Being A Friend is an upcoming chapter in Season Three of Nothing Is Ever As It Seems.

Being A Friend
Season 3, Episode ?
Air date TBA
Written by Nemo
Directed by Nemo
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Kendall accepts Jace's offer of friendship.Taylor confides in Claire.Jeff thinks the picture is way bigger when it comes to Nala.Cassie and Lillie try to save their friendship.Violet worries the situation with her and Mark will become so complicated that she'll lose her friends.

Main Cast

  • Nala Holt
  • Claire Johnson
  • Jace Robinson
  • Kendall Murphy
  • Taylor Brooks
  • Skylar Wilson
  • Camille Ross
  • Cassie Nite
  • Freddie Jones

Recurring Cast

  • Principal Barnes
  • Gwen Marc
  • Lillie Combs
  • Millie Combs
  • Violet Connor
  • Marley Sun
  • Jeff Bridgeport
  • Quinn Brooks
  • Colt Haynes
  • Franklin Murphy
  • Alicia Holt
  • Alexis Holt
  • Oliver Holt
  • Savannah Murphy

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