter 1Edit

Audriana Rae Holt was born to Oliver Holt and Alexis Holt.She is of Mexican and Caucasian descent.She was born when her older sister,Alexis,was a year and a half years old. Liliana Holt was orginally born in San Francisco but moved to California with her family when she was 2 years old.

At the age her grandmother dubbed her the nickname Nala,(due to her obsession with The Lion King) and she's been going by it since.

She met her best friend,Kendall Murphy,when she was four and they both attended the same preschool.Ever since her and Kendall have been the best of friends.The two do everything together. They are unseparable.

At the age of seven,she met Marley Sun when they went to the same elementary school.She became another close friend of hers beside Kendall. She also met Violet and Jeff.The five became good friends,hanging out a lot with each other.

Right before her freshman year,she decided to spend the summer with her adopted grandmother in San Francisco. It was supposed to be a simple vacation right before she went into highschool. She didn't expect to meet Skylar Wilson. Just like her,Skylar was visiting. It was a whirlwind romance for the both of them.They were instantly drawn to each other. Nala saw nothing wrong with having a summer romance. She never expected to see Skylar again and decided to not second think it. So when Skylar seduced her,she didn't regret it as much as she should have. She let Skylar take her virginity and her heart.


Nala is a natural rebel.She has a spitfire for a tongue.She has a wild side and loves to have fun and just party. She is a natural wildchild. People that want to have a good time  hang around her. Her and Kendall are sometimes polar opposites which makes their friendship work.


Season One OverviewEdit



Chapter 1/School's InEdit

Nala first appeared holding a pregnancy test after discovering that she was pregnant.She then appeared with her family and was guilty when she thought about how her pregnancy would affect them.She was later seen talking with Jeff and Marley.She's caught gazing at Skylar and is teased by Jeff and Marley.She's later in the bathroom thinking about her secret, when she's confronted by her sister's friend, Becca.Becca pushes her to talk and in return,Nala just politely declines.She's later seen having lunch with her friends when Marley questions her.She thinks about telling them about her pregnancy.Marley then brings up Nala,going back to the question to whether Nala likes him or not.Nala continues to deny that she does

Chapter 2/It Doesn't Have To Be YouEdit

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Season Two OverviewEdit


On the road to becoming a sophmore


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Kendall Murphy (Best Friend)Edit

Kendall is considered to be one of Nala's best friend,having known each other from an early age.She was the first one she told she was pregnant.They often confide in one another.They can also have arguments but always forgive each other and reconcile.It is is implied that they see each other as sisters.

Skylar Wilson (Frenemy;Co-parent)Edit

Marley Sun (Best Friend)Edit

Cassie Nite (Friend)Edit

Taylor Brooks (Enemy)Edit