Season One
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 2013
Written by Nemo
Directed by Nemo
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Season Two
The first season of Nothing Is Ever As It Seems written by Nemo.

This story starts right after the students return after Christmas Break in January.Kendall went to Musician Camp (a camp for musicians such as band players or choral members) during Fall Break where she met Taylor.Nala went to her aunt's in Manhattan where she met Skylar during Fall Break as well.The girls find out one week before school starts back that they're pregnant.Season One are months January through May.

Main CharactersEdit

Kendall Murphy (15/15)
Nala Holt (15/15)
Taylor Brooks (15/15)
Skylar Wilson (15/15)
Camille Ross (15/15)
Freddie Jones (15/15)
Cassie Nite (15/15)
Violet Connor(15/15)
Jeff Bridgeport(15/15)
Marley Sun(15/15)

Recurring CharactersEdit

Gwen Marc
Lillie Combs
Alicia Holt
Brooklyn Murphy
Franklin Murphy
Savannah Murphy
Alexis Holt

Episode OverviewsEdit

Chapter 1:School's InEdit

In the debut chapter,Kendall and Nala worry about their recent revelations.Camille wants Taylor back.Cassie worries about her relationship with Skylar.Taylor denined Camille.Ms.Marc tries to get Taylor to get focused on exams..Nala almost tells her secret.

Chapter 2:It Doesn't Have To Be YouEdit

Kendall tries to forgot her problems.Nala can't get what's wrong with her out of her head.Kendall worries about Nala.Trish and Cassie butt heads.Taylor sets his sights on someone new.Cassie and Skylar got into an argument.Skylar hooked up with Millie.Franklin and Brooklyn start to battle.

Chapter 3:Do You Know What I KnowEdit

Marley and Violet notice weirdness with Kendall and Nala.Millie gets ticked off when Lillie tries to lecture her.Nala and Kendall reveal their secrets.Skylar regrets his decision.Taylor continues to pursue Kendall.Camille goes after Corey.Freddie lies to Camille.

Chapter 4:Why Is It So Hard.Edit

Violet and Kendall's friendship suffers.Camille takes something the wrong way.Kendall and Nala go to a nurse.Skylar and Millie argue.Jeff struggles with his revelation.Franklin and Brooklyn get advice from friends.

Chapter 5:Wait Til You Find OutEdit

Violet and Nala clash.Millie gets pissed off at Skylar,Cassie,and Lillie.Taylor overhears Kendall and Nala talking about him.A video get leaked.Cassie finds out about Skylar's betrayal.Camille gives Taylor an ultimatum.Violet and Kendall reconcile.Kendall and Nala confess their pregnancies to their sisters.

Chapter 6:RumorsEdit

Rumors are spread through Monton West.Savannah returns for a visit.Cassie struggles.Skylar loses friends.Taylor wonders about Kendall and is shocked when he finds out the truth.Kendall and Nala find out that their secrets have been revealed.

Chapter 7:Talk,Talk,TalkEdit

Alexis tells her mother about Nala.Taylor confronts Kendall.Nala refuses to talk to Skylar.Kendall lashes out on Nala.Cassie pretends to be fine.Skylar tries to talk to Nala.Camille and Taylor argue.Freddie tries to help Taylor before he self-destructs.Nala and Kendall are forced to confront their parents about their pregnancies.