Savannah Murphy
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Address: San Diego,California
Occupation(s): College Student
Nurse Intern
Aliases: Vannah (by friends and family)
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown biological mother(estranged)
Franklin Murphy(biological father)
Brooklyn Murphy(step/adopted mom)
Kendall Murphy (adopted sister)
Stella Murphy(half-sister)
Sexuality: Straight
Relationships: TBA
Series Information

First appearance: Chapter 6:Rumors
Portrayer: Katerina Graham
Savannah Murphy is a character featured in Nothing Is Ever As It Seems. She's the biological daughter of Franklin Murphy and the adopted/step daughter of Brookyln Murphy as well as the adopted older sister of Kendall Murphy and the older half-sister of Stella Murphy.


Prior to Chapter 1Edit

Savannah Brittany Murphy was the result of a college relationship turned sour. Savannah's biological mother and her father met in college. They were in a short relationship but broke up. They both graduated and went separate ways before Savannah's mother could tell him that she was pregnant.

When Savannah was four,Savannah's mother ran into her father. She was then forced to reveal that Savannah was his daughter. Franklin decided that he wanted to be a part of her life. Savannah's mother was okay with that until she found out that he had married her old rival in high school ,Brookyln..She then ordered that she not be allowed to be near Savannah. Franklin wasn't okay with that because that was his wife. Savannah's parents argued into finally, Savannah's mother decided that he could have Savannah. It wasn't at all what Brooklyn and Franklin wanted but the deed was done, because one day Savannah's mother told Savannah,that she had a trip to take and that her father and Brooklyn would watch her until she could come back. Except that she never came back. Franklin and Brookyln then decided to raise Savannah. Savannah came to know Brooklyn as her real mom and has been calling her that since.

When Savannah was eight,Franklin and Brookyln adopted Kendall who was rescued from a burning apartment. Savannah loved Kendall immediately and became very protective of her. When Savannah was 17 and Kendall was 8,Brooklyn and Franklin had their first child a daughter by the name of Stella.

Savannah doesn't care that Kendall and Brooklyn aren't really related to her,she still loves them and sees them as valuable parts of her family. Savannah has never seen her mother since and rarely remembers the four years she had with her, but is content with the family she has.

Savannah balances her life between college and working at the hospital as a nurse intern.


Savannah was raised to be determined and headstrong.She grew up knowing that it didn't matter what you did in the past it mattered what you do in the future.Savanahh is also a loyal, sweet, bubbly, eccentric, fun to be around person. She is also independent and knows how to stand up for herself. She is very close with her family and respects them in everything that she does.

Season One OverviewEdit

Chapter 6/RumorsEdit