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This is wiki is about the Nemo's story titled Nothing Is Ever As It Seems.This wiki features characters,chapters,spoilers,and sneak peeks.It even has cast commentary about future chapters or previous chapters.Cast promo pictures are coming soon!


Summarative Overview

This story tells of key characters, best friends, Kendall Murphy and Nala Holt, two high school freshman that are dealing with the aftermath of what they did over the Fall Break(in November). A week before school starts back in January the two girls find out they are pregnant, with the help of family, friends, and each other, the two girls try to get their life on track before they give birth. This story also deals with the surrounding friends and families of Kendall and Nala.Including Skylar Wilson,the athlete jock,Cassie Nite's boyfriend, and father of Nala's baby;Taylor Brooks,the school deliquent,and the ex boyfriend of Camille and the father of Kendall's baby and many more.The setting is San Diego, California. The school is Monton West High School.


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It's Time Lyrics By Imagine Dragons

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Did You Know!

  1. That the episodes were broken down in two parts for Season One and Season Two.
  2. That the actress that portrays Violet Connor is named Kendall?
  3. That before Zayn Malik,Thomas McDonell was going to potray Taylor Brooks?
  4. Mark Salling and Jessica Sanchez were not originally cast their characters?
  5. That Jordin Sparks will play a love interest for Skylar Wilson in Season 3 named Aria Elise?
  6. That the same actress plays Millie Combs and Lillie Combs?
  7. That the actor that will play upcoming character,Jacob Robinson had a change of role??
  8. That the actresses that play Marley Sun,Kendall Murphy,and Camille Ross are Nickeledeon stars
  9. That Naya Rivera,the actress that portrays Nala Holt wasn't the orginal Nala?
  10. That Elizabeth Gillies, the actress that plays Camille Ross, confirmed that Camille would leave mid-way of Season 3.
  11. Ashley Argota is set to play Claire Johnson the niece of Gwen Marc?