Skylar Wilson
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Address: San Diego,California
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Sky
Family & Friends
Family: Ian Wilson(father)
Nellie Wilson(mother)
Corey Weston (god-brother)
Unknown god parents
Unknown god-sister
Milo Wilson(paternal son)(currently expecting)
Sexuality: Straight
Relationships: Cassie Nite (girlfriend;in love)
Nala Holt(one night stand;sexual)
Millie Combs (affair)
Friends: Corey Weston
Other Information
Interests: Football
Strengths: Being star football player

His reputation

Weaknesses: Lulu's Pregnancy

Losing his reputation

Series Information

First appearance: Chapter 1:School's In
Portrayer: Joe Jonas
Skylar Wilson is a character featured in Nemo's fanfiction, Nothing Is Ever As It Seems.He is a sophmore and is still currently the boyfriend of Cassie Nite even though he cheated on her twice.


Prior to Chapter 1


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Songs In RelationEdit

  • Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol (Chapter 2:It Doesn't Have To Be You)
  • Bad Habits by Maxwell (Chapter 4:Why Is It So Hard.)
  • Now Or Never by High School Musical 3:Senior Year(Chapter 5:Wait Til You Find Out)
  • White Horse by Taylor Swift (Chapter 7:Talk,Talk,Talk)


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Chapter 2/It Doesn't Have To Be YouEdit

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On the road to becoming a junior


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